Monster Integration - Chapter 35 Selling Monster Material

Chapter 35 Selling Monster Material

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''Bzzz!" I woke up to the loud ringing bell and vibrating seats. I knew that I had fallen asleep in the hovercar due to tiredness. Quickly, I got out of the hovercar still feeling a little groggy.

It flew away after it had dropped my backpack with its a robotic arm. Thousands of other hovercars could be seen around me, picking up and dropping off the adventurers but mostly dropping them.

Some hovercars had special logos from different organizations. They probably came back from training their members in different areas where normal adventurers would rarely pa.s.s by.

I picked up my backpack and walked towards the building which had 'Wells' logo on it. They are one of the top company in the monster food distribution business, even the packed monster food that Ashlyn eats is from them.

''Sir, How may I help you?" said the pretty lady from behind the counter. Probably having an idea of what I want to do and seeing my backpack she continued.

"Please, place them all on the counter" all the while maintaining a polite smile.

I started removing all the monster materials from my backpack and placing it onto the counter. In about a minute when I did a s.h.i.+ning ray flashed starting from the left then going to the right of the counter, scanning all of the materials.

After a few seconds and glancing at something behind the counter the lady said "The store can offer you thirty-four thousand credits"

''I accept" I replied and almost immediately a notification rang out of my Holowatch.

"Pleasure doing business with you, Sir," she said politely after nodding. I left the building with a happy smile.

This was the first credit I earned from the selling monster materials. No wonder, most of the adventures I have seen have luxurious clothing, just hunting four or five monsters they can get a normal Grade 1 magical artifact.

Almost all of the Specialist Grade Adventurers I've seen today have at least two Grade 1 magical artifact but it isn't all suns.h.i.+ne and roses for them. As of 10 new adventurers that come to Westblood city only six survive, in the first place you never know when a strong monster is going to appear in front of you.

The lives of the adventures are unpredictable, one day you are alive and the next you may be dead while out hunting. That is why most common adventurers retire after they have ama.s.sed enough fortune to live their life happily without any worries.

''Chu chu chu!" While I was still in deep thought, Ashlyn comes out of me and starts to demand food. I smile seeing this, I was just waiting to see how long she could hold on seeing there are hundreds of food trucks hovering all around us.

"Chu chu.." She continues to demand more seeing that I gave in to her request.

''Ok! I'll order a large portion for you," I said while I laughed at her.

She says that eating a normal portion won't do anymore and that she wanted a bigger portion.

I took a seat at one of the empty tables which are placed in front of food trucks. Almost all of them are full as it is time for the adventurers to come back from the forest and enjoy the food with their friends and partners.

Many droids could be seen hurling the dishes and empty plate in and out of the food truck. It didn't take long until our order to arrive with droid flying to us with it.

As usual, Ashlyn didn't wait for anything and started to dig in, she ate the food with relish and her face didn't come out of the plate for even a second, she really did love food.

I also started to eat too, it is delicious just like the food from the apartment canteen. Enjoying the taste an idea pops out of my head and I open the web to check if it is possible.

''It's possible!" I said in excitement. I was checking if it was possible to deliver food to my town. They say that they can deliver the monster food to my parents but there is an eight-hour distance from my town and their closest branch in a cla.s.s 6 city.

I made arrangements so that my parents would get the delivery of monster food three days a week, every week as it is important for them. In the past few days, I read that the human body has to bear a huge pressure in exchange for the monster pet's powers. So this food will help them immensely in bearing the load of the power and more important my mother is pregnant so she will need much more nutrition than normal.

Thinking about my family, I still felt a little uncomfortable and had complex feelings about my mother's pregnancy. I know I should not feel as such because it is a natural thing, but, still, I can not do anything about it.

The food delivery will cost me twelve thousand credits per month and put pressure on my finances but if my haul every time will be good as today, then I wouldn't have to worry about the credits.

Knowing that most of the adventures go outside twice a week, I also decided to the same. Every three days I will get out to hunt, three days would be long enough for me to heal any injuries and train.

As I still had to finish eating half of my meal, Ashlyn had already nearly finished eating hers which was double that of mine. One thing for sure, her eating speed hadn't slowed down by a bit.

"Chuuu!" Ashlyn cried out in content as she finished eating and laid on her stomach lazily. I would say it's become her habit to lay on her stomach after overeating to digest the food.

I also finished my meal soon enough. I stood up ready to leave the table when I noticed that Ashlyn was not moving, this glutton!

''Ashlyn lets go!" I said but she didn't move and only called out in lazy tone "Chu chuu..".

"You!" I said exasperated, she is forcing me to carry her as she is too tired and full from eating.

Helpless, I picked her up into my hands as she is laid there lazily. Then I called a hovercar to take me to my apartment.

I didn't even have to wait for a minute when a hovercar arrived. I got into it with Ashlyn still refusing to move.

"Chu-chu," Ashlyn called out again telling me to lift her to the window as she wants to see the outside scenery. She is a very curious monster who likes to see and experience the world, with reluctance I lifted her enough to let her see the flas.h.i.+ng scenery.

Soon enough, we reached our apartment building but before entering the lift I walked towards the exchange point. As I still hadn't cashed in the three specialist grade monster cores that I got from the three specialist stage monsters that I had killed.

Putting my three monster cores into the slider, I waited for them to be scanned. Soon the machine quoted the price for the monster crystal and I accepted it.

The three Lv. 1 Specialist Grade monster cores sold for seventeen thousand credit, I got a little bit more money because iron rhino's cores were of higher quality.

I have a total of forty-nine thousand credits in my account and in a single week, I had spent nearly fifty thousand credits.

I still have to buy many things and one of the most important ones is some higher quality training suits as the one I am wearing is wasted already.