Monster Integration - Chapter 351 Sardine Hills

Chapter 351 Sardine Hills

Tomorrow I plan to head outside, normally it is advised for rookies to go outside without experienced members but that is only applied to weak rookies who have combat scores less than 1000.

I am not overconfident but with my power, I will be safe as long as I didn't venture out a safe area.

I would have not done this but I have nothing to do for three days, I could sightsee but I can do that later also.

There are many amazing things in the city, some of which I have only heard from the mouth of those from the Awakening ground but all of them expensive, the few thousand merit points I have spent in just a few hours.

Now that I had decided to go outside, I should make the right preparation for that.

There are many things I would need to buy before going outside but most important is crystal disk, this is a must-have item that everyone needs.

The cheapest crystal disk cost 5000 merit points and that is the lowest grade Crystal disk in the market, if I would just wait for a few days I can get crystal disk for free and that crystal disk would have better quality than the one I am buying.

Every guild offers its members free Crystal Disk as it is an essential Item, even C Cla.s.s gold offers better Crystal disk than the one I bought.

After the crystal disk, I brought some other miscellaneous Items which left my account with just a few hundred merit points, I hope this trip will be worth it and earn me some merit points.

After buying stuff, I started to look for an area where I am going to hunt. I didn't have to search very long as adventure paradise sites had listened to to to names of hunting grounds which is good for the Rookies to hunt.

I selected the Sardine Hill's, it is quite a famous area amongst the strong rookies and many experienced evolvers also hunt there.

This hunting ground is a little dangerous for normal rookies but with Ashlyn and my power combined we can manage any Grimm Race monster and if by some bad luck we come across some strong Grimm race monster, I can definitely run away from it.

The whole day pa.s.sed quickly while I am busy researching for tomorrow's adventure, sufficient research is necessary before any big adventure.

After finis.h.i.+ng my research, I started to perform Body Cleansing Technique which had become a daily habit of mine.

Still, I was only able to perform till 15th pose before falling into the ground like a dead dog and only able to get after half an hour.

Ring Ring Ring…..

I am woken by alarm before dawn and I started to make my preparation to leave, I have already packed everything yesterday, still I did a double count of things in case I forgot anything.

An hour later, I stood up in front of the bed, carefully looking at five totem artifact that is placed on it.

Of the six totem artifacts, five of them are at Colonel Grade while sixth one Marshal, it is a bright red sword which I got in the way to the awakening Ground.

The five Colonel grade Totem Artifact in front of me are exchanged and brought with Jill's help, they all are very suitable to me.

As for showing such high-level artifacts here, I am not worried about that as nearly all people here are wearing the same level of totem artifacts as these on the bed.

The only enviable thing on me is the Red sword which is Mid-level Marshal Grade Totem Artifact which I will not show in public, only use it when I am alone and as for weapon to show in public, I have brought a special sword.

I started to wear my artifacts one by one, Mask, Armor, s.h.i.+eld, Boots and finally put a dark blue sword by my waist.

Seeing everything is ready, I walk out of my apartment.

After getting out of my apartment I called the Hover car, it arrived a few minutes later and sped toward the east gate at a swift speed.

This is the fastest hovercar I've ever sat, even in the republic when Hovercars flying outside the city ain't this fast.

With such speed, the hovercar took just seven minutes to reach the East Gate of the Fort Cavendish.

"Holy s.h.i.+t!"

A curse came out of my mouth involuntarily when I looked at the East Gate, I would have been utterly shocked seeing this gate if not for me seeing the Giant Runic Mountain back at the awakening ground.

The City Gate is runic structure, Runes could be seen flas.h.i.+ng on it now and then, though the runes on it are not dense as the mountain at the Awakening ground still it is a second Runic structure I've seen and it is marvelous.

The things that involve Runes are very difficult to make especially mega projects such as these city gates.

Not only the city gate is marvelous, but the giant cannons that placed the top of it also looked even more marvelous, each cannon is ten meters long and hundreds of such cannons are placed on the top of the wall.

There are a total of four such giant gates across the city from which people can go outside but it is not the only way I can see many people flying above it.

Not everyone could fly in the city, one needs special permission which could only be given to high-level powerhouses and off course members of S Cla.s.s guilds.

Once one became a member of S Cla.s.s Guild, he will gain permission to fly across the city, one didn't need to go to the City gate like normal people.

People want to get into S Cla.s.s Guild like crazy, not only because they have super strong members, there are many other reasons for it.

Special privileges access to places that one wouldn't get normally and status of being member S Cla.s.s Guild these are also reasons why people want to become its members.

If I got accepted in the S Cla.s.s guild then I also could fly over the city wall without having fear of getting shot by security cannons that are hidden in the wall.

Tens of thousands of people could be seen getting out of the wall of a second, not wasting the time I also run through the giant gate like them.

When I get out of another side I saw barren land, there is nothing in front of except for barren land.

As people get out of gates, they suddenly spend toward different directions, some chose to run on the ground while others chose to run on the air.

It is as I've expected, from what I've read thirty kilometers around the Fort Cavendish is completely barren, Grimm race monster rarely comes this close.

The real hunting starts when one goes out fifty kilometers range of Fort Cavendish.

The hunting ground I've chosen is sixty kilometers away from the Fort Cavendish, I plan to travel by air till I reach the boundary of barren land and then I will travel on the ground.

Thinking that I took a jump in the air and run toward the direction of Sardine Hills.