Monster Integration - Chapter 354 Werewolf II

Chapter 354 Werewolf II

I am shocked seeing this spirit totem, I thought this werewolf was just normal but did not expect it to be a low-level elite of its tribe.

Grimm Race's power system seems similar to our but it very different from the core.

It is said that the Grimm race comes from the high-level world and if not for our having restriction of power level, even experts from a small tribe of that world have the power to annihilate everyone in this world.

The red smoky werewolf silhouette that appeared above Werewolf is spirit Totem from its tribe.

The Spirit Totem werewolf although it is a little fuzzy and made of smoke, one can see its regality. Just one look and feel reverence arose in my heart, if I keep looking another few seconds, I would have definitely kneeled in front of it.

It is cautioned that one must never look at Spirit Totems directly as all of them have the power to enchant. it's not the totem doing it on purpose but the, in reality, the original Spirit Totem is powerful enough that even its impression can charm anyone.

It is said to be made from dead souls of their tribe experts, those tribe spirits are extremely powerful and those who could draw power from them considered elite of the tribe.

Although looking at the totem spirit and Information I've read, this totem spirit is the lowest of a kind but it will still double the power of this werewolf

Thank the G.o.d this Werewolf is not marked, otherwise, the only choice I would have left was to run far as I can.

"Yes, this is Great Spirit Totem of my tribe and now you will face its power." said werewolf with its fiendish smile and smoky spirit totem came down started to cover werewolf body with its red smoke.

As werewolf covered in a cloak of red smoke, It attacked me and this time its speed faster than last time and it is giving off oppressive feelings.

Seeing it coming toward me, I also didn't stay on the spot but run toward it.

I had already merged 50% of Rule of Killing into my skill, with it my senses even became sharper and my attacks will be stronger.


My sword and s.h.i.+eld clashed with its axes and when I flicked my wrist to slide my sword toward its shoulder, it maneuvered its ax same time and stopped my sword from making the further advances.


Seeing it is being failed, I took back my sword and attacked toward its thigh which was showing weakness but I found my sword is blocked just as it started to move.


Looks like its the spirit totem had not only give boots to its strength, it also gave a boost to its senses otherwise it would have been very for it to stop my sword this quickly.

"Your totem spirit is quite good!" I complimented, hearing the complement from me a big smile appeared on his hideous face which looked even more hideous

"The majesty of our Totem Spirit is beyond your comprehension food," it said boastingly, "If you surrender now and ask for forgiveness, I promise I will give you quick death and enjoy your full body, leaving nothing." It said disdainfully, drunk in power that spirit totem had given it.

"Well then, I'll sure remember to keep you completely conscious when I shove the Crystel disk inside you," I said teasing voice while disdain is very apparent in my eyes.

"You food, you will pay for what you have just said, I'll make sure you are very alive when I enjoy part of you." It bellowed angrily and attacked me.

I did not felt fear as it attacked me in fury, instead, I rejoiced as the angrier it is, the more mistake it will make during the battle and that is the reason why I mentioned crystal disk while teasing it.

Crystel Disk is the thing is what Grimm race most hate, they preferred to tortured than be connected to the crystal disk.

Clank Clank

I did not wait for its attack but met it halfway and as our weapon clashed, no one showed weakness.

I searched for weakness in its form but I find very few and those I find could not be exploited. Still. I was not disappointed, I just have to wait a little more and chance will show itself and another thing is, I am having quite fun fighting this werewolf.

The Totem Spirit of this werewolf tribe giving it an enhancement similar to that of my killing Rule, so fighting it I am having a better understanding of killing Rule I had comprehended.

Clank Clank Clank….

We kept fighting and as the more time pa.s.sed the better grasp I am having of Killing Rule. Till now all the opponents I had fought most of them were a monster and my friends like Jill.

The monsters were no challenge, I was able to kill them I as I kill the pigs as for my friends except for Jill, I had beaten all.

Jill had comprehended two Rules somehow, one is normal Level 2 Rule, Rule of Speed while other is peculiar peak Level 2 Rule.

If one wants to fight against that Rule, one had to have peak level 2 Rule otherwise people will lose before the fight even started, that's how peculiar that Rule is.

As more time pa.s.sed during the fight, I started to understand the fighting rhythm of this werewolf and I even stopped exploiting the small weakness to show that it is gaining upper hand and I am having a hard time fighting against it as fight longs on.

I am doing this for a big chance and it seemed to be working.

This werewolf is not an idiot and had guessed my strategy as over time it started to show more and more weakness to lure me into making move.

The weaknesses it had shown were not only weak but big also but I was easily able to identify them as traps with my killing Rule.

Killing Rule not only gives one an intuition in fighting, but it also lets one catch a slight glimpse of opponent emotion upheaval and if one smart enough one can identify traps that opponent led in the fighting.

With aid of killing Rule, I did not attack any major traps, I had to attack some of the weaknesses to show that I still fighting with my all but I am becoming cautious as fight longs on.

Finally enough time later, It started to lose his vigilance and becoming bold fighting me, believing I having a hard time fighting it and this what I was waiting for.

Now that its Vigilance against me had loosened, I am going to make my move once it showed the big weakness and going finish the fight in a single move.

I have to wait for quite long as the chance had come fifteen minutes later but it's worth it.

It had just attacked me with quite a speed but I was able to dodge it and now that it had missed the, it is retreating while giving we access to its chest.

This is quite a big chance and I am sure it's not the trap as the chest is its weak point if attacked one could be mortally wounded and even If It had guts to use its chest as a trap, I am sure of my ability to retreat.

Seeing it is retreating, I quickly moved by my sword which I used to block its ax just now flipped and used this flipped momentum to drive the sword directly at its chest.


It saw me flip and it was a quite good chance to attacked but it can not as it was retreating, it still tried it though by throwing his ax which I avoided but still, It grazed my shoulder.

As my flip completed, my sword had build intense moment and I used all that momentum to drive my sword toward its chest.

It discolored seeing my sword coming toward it and it can't do anything as his other ax will be too slow to block my sword.

As my sword just inches away from its chest, it quickly concentrated all the blood-red aura that covering its body toward its chest to form last lime of defense.


While blood red aura converging toward its chest, my sword finally made contact with it and a small spark erupt as my killing energy and its blood-red aura touched but it still able to stop my sword, all it did was take away little killing energy that was covering my sword.

Pa.s.sing the blood-red aura, my sword felt the real resistance, it seemed like the protection of some artifact.

I am not a bit of surprise finding my sword had encountered the resistance, the Grimm race is advanced race and it also had its artifact like us.

Just as my sword encountered the resistance, I released all the Killing force I had been holding on and the resistance that my sword had been feeling became b.u.t.ter and my sword is hot knife as it pa.s.sed through it, directly piercing the heart of the Werewolf


It screamed in horror but nothing it could do as I started releasing killing energy into his heart.

The power of it Totem Spirit had had initially put up a fight but it was beaten back at last by my killing energy as its level was too low.

With feeling no other resistance, my killing energy spread through its body completly immobilizing it, leaving it just brink of death.