Monster Integration - Chapter 353 Werewolf I

Chapter 353 Werewolf I

I think I have taken this Grimm battlefield too lightly, In my mind, I always thought as another westblood city where I will regularly hunt monsters and earn the money.

I truly didn't understand the gravity of the word War mentioned in the informative doc.u.ment I had read. It had said understand that we have been war with Grimm Race for thousands of years, it might not seem like it but we are constantly fighting against them.

My mistake of a.s.suming the Grimm race same as the monster race unconsciously was huge, Grimm race is not just a dumb monster but a race that has similar intelligence as us.

Even if I don't want to, I have to consider them equal and treat it as I would treat a powerful evolver otherwise I would really regret it.

The Grimm race monster in front of is Lieutenant stage and being werewolf tribe it had both speed and strength with quite high defense, the only weakness it has that these werewolves are quick to anger and if agitated they go berserk very quickly.

I and Werewolf kept looking at each other quietly, I have my hand on my sword while it had also gripped dual axes it had on its waist, the blade of axes is still laced with blood and from its coppery smell, I could tell that blood likely from the human that it had just eaten.

"My lunch, do you have any wish the way you want to be eaten, I personally like to eat raw but since I am in good mood, I can entertain your wish?" asked Wearwolf mocking voice while licking the blood off its lips.

I grimace a little hearing that but soon controlled myself and put a smile on my face.

"I am also in a very good mood as you are going to be the first Grimm Race monster that I am going to hunt."

"So, tell me do you have a preference the way I cut you before I shove a crystal disk inside you?" I asked in the same mocking tone.

"You, wretched food, you dare to talk to your betters!" bellowed the werewolf and attacked me at a very fast speed.

So, it is true. Seth had said laughingly that slight mention of Crystal disk can make these Grimm race monsters angry and once you mentioned that you will shove Crystal disk into them they will go mad especially those from Wolfman tribe and Lionman Tribe as they get angry very easily.

I was already prepared and just as it attacked, my strengthening skill and speed type skill which step away from activating got activated and I also 25% of my Rule into my skill.

As I merged my Rule power, the view front of me had become slightly crimson and the werewolf that is coming at me became slow.

Not only that I could very easily able to every moment of his body and intense emotion of killing he is feeling toward me.

This time the Rule which I've used is not Rule of Sunfire which I got from Ashlyn but the Rule Killing which I myself have comprehended.

Rule of Killing is the best Rule for killing, there is no other Rule in the 2nd level which is better for killing than the Rule of Killing.

Rule of Killing once used not only enhances one's senses but also provide offensive killing energy that once seeped inside the opponent's body not only could make opponents healing slower but also affect one's senses and make them sluggish.

I did not move and let the werewolf come closer to the, seeing that expression of confusion had appeared on its face before changing that of glee as it probably thought I was not able to move because of its fear.


It shouted loudly and swung both of its axes at me.

I finally move when it swung its axes at me, I crouched down and advanced toward its left ax which I saw slowly coming toward me.

As the ax was just hand distance away, I slightly moved left and moved through s.p.a.ce of its arm and arrived at its back before it knew what happened.


Moving to its back, I swiftly attacked its back with all of my strength, It had noticed my attacked but it was too slow dodged it as my sword perfectly cut through its back, drawing the fountain of blood.


It screamed loudly and swung both of its axes at its back but by the time it did that, I've already moved from its ax's range.

"You will pay for this wound, you wretched food!" bellowed werewolf loudly and again attacked me with its axes but this time, it was careful as it did not leave any loose s.p.a.ces from which I could exploit.

I activated the s.h.i.+eld on my left hand and moved it to intercept the right ax and moved my sword to intercept its left ax.

Clank! Clack!

Both of our weapons clashed and I felt immense shock traveled my body but I endured and swiftly moved my sword and slashed my sword across its chest while it was still being shocked seeing I had intercepted its axes head-on.


Weaworlf are the species of immense strength, so when the werewolf saw its opponent stop its blow head-on and did not take a single step back, it had quite shock but he did not get a time to mull over it as it felt sharp pain across its chess, when it looked down it saw long b.l.o.o.d.y slash across its chest.

Blood could be seen coming from it in large quant.i.ties and that when it noticed that wound on its back that should have been heald due to its rapid regeneration is still bleeding.

"Rule power!" It said out loud astonishment, a slight fear had appeared on its face before it had hidden it quickly.

"Oh, You only noticed now!" I replied sarcastically and slashed my sword across its neck.


"Hehe!" This time it was able to stop my sword but I already expected it seeing it became vigilant knowing I have the Rule power and that is why I slightly flicked my wrist and my released from the deadlock of its axes and moved toward it face.


f.u.c.k it missed! I cursed. I thought I would give its ugly face a big scar like its chest and back but it managed to move its face last minute and all I able to draw a slight line of blood across it cheek by its teeth.

"Food, You have really angered me," it screamed with intense anger, "What are you going to do about it then?" I asked while keeping my sword ready for attack if I saw a chance.

"I know, I have underestimated you and you are quite strong for your level but you thought you can defeat me with just that then you are gravely mistaken," it said and suddenly red smoky flame came started to come out of its body.

Within a second, the red smoke concentrated above its head forming a loose smoky figure of the wolfman.

"Spirit Totem!" I said out loud as I saw the smoky silhouette of werewolf above the werewolf head.