Monster Integration - Chapter 355 Harvesting Mana Crystal

Chapter 355 Harvesting Mana Crystal

"Well, it looks like this food had beaten you," I said mockingly to the werewolf, as I took out the sword from its chest, it wanted to reply to me but can not as it is being held immobile by my Killing energy.


After taking out my sword from its chest, I gave the werewolf slight push and it felled on the ground.

"Do you remember what I promised you earlier?" I asked as I removed the adult palm size disk from my storage.

Seeing the disk, the look of absolute horror appeared on its face, It started to show a struggle but it was not even able to move the hair on its body.

The killing energy released special energy called killing energy, that energy had many uses and making one immobile, dulling one's senses are one of them.

The disk in my hand is crystal disk which is used by all humans on the Grimm battlefield and is an absolute thing of a nightmare for Grimm race monsters.

I have brought the cheapest and lowest grade crystal disk on the market and the one I have brought is palm size of an adult and rusty black in color on which various runes are carved.

It looked like this disk is made of wrought Iron and not crystal which its name used to suggest and from all crystal disks I've seen on the web no crystal disk was made of crystal, it is called crustal disk for an entirely different reason.

I played with crystal disk for a while, adjusting its parameters manually. If I crystal disk a little expensive than this, I would not have to adjust it manually, all would have been done automatically, the only thing I had to was is stick to the Grimm race monster.

It took me quite a few minutes to get perimeters right according to the energy that this werewolf was emitting and I double checked it multiple times as I only have this one disk and mistake in parameters could break it.

After I checked everything is right, I crouched down in front of the werewolf and showed the crystal disk to it.

Its face full of horror when It saw me take out the crystal disk earlier but seeing it such close, its immobile face had become horror incarnate,

If it was able to talk, I am sure it would have begged me to kill it directly and not use the crystal disk, It would have even tried to bribe me multiple things.

It would have used all options it could to convince me not to use the crystal disk on it, that is how much they fear the crystal disk.

"I am the person who always keeps his promise, so now I am going to shove this Crystal disk into you," I said to its horror-stricken face and cut the leather armor from its chest, so I could place the Crystal disk on it.

There is no restriction on where you stick the Crystal disk, you can stick it on whatever place of Grimm race monster body, the only condition it has that crystal disk had to touch the skin of Grimm race monster.

After tearing its leather armor off its chest, I softly placed the crystal disk on its chest and touched the b.u.t.ton as werewolf watched it all that with its immobile eyes.

As I pressed the b.u.t.ton, the runes on it started to lit up one by one and pressed down slowly till it tightly stuck against the skin of the monster.

As Runes became brighter, a projection appeared in the center of a disk 0% but a moment later the numbers started to climb up slowly.


If I have high-grade Crystel disk, the number would have climbed up at higher speed but alas it is not.

As the Crystel disk started its work, the look of extreme pain had appeared in its eyes but inside it has another emotion and that is the sorrow.

Seeing the extreme pain in its eyes, no shred of sympathy for it appeared in my heart as if it had beaten me, it would have eaten me like it did the previous human it fought.

The Grimm race is a cruel race who treat us humans as food, so it is better we kill them as much as possible.

The Grimm is foreign race used dark energy which is very detestable to our world, so after the Grimm race monster died, its body would get decomposed within a day.

The day is for average Grimm race monsters as those at higher stages take longer time to decompose.

The main point is, our world hate them would do anything to drive them out and in all that what's the use of Crystel Disk.

Well, by simply meaning the Crystel disk are Harnessing and Converting devices.

With the correct runic algorithm, we can harness the dark the energy that presents in the Grimm race monster used and convert into the energy we used with the help of the crystal disk.

The capacity of my Crystal disk is five mana crystals, so, when the projection will show 100%, one mana crystal will be produced in the Crystal disk.

Normal Leutanant stage Grimm race monster can give three mana crystal but this one is elite which could summon a Spirit Totem, it should able to produce more mana crystals.

Just till a few days ago, I used to think that mana crystals only found in mine but now I know there is another source for them and that is Grimm Race.

At the current stage, I cant use these crystals as a practicing resource and could only use them as currency.

In the memory of White Axe, I have seen the number of crystals its owner needed when he was preparing to make a breakthrough out of the Knight stage.


A small sound came out of Crystel disk indicating that first crystal had been produced and now it has started producing the second crystal.

The werewolf body had quite yellowed as Crystal disk kept sucking off its energy.

It is still struggling very much with pain and sorrow apparent in its eyes. It must be feeling heart wretching pain, if my lifeforce gets sucked out me while I am conscious, I would feel extreme pain during the process.

When I thought about that, I remember a year old memory where I saw the daffodil bees sucking off the lifeforce of the monsters.

I still remember the way their screams and sometimes that scenes appeared in my nightmares.

I watched it bellowed in pain apathetically, not feeling any mercy for them.

Seth and Ruby had told me if one used Crystel disk when the Grimm race monster is alive, one can get 10% to 20 % more output.

For that many people first, bind them and then use Crystal disk on them as not everyone can comprehend amazing Rule as Rule of Killing.

This process is very painful on Grimm race and they bellowed in agony as the Crystal disk harness the energy out of them while seeing this process some idiots feel mercy on them and some dumbf.u.c.ks even released the Grimm race feeling pity for them, they were Seth's exact words when he was cautioning me.

And just as they got released out of pity, the Grimm race monsters did not turn grateful instead of angry and attacked their former capture.

He had specifically warned me about doing this as many rookies and even somewhat experienced had lost their lives doing that.