Monster Integration - Chapter 350 Applying To S Class Guilds

Chapter 350 Applying To S Class Guilds

Only three seconds are remained for 38th minute to be over and this time I have no trump card left to power up.

Currently, I am fighting the Robot with the equal ground but the next minute, its power going to increase tremendously but I didn't have any trump card against it.

It will be a challenge just to stand in front of it for a second much less fighting it for a few minutes but still, I am very happy seeing that.

I was able to fight Robot till 38 th minute which is very few rookies were able to do.


Time ticked by and finally 39 th minute had started, it was a good thing that second before I had put some distance between us. So, when 39 th minute would start, it will take at least half a second for its attacks to reach me.

While in that half-second time I had taken out s.h.i.+eld type Totem artifact which I hadn't used till now and also started to circulate Supreme Combat Exercise which I hadn't circulated in quite a while.

Zap Zap Zap..... Thud Thud...

Sound of metallic vines and Robots footsteps could be heard as they come at me, their speed is faster than ever before.



Everything happened so fast that I barely had a chance to understand myself.

Before starting of 39 th minute, I thought if not a full minute, I would at least survive for a few seconds of 39 th minute but I was very wrong.

As the first metallic vine crashed on my s.h.i.+eld, I received an immense shock that swept me off my feet and made me crashed on the wall of the chamber.

If not for the wall became very soft as I crashed across it, I very sure now every bone in my body would have been broken and I wouldn't be far from death.


I had just gotten off the wall wobbling when I heard Robotic voice coming somewhere from the chamber.

The battle had been over the second, I flew away like a cannonball toward the wall. The fight had been good, my only regret is that I hadn't been able to fight for forty minutes.

With me fighting for forty minutes, there would have been a very high chance that I would get a Combat score of 4000 points but with me lasting only for 39 minutes, the chance of me getting Combat Score of 4000 points is low.

Nothing is definite, by some miracle I might get 4000 points, I thought hopefully but soon shook my head at my wishful thinking.

I will come to know my combat score in five minutes, In that time I should drink some potion to heal my injuries.

That last blow was quite something, I am quite injured by it despite Robot controlling its strength last moment and wall turning fluffy at last second to save me from injuries.


I started to feel good as the cool sensation of the healing potion started to wash over my body, starting to heal all the small and big injuries I have received.

Challenger #34363 Congratulation On Getting Combat Score 4347


The thing I was waiting to hear finally rang out but when I heard what my Combat Score is I couldn't help but get surprised and involuntary sound comes out of my mouth.

I was pretty sure that my combat score wouldn't be higher than 4000 but shockingly my combat score is 4347 which is totally out of my expectations.

I even suspected I heard wrong and only became sure after reading the mail on my holowatch which showing my combat score.

I walk out of the chamber with a big excited look on my face. I am feeling very excited having such a big combat score, with it not only I can apply for any A-Cla.s.s Guild, but I can even apply to the S cla.s.s guild also and there quite a high chance that I will get accepted.

S cla.s.s guilds only accept the best and rookies need a combat score of 4000 points just apply in it, getting accepted in is an entirely different thing.

Despite that, I feel that I have a very good chance to get into the S cla.s.s guild and the reason for that is that the Rule power which I have.

Those who come to the Grimm battlefield first time are those Captain Stage or above and they did not have Rule power but compared to them I am different.

I am just at Sergeant Stage and also have high-level Rule power, which put me way above the normal rookies that came to the Grimm Battlefield.

After getting my combat score, I did not stay at Adventurer paradise any longer and returned back to my apartment.

I have got my Combat Score, now it is time to send the application to the guilds and I am only going to send the application to the best guilds, which are the S cla.s.s guilds.

There are only five S cla.s.s guilds in Fort Cavendish which are Silver b.u.t.terfly, Raging Thunder, Black Cloud, Scythe, and Red Flag. There is no ranking between them as all of them boost near equal power.

With me having above 4000 Combat Score, I am eligible to apply for all five S Cla.s.s Guilds but I will only be able to apply only four guilds as Silver b.u.t.ter only accepts women, as for the other four guilds they accept both men and women.

Applying for the guilds are very easy to process, I just have to log on to their site and submit my combat score and battle video from which my Combat Score is measured.

I one by one sent my application to the all S cla.s.s guild, hoping to get accepted in any of these four guilds.

I think my chances of getting in the S cla.s.s guild are quite high but they are not a hundred percent, it will depend on guild if they need me as their member.

Ruby had said that connections of these S cla.s.s guilds are quite wide and they run a detailed background check on every member they accept.

I think the only weakness I have is my background, it is the only thing that could stop me from becoming a member of the S cla.s.s guild.

If I had joined any organization back in the Republic, my chances to get into the S cla.s.s guild would have been even better but unfortunately, I didn't but I didn't regret it one bit.

I am now not a bit less than a member of the OniOrganisationy fighting prowess is equal to their best members. I can fight Super Elite of the same grade head-on and not loose and all that without the help of Rule power.

I quickly finished by sending all four applications, I will get an answer in three days. In three days, I will know if I get into the S Cla.s.s guild or not.

As for what I will do in these three days I have a pretty good idea, it's just that this idea is very very dangerous, especially for a rookie like me.