Monster Integration - Chapter 340 Fort Cavendish

Chapter 340 Fort Cavendish

So, I will be fighting at Grimm Battlefield 11, till now it had been kept secrets on which battlefield I will be fighting on but now, it had become clear.

As for what Fort Cavendish is I have no idea, jill had said that area of these battlefields is quite large, the smallest is the size of our country while the biggest is many times over it.

This Fort Cavendish likely to be a post in the Grimm Battlefield 11, I will know everything about it when the airs.h.i.+p docks on the Fort Cavendish tomorrow.

The mood of Airs.h.i.+p became quite somber for a while before exploding like a firework.

Within an hour of hearing the announcement, people had become somewhat crazy, whatever they had held back, they let go.

They are acting like soldiers who are going to fight a very dangerous battle, a few days before the battle they will let go and enjoy life as there is no tomorrow.

The outburst is understandable, we barely have any idea what we will be fighting against in the Grimm battlefield, all we got is some vague info which we have no idea whether it is true or not.

It was a good thing that this airs.h.i.+p has many facilities that help people vent out their feelings in a different way but the most popular of them all is Clubs and casino, they are jammed packed with people.

I was also in Arcade station till late, I played till my heart content and only left when I started to feel sleepy and tired.

It was quite late when I woke up the next morning, after doing my morning activities and shower, I ordered a sumptuous breakfast for both of us.

I ate while looking at the energy outside and that's when something came into my mind, that ever since last evening no monsters had attacked the Airs.h.i.+p.

Not a single one, not only that I have not seen any monsters pa.s.sing by the airs.h.i.+p. It's like all the monsters in the area had disappeared. It's likely to be related to the Grimm battlefield.

Thinking that I couldn't help but excited and shudder at the same time, I shudder because I felt the fear for the prowess of powerhouses be that they may be from Grimm race or from humans, to have enough prowess to produce fear or exterminate monster that they couldn't see in the sky.

That is also the reason for making me excited, only fighting such powerhouses do I able to make fast progress.

After eating breakfast, I did not go out my suite instead decided to stay inside, so I could enjoy the scenery of the beautiful sky for a few hours before I disembarked in the Fort Cavendish.

Time pa.s.sed by and quickly an afternoon came. I was just gazing at the clouds when I saw something on the ground through the gaps of the cloud.

It's a City! That is the first thought as it looked quite big even thousands of meters high.

I thought fort Cavendish would be an outpost, I did not expect it to be a city.

Few minutes after that, I felt the airs.h.i.+p descend and as the airs.h.i.+p come closer to the Ground, I got a good look at the city below.

This city seemed little different than any other city. In the center of the city, there seemed to be miles long structure that looks similar to that of old era forts I've seen in the movies.

That Gigantic fort is situated in the center of the city and around it, the city is established.

There seemed to be hundreds of Airs.h.i.+ps of various sizes could be seen coming and going through the fort and our Airs.h.i.+p likely to be docked at the Airbase of that Giant fort as well.


Our airs.h.i.+p finally landed on the Airbase seeing that I get out of my suit.

When I entered the Great hall, I saw many people exiting out Airs.h.i.+p through the various exits in the neatlines.


I also step into the line and as I get out of Airs.h.i.+p, a mail notification rang out in my holowatch.

It is from the Fort Cavendish, it doc.u.ments about the information on Grimm battlefield and Fort cavendish.

The doc.u.ment is quite large but I have no choice but to read it since I have no idea what to do next.

I sat on the empty chair and started to read it, like other people who had an exit out of the airs.h.i.+p.

The doc.u.ment quite big but as I kept reading, all the doubts I have about the Grimm battlefield got cleared and I also got my first glimpse of the Grimm Race.

As I kept reading it, I got more surprised and sometimes shocked by the information written here.

It took me a little more than two hours to read the full doc.u.ment but after finis.h.i.+ng it I got a basic understanding of how things work here.

Fort Cavendish is one of the many outposts of Grimm Battlefield 11, it is also the place which is situated at the boundary of the Grimm battlefield that is why it's best t place for rookies.

There is no restriction in the Fort Cavendish, one can stay and buy whatever they want as long as they have enough merit points.

Merit Points are the currency in the Grimm Battlefields which one can earn by hunting the Grimm Race.

We as newly arrived rookies did not have any merit points but we can make a one-time exchange with credits.

Fort will give 10000 merit points for 10 Million credit, this exchange can only be allowed only one time, after that, I will have to earn the merit points either hunting Grimm race or any other way.

There is a very close and strict network across all Grimm Battlefields, if I have to contact my family or friends then I have to go to the communication points, where all my call will be monitored so I could not leak any info related to the Grimm Battlefield.

The hunting system of Fort Cavendish seems a lot similar to that of westblood city, there is a free lease on hunting, one can go out for any time they want.

The only difference between them that it is very very dangerous after one out of the city and this time their hunting target is not some dumb monster species with the same level of intelligence as themselves.

One small mistake on their part could make them lose their life, one has to be very careful once they stepped out of the city gates.

That is why most of the people hunt in a group, they formed a party whenever they go out and in the doc.u.ments, It cautioned to the rookies especially that they became part of Party.

All fourteen battlefields are controlled by the people of the central continent through Adventurers Paradise and it is written that people that fought in the Grimm Battlefield 1 to 3 came from the central continent.

If we locals of this continent want to fight there then one has to be extremely powerful, one has to be extremely powerful, only then one will have chance to enter Grimm Battlefield No 1 to 3.

The last and most important point in the doc.u.ment is Grimm Race, the doc.u.ment has given quite a detail description of them.