Monster Integration - Chapter 34 Leaving Miasta Park

Chapter 34 Leaving Miasta Park

''Chu Chu!" Ashlyn called out telepathically, she said attack it, she could tell that more monster we kill, the more she delicious food she will get to eat.

"Alright," I said and stand up from the bushes, she also comes out of me, ''You distract one while I handle the other one. I said to Ashlyn.

I grip my sword and come out of bushes, it's only been minutes since devil monkey left and iron rhinos are still angry.

These young Iron Rhinos at Lv.1 Specialist Grade Monster, they are are two meters wide and looked like made of rusty iron.

Their offense is a sharp horn on their head and has an extremely tough hide that is very difficult to pierce, that is why only Lv1 specialist stage or higher level evolver hunt it.

The biggest reason I even try to go hunt them is that of their biggest weakness. Their speed is their biggest weakness, that is why the devil monkey able to hara.s.s them so easily.

Less speed doesn't mee they are defenseless, their strength is immense, if I got straight blow from them, I'll be crushed in a single move.

"lets attack!" I said to the Ashly and we move toward our respective monster's, "Bellow!" a cry come out of rhinoceros mouth as we move to attack them.

"Swish" "slice!" I stuck towards it's back, but nothing happens except for blood-red line, inside which blood is trickled, it's not even called the light injury to iron rhino it was just scratch.

"Bellow!" "thud! Swis.h.!.+" it tried to ram its horn in be but I speed to move away, being missed it bellowed angrily and again tried to ram its horn in me doing its attack I again struck it with my sword.

"Boom!" it missed me and struck the three, the whole tree broke in two by the rhino. ''I am here you idiot!" I shout out loudly to anger it.

"Bellow!" It again bellowed and run toward me with it heavy steps. I have to say this iron rhino looked and is very dangerous. Just using single horn attack it broke the tree trunk that is double size me, if I were in that place I would have directly gone to heaven.

''Slice Slice Slice.." I attack it again, this time its behind. What I wanted to do is make it tired by it headlessly attacking trees. it bellowed again and attack me with its horn.

That horn on its head is extremely sharp and it is also core material in making Grade 1 magical weapons. it is said that direct attack from Lv. 3 Corporal stage evolver can't cut it, that attack can only dent its horn.

Some of the monsters have something important on them except for their Monster cores, That cougar monster I encounter earlier had skin in high demand, just like like that iron rhinos also had in it. Its horn and it's hidden sell really expensive, it hides also use in making Grade 1 magical artifact (Armor and shoes).

Ashyn also doing quite a good job distracting the other rhino, she was attacked with her fire now and then and sometimes she just sits on its head and breath fire on it, the rhino has no other option that rams its head onto trees to get Ashlyn out of its head.

"Clank!" "bang puh.." all of sudden, this rhino speedily move its head to attack me with its horn, leaving me no option to dodge. I have to counter it with my sword, just as it horn and my touch, next moment I am thrown backward by full force, I directly banged the tree and waited for the bird.

"Boom!" I dodge as it came attacking me seeing injured by the tree but I dodge early, I am really injured first b the shock I receive when I countered it's a horn and again when by back blasted against the tree, my injury is neither light or heavy but it will take more than hour to heal.

"I am done playing around!" I said with bloodied teeth and lighted my sword with silver fire, with it my attacks become more lethal.

"Slice." "Bellow!" Iron Rhino bellowed angry as I attack his neck with the flaming sword, this time sword dug deeper and draws out more blood.

I would have its eyes as they were the weakest spots of any monster but eyelashes of Iron Rhino are hard as iron and any attack of mime will just leave scratches on it.

Its neck is also extra this to cut but now that I have lightened my sword with fire, I try to attack only its neck but all I can draw is a thin line of blood, no matter how I try.

Still, I am trying to concentrate attacks the one spot, I want to bleed it die. " slice slice slice" whoosh." I attacked but as soon as it's neck move little I dodge it.

It had grown little smart, it always attack me in unexpected time but I am not an idiot either, after getting beat up by its a surprise attack, I move away from it, with the slightest movement of its neck.

"Chu chu.." Ashlyn dancing in front other rhino, teasing it and intentionally breathing fire on its face, that rhino got so angry that it tried to attack her with every one of its strength.

"Slice.." "Bellow!" it below as I attack it again on its neck, that wound got nearly two meter's deep but it's still not hitting its blood artery, if this going on I may be not able to finish it before the dark, just as that thought surface in my mind, I hurriedly looked at my watch.

"d.a.m.n!" I cursed loudly, only fifty minutes till the time I have left the forest and about one and a half an hour till dusk, I don't want to in the forest in time of dusk, that is period when monsters start to become active.

I don't want to leave these two rhinos, these rhinos will help me solve a lot of my problems but I don't have much time, at current speed, it will take me two hours to kill them and I don't have that much time.

Now there is only one option left, Supreme Combat Exercise.

I thought I would relax for a month before again starting that devil exercise but this condition left me a choice, I have to endure that pain for forty thousand credit

Gritting my teeth I started to circulate the first move, after completing one set, a seal had been formed in my temple and now the first move that I circulate would be that of the 2nd set.

"Ahh!" I circulated the first move, the only thought kept me going is the money that I will get the selling these two iron rhinos.

"Slice." I again slice at its neck, the wound deepen but not much, enduring the pain the pain I circulated the second move, dodging its horn I attack again, it deepens more at this speed it would take me a half an hour to keel to kill it, burning in this immense pain, I circulated the third.

I nearly blacked out and killed by its horn in my daze if not for the Ashlyn calling me out telepathically.

"AHHHHH!" screaming loudly I started to attack its neck, with all the strength in my body.

"Spurt.." finally it started bleeding heavily, I again attack much time, did to blood lost it started to slow down.

"Whooos.h.!.+ tear!" "f.u.c.k!" I attack me so speedily at last minute that, I barely had a chance to dodge, I doge but suit got heard and got lightly injure on the stomach. after getting injured, I attack it again crazily.

"Thud!" that rhino felled down heavily, I did not give second look to fell rhino and moved to second rhino, the other rhino will be dead by bleeding I finished with the second rhino.

Seeing it's partner dying the second rhino tried to run but its speed is already is very slow and I am now circulating their move of the exercise, it was no match by being and killed by me in ten minutes.

"Ashlyn keep an eye!" I said to Ashlyn as began to dissecting and preserving them, I didn't stop the circulation of exercise as I will need to endure the weigh of materials of two rhinos.

My backpack weighted near thousand kilograms when I finished putting everything in my backpack, My backpack had become tall as me.

I drank mana potion as I have less than 10% of mana left, I lift my heavy backpack while circulating the third movement of the exercise.

It's already ten minutes more than the time limit I had set up for leaving the forest, I ran with all my might.

Some low-level monster's had come to me attacking but I cut them while running, I didn't even pick the badger meat that I had buries, thinking if return within a week I'll retrieve it.

Just as my watch catch the signals again, I ordered Hovercar and still kept running. it can track my location so it will have no problems finding me.

I kept running as I was still in the vicinity, after half an hour of running, I saw hovercar floating above me and stopped.

'keeenn' as i landed it door already opened. I put down my backpack and entered the Hovercar. The Hovercar had a robotic arm which will carry my backpack.

After the Hovercar's door close, did i stop circulating the third move of the exercise and close my eyes in peace.