Monster Integration - Chapter 352 Sardine Hills II

Chapter 352 Sardine Hills II

Flying through the air, I saw many people who are going the same direction as me, they are traveling on either ground.

More than half of the people could be seen traveling in a group while those who are single are a minority compared to them.

I've never been a group person and always preferred to go hunting alone, it must be due to me being a free adventurer as people from the organization have to do a certain number of missions in the group and they seem to like working in small groups.

I've seen very few people from the organization's adventure solo outside, which is mostly done by unaffiliated adventurers like me.

As I am running on the air, I saw that I was one of the slowest people here, there are many times faster than me, well I am not surprised to see that as there is a vast difference between me and them.

I am using low-level Knight Grade skill as I am still at sergeant Stage while all of them are either using Mid-level or High-Level Knight grade Skills seeing they are at captain stage or above.

I have even seen some people wearing void boots and flying with their help, seeing them I felt very envious.

Void boots are crazy expensive and could only be worn by Colonel stage and above powerhouse.

The first time I have seen someone wearing Void Boots is when I am coming to westblood city's first time and our train is attacked by the small monster horde, At that time the people who came to rescue us were wearing void boots.

I still remember the face of a young man who saved me, he had come flying and killed the monster who about to take my life with a flick of his hand and flew away.

I first thought they were rescuers that westblood city had sent but much later I've come to know that they are people that Jim's parents had sent to rescue us.

As I've said, the Void Boots are crazy expensive and could be used by Colonel stage or above and wearing them one can fly, real fly not like us who are walking on air using the skill.

Void Boots help one fly, real fly, with it they have utter mobility, they can do whatever they want in the air without being risk plunging in the ground which all skills have.

Seeing my speed is slow and at this speed, it will take me a lot more time to reach my destination, I decided to merge 25% of my Rule power into my skill.

"f.u.c.k!" I said out loud as I took the step, my speed is too great. I did not expect it my speed to be this faster after I merged my Rule power into it and the worst thing is now I am cras.h.i.+ng toward the ground.

I have to quickly get control at myself at the moment otherwise by the speed I am going, I would fare very badly if I crashed against the ground.

'f.u.c.k f.u.c.k f.u.c.k!'"Thud!"

Cursing internally, I finally somehow able to control myself and able to land on the ground unstable.

"f.u.c.k that was close," I said as I take a couple of breath, the increase of speed was totally out of my expectation, I thought since I am in the air by the 25% Rule power would give almost double speed of what I get using 25% Rule power in my speed type skill but I was utterly wrong.

That 25% Rule power has given me five-time speed boots that of speed skill, that is why I caught so off guard by such speed.


I started experience dating experience such speed, it's not a bad thing but a very good thing, if I come across a very dangerous Grimm Race monster or any other danger, It would really help me to run away.


I shot through the air like rocked as I took the jump, with 25% Rule power merged skills, I got amazing speed. The reason for near cras.h.i.+ng earlier was I caught off guard by such fast speed but now I had already exportability, I was able to fly at such a fast speed.

My control over such speed is still a little shaky but I still able to control myself in air and as time pa.s.sed I got better and better control over it that about forty-five minutes later when I reached the boundary of the barren land, I had gained quite G.o.d control over it.


Landing on the ground, I looked at the forest in front of me, this forest is a little different from another forest I've seen.

Its trees are extremely huge and bulky, one can easily carve out a few stories building out of them. Another strange thing is that I didn't hear monsters sound.

This forest is nearly devoid of monsters, all of the monsters have been the one casualty of the war between humans and the Grimm race.

Humans had barely killed any monsters, most of them killed by killed the Grimm race.

The reason we called Grimm Race to people a Grimm Race monster that they are in true sense are monsters, they are more monstrous than the monsters.

Grimm Race is Gluttonous race, they will eat anything that came into their sight and their most favorite delicacy is humans.

They eat human meat with utter relish. I don't know if its true or not or Ruby and Seth just said is just to scare me, they said that one day when they were hunting with their group, they had come across Grimm race monster who were barbequing human bodies and taking a bite out their flesh now and them.

Yesterday when they told me this thing, I was a hundred percent sure they were messing with me but after I have done research, I am not sure anymore.

Shaking this thought, I walked into the forest. Sardine hills are just twenty kilometers from here, I should walk carefully now that entered the forest.

Walking through this eerie forest, I felt the foreign energy thickening its amount already five times greater than the first s.p.a.ce realm I entered.

It is a good thing that energy did not affect humans and their bonded monsters, if there is any normal monster, it will be affected by this Dark energy within days and change will start happening to its body soon after.

As I traveled through the forest, I did not see any Grimm race monsters that I desperately wanted to see.

Time pa.s.sed by as I cautiously traveled through the forest and about an hour later I spotted fish like hills from the distance.

I can totally understand why this area is named Sardine Hills, this hill ranges really look like fish, I thought when I looked at the hills.

Seeing I have come closer to the hill I started to walk faster and only slowed down when I reached the base of one of the hills.

I was just about to start walking on the front of the hill of me when I saw a bulky man is crouching down doing something, after looking at him for a moment I was about to walk away when I noticed something.


There were furry ears on bulky man head, seeing that I became vigilant and just touched my sword when the bulky man turn his head looked at me.

What I saw next utterly shocked me as it is not the human head but wolf head which lips seemed to colored with blood.

"Another treat!" it said faintly discernible human language with a fiendish smile on its face which is enough to make one's skin crawl with fear.

It slowly stood up and turned toward me and I got a full look at the first Grimm Race monster.

This Grimm Race monster is Wolfman Tribe or us Humans werewolf all the Werewolf tribe, it one of the common but also powerful tribes among Grimm races.

It is wearing full-body leather cloths with runic armor, two axes could be seen on its waist and its wearing big pendant in its neck which has strange symbol carved on, it likely to be a symbol of sub tribe he belonged to.

"Today my luck is very good, I had just finished lunch and wasn't quite satiated from it but spirits heard my wish and sent you here, so I could finally sate my hunger." It said in a thick weird accent and that when I finally noticed its b.l.o.o.d.y fingers and broken human bones that when I finally understood the cruelty of the Grimm battlefield.