Monster Integration - Chapter 357 Occult Method I

Chapter 357 Occult Method I

Chew Chew!

I keep following the direction that Ashlyn is guiding me and I excitedly follow her while trying to guess what type of Grimm monster I will face, while I am very excited I am also being very cautious.

This is a Grimm battlefield, a simple sneak attack and I could get a direct ticket to the underworld.

Walking cautiously, I reached near the place where Ashlyn was leading me to but when I saw the place, my blood couldn't help but boil and I just want to go there and burn the whole place down.

What I saw is nearly 85% eaten human body on ramrod while the light fire still ongoing below it, cooking it bit by big.

Looking storage, holowatch and other artifacts that are piled on the ground and half eater human meat still on Ramrod, the Grimm race monsters seem to have left in hurry for some reason.

It is their Great luck that they left, otherwise I would have used the same merciless method on them, that I had used on the werewolf.

Despite seeing no one there, I still cautiously moved toward it, just when I was halfway to Ramrod I sensed something which made me stopped for a second but after some thinking I started to walk again.

Just as I was a few meter distance away from Ramrod, I quickly summoned fireball and threw it on the ramrod.

Just as I did two shadows jumped from the ground, toward the fireball wanting to stop but they could not as this fireball is not simple fire but fireball which I had put 100% of my Sunfire power in anger.


As my fireball had touched ramrod, it burned whatever parts of humans remain on ramrod including the Ramrod it had on, turning it all into the ash while two Grimm race monster kept looking dumbfoundedly.

These Grimm race monsters had set up a trap with a nearly eaten monster body if it had any other Rookie who became furious after seeing the body and ran toward it forgetting cautiousness, he would have surely fallen to their sneak attack but its unfortunate for them that I am not a normal rookie.

The first thing is I am not that careless even in I am extremely angry and secondly its impossible to sneak attack on me without me knowing due me have Rule of killing.

As long as anyone has killing intent toward me and it within a certain distance, I will easily know about him.

There is only two ways one could sneak attack on me one is to not have any killing intent toward me and another is to have a Rule that countered my Killing Rule or Rule that mask one's killing intent.

There is third way also and it did not require the above two conditions that way is to have far above power than me, so even if I sensed a sneak attack on me, I would be too powerless to stop it.

Both of them are Ratman about two-meter and two and a half meter tall, the shorter one is at Captain stage while taller one is at Major stage and both of them holding short dual blades.

Fighting them going to be a little hard, earlier when I fought against the Liutenet stage werewolf, I had used 25% of Rule power to fight it normally and 50% when it used the spirit Totem and only used 100% to immobilize it.

If they are normal Ratman then I don't think I will have to use the whole Rule power if they are normal Ratmen and if my luck is bad they are at the level of the previous werewolf, then I think 100% of my Rule power would be more than enough.

And if my luck turns out to be very bad and these Ratmen are above the level of the werewolf, then I can use my final trump card which I hadn't even used when I was measuring my combat Score because of this trump card need use Rule of Killing, which I don't want anyone know I had comprehended.

Of the two Ratmen, I will fight the tall one and leave short one for Ashlyn, earlier she also wanted to fight but did not get a chance.

"Kekeke, you d.a.m.n food, you have destroyed our meal, now pay the price by replacing it yourself." said tall Ratman in its squeaky voice and soon after that both of them lunged at me.

Chew Chew!

Ashly chirp loudly and flew away from my shoulder toward short Ratman, on the way she wholly covered herself with her silver fire and that's not normal fire either, its fire which is merged with the power of Sunfire one of best peak 2nd-grade offensive Rule in front of its offensive power, even my killing Rule's offensive power paled in front of it.

I had cautioned Ashlyn not to damage Ratman's body too much and if possible keep it alive so it could experience the agony of the killing Rule.

Seeing Ashlyn attacking smaller Ratman, I did not give him second look and looked at tall Major stage Ratman which is attacking.

Its speed is very fast and just a second it arrived in front of me attack, its speed very fast that my eyes are barely able to catch its shadow.

Then and there I know I had made estimating its power, when I saw Ratman is at Major level, I thought 70% of killing Rule would be enough but I was utterly wrong.

It is a good thing that I am using killing Rule that made my senses stronger that in a fraction of second, I had increased the power by 10% and moved my weapons to meet its blades.

If It was Rule of Sunfire I had been using, I had been to slow to do all that and one believes it or not, except for offensive skills when killing Rule give more boost to skill than Sunfire Rule for some reason.

"Clank Clank!"'Thud thud….."

I barely able to counter its blades but I still had to take a step back due to my underestimation of its power earlier.

Clank Clank! Swis.h.!.+

As I was taking a step back, its second attack had arrived but this times I was ready and able to counter its blows without suffering any loss, not only that I had even counter-attacked but it was able to dodge due to its fast speed, all I able to cut few strands of hair of its.

Surviving from my swift counter-attack, its eyes became serious and it started to attack me earnestly but no matter how it tries, any of its attacked able to touch me.

It's not that this Ratman is weak, no this Ratman is quite strong, It would have been a little stronger than the werewolf when it was at Lieutenant level it's just that with killing Rule gave me intuition and this intuition give a faint idea about opponents next move

and the more amazing thing is, the longer the fight lasts the stronger my intuition became.

The killing Rule is absolutely amazing, it may not have strong of offensive power as other Rules but the various types of enhancement it gave make it one of best peak 2nd level Rule that is also best for killing.