Monster Integration - Chapter 33 Iron Rhinos

Chapter 33 Iron Rhinos

Totem is sacred, those who can construct it are considered elite. As far as I know, no one in the Republic understands the runes from which Totems and Mana Refinement Engine are created.

In this book had complete information about Totem creating and introduction of each and every rune to algorithms and formulas, everything is there.

I didn't understand much after reading some pages, it will require a detailed study of years to fully understand this book but in that time I have to make sure I will not tell a soul about it.

After closing the window, I burn the surrounding area which had my smell and walks away. I have to leave an hour before the dusk, in the night monsters became more active.

After walking fifteen minutes in the forest, I didn't encounter monster that I want to kill, all were low-level monster but still I didn't dare to go too close to the Lake, that the place where groups of monsters gather, any group of five to six Monsters of Specialist Grade can easily kill me.

"Hmm" I heard faint metallic sounds on the west side, some people must be fighting near. Curiously I walk toward it, as I got closer to sounds of fighting became more distinct, not long after I reach near the fighting scene.

Two people not much older than me, a boy and girl were fighting four Aqua Bulls. They didn't look like they are surrounded by monster's but hunting them.

They all are at Lv.1 Specialist Stage, seeing those Four Aqua Bull Monster's I felt jealous, that's not just Aqua Bulls but fifty thousand credits or more due to their big size their meat would sell for more money than their monster cores.

I left after watching the fight for some time, I don't want to have much time and didn't want to give the wrong signal.

For the past two days, I have been operating my Refinement Engine from waking up to sleep, first, it was uncomfortable and painful, my head was in constant pain but still, I endure and continued.

In the past two days, I never stopped operating my Refinement Engine except for sleeping, when I first constructed it, I could only able to operate it for near two hours but the battle in the tunnel my psych had a big change as I keep operating Refinement Engine while fighting the monsters.

In the training facility, I also keep Operating Refinement Engine while Fighting, my head hurts but it is nothing compared to the pain I felt when I circulate the Exercise.

Two days ago, an idea comes to my mind that what if I operate Refinement Engine whole while training and doing other activities first it seems crazy idea but then I thought it through.

With my low-level talent, if I were to refine my mana only two or three hours day or while fighting when refinement process became unexpectedly fast, it would take me years to reach my desired purity which is above 80%.

There are also many potions which could help purify mana after mana reached 65% no position could directly help to purify mana but that doesn't mean there aren't potions which couldn't help indirectly.

There are my potions which indirectly help in purify mana, one of such potion is Heart Racing Potion, this potion indirectly help to accelerate Refinement Engine process, there are hundreds of such potions but they all are expensive that I can't afford.

My only option is this way, the first day I felt an immense headache, I endured it and carried on operating my Refinement Engine, the second was also not much better but I carried on and today is the third day and I am currently feeling headache but I am enduring it.

My Mana's purity had risen by few points in two days if I keep refining it may able to reach my desirable purity in mana, I know it will be difficult in the future because it takes more time and efforts to further purify mana after it reached certainly purity.

I did not come across any Specialist Grade monster as I was roaming in the outskirt area of the Autin Lake but I did find two Lv.3 Specialist Grade monster s which I finished in half an an an hour including taking out their precious parts.

As I was walking, I saw three Specialist Grade evolvers, walking toward me with their bloating backpack, each of those backpacks weight more than doubles that their weight, looks like they had a big haul.

We just gave each other smile and didn't talk much, seeing their haul, I make my mind and walk toward the lake, there are thousands of monster near the lake but it is also dangerous.

Austin lake considered one of the safest areas in Miasta part because it has few high-level monsters inside the lake and they rarely come out.

I make my mind and decide to enter core are of the lake periphery, as I was walking inside, I stopped when I heard something, it seemed to cry of some angry monster, I silently hide in the bushes and slowly walk toward the sound, if monsters are I might be able to fish in troubled water.

I told Ashlyn to come inside me and silently crawl without making any sound in the bushes, the angry growls getting louder and louder and I even felt little vibration under my feet, that monster may be little heavy to create such vibration.

My mouth started to salivate just thinking of monster size, I try to guess what type of monster it would be but the sound is too indistinct to know which monsters are.

As I got closes, the sound became clear and I am ninety percent sure to my guess but I am not happy making that guess because killing that monster would be too difficult but I didn't stop going toward it.

I am hoping that the monster injured as I might able to kill it, as I got closer. I got into the boundary of open area and I had been correct, there are Two Young Iron Rhinos in front of me.

"f.u.c.k fufc f.u.c.k!" I cursed inside my mind seeing scene front on me, There are a group of six devil monkeys teasing the two iron rhinos and those two rhinos very angry about it, they were so angry they fallen twenty to thirty trees in there rage.

The devil monkeys looked like the monkey monster that Kevin had but the only difference is that Kevin's monkey had a third eye on its temple.

The monkeys are in private stage and couldn't make a scratch on Specialist Grade Iron Rhinos but they still attack iron rhinos with their nails just to p.i.s.s them off and have fun teasing them.

I was about to leave seeing devil monkeys their but just as I was about to leave, the monkeys started to leave after hitting rhinos on their temple one after another, I guess they had their fun.

I am not surprised seeing them leave, the devil monkeys irritate anyone as long as it interests them but they also quickly lose their interests after having enough fun.

Within minutes all monkeys left and angry rhinos sat on the gra.s.s tiredly, I guess there monkey must have been irritating them for the quite a while.

I am in a deep dilemma to attack these two rhinos or not, I am not sure I can penetrate the skin of the rhinos as they are monsters which are known for their tight defense but if I leave, I will be saying goodbye to forty thousand credits.