Monster Integration - Chapter 32 The Complete Mysteries Of Totems

Chapter 32 The Complete Mysteries Of Totems

I looked the dead body of the Monster on the ground, bleeding it from a stab wound on the minutes later even bleeding had stopped.

I put down my backpack and remove all the things which I need to skin the monster.

"Ashlyn keeps an eye around." I said, "chuu.." she cried out and flew away on the tallest tree to watch the surrounding.

I carefully skinned the monster without damaging much with my sword, I remove core, heart and meat and other monster parts. I quickly pocketed the core in my pocket as it most important and expensive part of the monster's body.

Separating all of it, I remove the preservation cubes and placed them on the heart and meat of the monster. The preservation will keep the meat fresh and safe.

The preservation cube melted as soon as it touched the monster's parts and started to encase all in its film automatically, soon all of the parts covered in the thin transparent film.

I put monster heart and skin and nails inside my backpack, as they take less weight on my backpack and I buried the Meat which is heaviest in the ground, I will take it out on my way back to the city.

"Ashlyn lets go," I said as I burned waste material of monster. I again begin to walk with Ashlyn Ashlyn in two, as we again searching for a new monster to hunt. It was a very good hunt, if I take it back everything to the city, it would fetch me eight thousand easily.

Now it is only late morning, I have the whole day to hunt. if I could find one or more Specialist stage monster I could easily earn twenty to twenty-five thousand easily, I was basking in the glory of a recent kill when the very nauseating smell hit me.

I thought it was the smell of rotten monster and about to walk away around it but being curious I took a peek where the rotten smell was coming from, "Gasp!" I gasped from what I saw.

It was a half rotten body of human being, it's half skeleton could be seen in rotten flesh and most of the bones on the skeleton looked broken, it didn't look like a monster, did it?

He doesn't have any accessory on him except for his clothes, I can tell he is killed by humans but after killing him, they didn't do the basic courtesy to bury or burn his body, at least it's something they can do but they didn't.

Seeing this body, I remember what I have read and heard about solo adventurers, only 6 out of ten can remain alive in their first year of adventuring, to them it's not just danger of Monster but also the fellow humans.

Enduring the Rotten smell, I got closer to it and threw a fireball at it to burn the body, soon body started to burn, as a decent human being this is least I could do to burn his body and bury his ashes in the ground.

This body took longer than I thought to burn, the normal Private stage body could burn within a minute and that specialist grade monster was turned into ash within few minutes but this rotten body took nearly half an hour to turn in ash.

I waited till the whole body turn in ash and dug a small hole beside to bury the ashes in it. I wore the gloves before touching the ashes, I consider myself a nice person but I am not that nice to touch ashes of an unknown person with naked hand, I pick ashes with both of my hand put in the whole that I just dug.

"unhh" my hands touch some solid in the ashes, thinking it is stone I let be but when I throwing ashes into the hole, I got a clear look at, it is thumbnail size transparent tiny gla.s.s box, I put it back on the ground to inspect later.

After burying the ashes of that man, wash my hand and that tiny box with water, when I looked carefully looked at it that inside the tiny gla.s.s box is a tiny copper color thing.

I couldn't contain my curiosity and opens the box, "OH MY G.o.d!" I shout out, it is a relic of the past. Inside the box is a small chip which people used thousands of years ago to store the data.

This is a huge fortune, there is a high demand on the market about this past relic, it is data chip that was used to store data in it.

If put it on the site, I will get millions of offers. I still remember the news I've read two years ago, written by women who found this type of data chip by luck.

A women found the chip of this kind when she was planting flowers in Garden and thinking of it just trinket of the past she put on the web for auction casually and didn't expect much from it but in middle of the night she was woken by the insane amounts of notification, thousands and overnight it had reached millions of notification had rung on her holowatch about the offer for data chip.

That chip was sold to more than hundred million credits and she said if there was even ounce of data in that chip, she could have gotten ten times more than she got from the empty chip.

feeling excited I hastily opened the gla.s.s box and activate the scanner of my Holowatch to scan that chip. The holowatch has a function to scan many things and reading these data chip is a very simple thing for it.

My heart thumped as my holowatch is scanning the chip, I prayed that it had some kind of data in it so it's price could rise again.

By selling this chip I will get enough money that I can peacefully train and maybe ill even have a chance to become Master Grade evolver and partic.i.p.ate in the League of Heroes.

In second the process of scanning is over, I carefully put the chip back into my backpacks safest s.p.a.ce them I looked at Holowatch to see if that chip had any data stored in it.

"Yes!" I shouted top of my lungs when I find there is a file but I got little disappointed when I see there is only one file, I cursed myself for being over greedy.

I touched open the file and greeted by the Book cover. it is a book and I got pleasantly surprised by seeing familiar languages, just that, it is written in a different format.

When I read the cover of the book, I stayed silent a while even I don't know what to and what to feel but one thing I am sure I absolutely cant anyone knows that I've data chip relic or the information it contained. Even I mostly clueless about the world can feel what catastrophe it will bring me or my family because of the tile of the book is.

The Complete Mysteries Of Totems By Alexander Copperfield.