Monster Integration - Chapter 339 Murder of Crows

Chapter 339 Murder of Crows

The bird monster opened its gigantic mouth and in its mouth, a big ball of lightning had started to form in its mouth.

I shudder as I saw that, not because thinking about what type of effect it will bring to Airs.h.i.+p but seeing, if it launched that ball of lighting, it will surely crash on to my suits and suits around it.


The lightning ball had nearly formed, seeing that I took a step back to run away from the big window, when I heard a loud boom and saw a ball of red energy shooting toward the Big monster bird.

That's cannon shot! I said as I look at the red ball of energy that shooting toward the big monster.


I heard loud bam as the cannon shot hit directly at the head of Big monster bird and what it next had completely blown my mind.

The cannon shot which I though going to pierce through the body monster bird seeing it is single shot fired by cannon not a barrage of it but that cannonball turned completely different.

As it cashed on the monster bird head, instead of piercing through it, it exploded not only that, that explosion have covered whole monster bird within seconds.

When the effect of explosion subsided a few seconds later, the only thing I saw was some blackened bones of monster falling down.

"How Powerful!" came out of my mouth, just a single shot of cannon enough pulverizes such big monster, I can imagine what effect will it create if all the cannons on airs.h.i.+p had started to fire all at once.

There is no announcement of caution of when the big monster bird arrived near the Airs.h.i.+p and no announcement when it was killed, I felt like this is a common occurrence on the airs.h.i.+p.

I stood by the window for a few minutes before laying back on the bed, thinking about the scene that just happens before.

"Chew chew!"

It was that Ashlyn's chirp that brought me out of my stupor. Her chirp was for food, when I look at holowatch I notice it was our lunchtime and I am also feeling slightly hungry.

Not having a mood to go out, I ordered lunch for my suit. I have to say, the lunch is top quality, especially the monster meat.

We both ate until our stomachs full and laid on the bed to rest as we have nothing much to do except to enjoy beautiful scenery through the window.

Time pa.s.sed and evening came, the whole day total three monsters tried to attack the Airs.h.i.+p, their size was no less than a big monster bird but all of them were killed by the single cannon shot without exception.

As the evening came, I felt the Airs.h.i.+p is descent, the next moment I heard the announcement from the airs.h.i.+p saying that Airs.h.i.+p is descending at Carlston city for an hour and forbid any pa.s.sengers to go out of Airs.h.i.+p unless they want to stay in Carlstone city.

Carlston is the cities in the republic, it used to be the capital of the republic before it moved to the republic City, this is also the city where Ellen got posted two months ago, if going out was permissible I would definitely call Ellen and ask her to come to meet me but unfortunately it is not.

The airs.h.i.+p stayed in the Carlstone's city's airport for an hour as it announced before ascending to the skies.

Time pa.s.sed on the airs.h.i.+p very quickly, just after a day the Airs.h.i.+p had exited boundaries of the republic and moved Grimm Battlefield while stopping at several cities a day to pick people.

On the first day, there would have been five monsters that attacked the airs.h.i.+p but on the second day, there was a sharp increase in their number as the second day there have been fifteen to twenty monsters attacked the airs.h.i.+p.

Third, are the fourth day was the same amount of monsters that attacked the airs.h.i.+p but all of them ended the same way, dead. They all killed by a single shot of cannon, leaving behind just blackened bones, some weak monster did not even leave that, they had just vaporized.

One thing I have to say, travel on the airs.h.i.+p is very fun. The first day I did not do much but pretty much stayed in a suit but from the second day, I started to check each and every facility.

I went to a bar and got pretty drunk with Ashlyn that even the staff of the Airs.h.i.+p came and asked me if I needed any help to get into my suite.

I had never gambled before and decided to try for once in the casino, my luck was bad though, all the chips I had converted, I lost.

It was a good thing that I controlled myself and not gambled more like other people who lost pretty badly that they couldn't stop cursing their bad luck.

I tried many things after that but one thing that got me hooked me is Arcade, I have never been many fans of arcade games and never had tried them before but when I tried the games of Arcade station of Airs.h.i.+p, I got hooked on them.

There are hundreds of types of games here and each one is more interesting than others, they are not only humans but some of them are for monsters as well.

I had asked Ashlyn to play some games but unfortunately, she did not have much interest.

Four days have pa.s.sed since I had boarded the Airs.h.i.+p and it's been more than twelve hours and Airs.h.i.+p hadn't landed on any city for picking people.

If my guess is right then the airs.h.i.+p had done picking people and now was on truly on the way to the Grimm Battlefield.

Not only I, but other people also seemed to guess it over time, but the mood of the Airs.h.i.+p had also become a little somber.

Today is the fifth day and more and more monsters seemed to attack airs.h.i.+p, every hour two or three monsters would attack the airs.h.i.+p and some even attack in the group.

"Caw caw caw caw….."

I was busy playing the Arcade game and was at just shy of touching 10 th high score when I heard faint caw, soon the faint caw's became loud and everyone could be heard.

I stopped playing the game and looked toward the railing of Aracade station only to see there is Murder of crows coming toward airs.h.i.+ps.

There must be more than five hundred of these crows, each one is 70 to 80 meters long, not only that the three leaders which are on the front are above 100 meters long, they were the biggest monsters I've seen.

I quickly got out of the arcade machine and run toward the railing before it became jammed packed as there will be a very good show.

These Murder of Crow monster looked very dangerous, they had vicious faces with dark red eyes and wings which sharpness isn't less than a sword, just taking a single look these monsters would make one shudder uncontrollably.

Boom Boom Boom....

Just as I reach the railing, the barrage of cannon's fired on the murder of crows, each shot of cannon would take the life of crow monster.

Many crow monster's tried to avoid the cannon shots but no use, except for three leaders, no crow monster in Murder was able to survive the barrage of cannons.

The conditions three leaders of the Crow's aren't any better, their s.h.i.+ny blade-like winds had burned beyond recognition as they tried to get away from the barrage of cannons which is now concentrated on them.


First crow leader of three crows finally fell, after that, it didn't take other two to fell as a barrage of cannons were concentrated on them.

Though they did not die like their minions, leaving only a few bones behind but their condition was not much better either when they died as they have all nearly became blackened skeleton when they fell.

Everyone was in surreal mood watching the whole carnage finish in just two minutes, these cannons on the airs.h.i.+p are really amazing, if I got my hands on such cannon then there may be a chance for me survive if I were to attack by such a monster.

Time pa.s.sed and during the day the airs.h.i.+p come across another such big group of a monster like Crows but it was also annihilated.

It was evening and I was busy playing an arcade game when an announcement rang out which sped everyone's heartbeat.

We had Now Entered the Airs.p.a.ce of Grimm Battlefield 11 And Will Reaching Our Final Destination Fort Cavendish By Tomorrow Afternoon.