Monster Integration - Chapter 338 The Black Beetle II

Chapter 338 The Black Beetle II


A curse of astonishment came out of my mouth when I saw the interior inside, earlier when I saw the muscle outside of this beast of a s.h.i.+p, I regretted paying five million credit from premium but now I look at its interior, I think it will be worth it.

When I took a step inside, I felt like I did not step into the Airs.h.i.+p but a very luxurious hotel, everything looked very and luxurious

A week ago, when I first received the ticket of Airs.h.i.+p for the Grimm battlefield, there was an option to upgrade the seat.

I would have gone with Common level seat which is also free if the trip to the Grimm Battlefield would have taken the day but the information stated that the whole trip would take six days or more.

Reading that I did not want to stay in the common level seat for six days especially when I have a s.h.i.+tload of money which I have got from selling half of the stuff I got from Minerva Realm.

There are five types of seat's on the Airs.h.i.+p, that are Common, Economy, Business, Premium, and Grand.

The common level seat is free but that's all, one will have to spend the whole day on the single-seat as common level did not have the privilege to roam other areas of Airs.h.i.+ps.

The Economy level is quite good, the seat is s.p.a.cious and they hate the the the the the the the the the the the the the the there to go to the great hall and bars in the Airs.h.i.+p but for that one will have to pay a hundred thousand credits.

Businesses level does not give a seal but gave a small room where one can sit comfortably and watch the scenery of the sky while lying on the bed, it has many privileges like entry to bars, Great hall, and casinos but it cost a million credits.

The Premium level ticket offers a small luxurious suite which has all facilities and came with the big windows which give an un.o.bstructed view of the outside. With the premium ticket, one can go to any area which is for the pa.s.sengers.

For a Premium tickets, one just had to pay five million credits.

I would have never dared to buy a ticket of ten million credits, not ten million even buying the ticket of million would be out of question but just a few days before I had sold some stuff I got from awakening ground and got a s.h.i.+tload of money that even ticket of 10 million credits just felt like a trickle.

The last one is the Grand level ticket which came with a grand suite, they have all the privileges that the other four have.

One thing that makes this Grand level ticket very special that they have life boxes which could escort people of the grand suit out of airs.h.i.+p safely.

There is no mention of the price of Grand level ticket as I didn't have sufficient access to buy one.

I walk toward the great hall which is the central area of the Airs.h.i.+p, it places everyone gathers and mingle.

"It's Majestic!"

I whispered as I entered the great hall, this great hall is majestic and emit opulence through every inch.

Thousands of people could be seen in the great hall, some were alone while others in the group.

To my surprise, I saw some familiar faces in the crowd, though I don't know them personally, I know them because they are famous in the republic.

Most of these people partic.i.p.ated in fighting compet.i.tion across various cities and they also performed quite well.

I also spent an hour in the great hall, admiring its beauty while also listening to the conversations that are going around me, I found they also don't have an idea on which Grimm battlefield we are going.

If I had joined an organization I would have known which Grimm Battlefield I am going before boarding the airs.h.i.+p but I am not going through the organization but from the Adventurers Paradise.

Those who go through the Adventurers Paradise didn't have any idea which Grimm Battlefield we are going.

Jill had said all the Grimm Battlefields on the continent are named numerically on level of danger they represent, Grimm Battlefield 1 will have the greatest danger while Grimm Battlefield 14 will have lowest.

These danger levels only apply to General and Marshal level powerhouse as to us every Grimm Battlefield is extremely dangerous.

Time pa.s.sed on and soon the announcement of departure rang out across the Airs.h.i.+p, just as this announcement rang out, lots of people ran toward railing to watch the departure.

The railing on the great hall which was mostly empty and now packed filled with people.

I also wanted to run toward the railing to watch the descent of his Giant Airs.h.i.+p but I stopped myself knowing I will get many chances of the watch to ascend and descend of the airs.h.i.+p.

Though I did not get a good view I could get from the railing, I could still see it ascending toward the clouds.

Just as it reached above the clouds, little turbulence spread across airs.h.i.+p as it increases speed suddenly, it's speed is so great that clouds around it started to look blur.

Such a great speed! Astonished gazes could be seen around the great hall as all people looked at speed of airs.h.i.+p.

Like most people, I did not expect this airs.h.i.+p to this fast seeing its gigantic size but it had definitely proved me wrong.

I could help but feel excited about my first trip on the airs.h.i.+p.

After staying in the Great hall for some more time, I walk toward my suit.

As I enter my suit, I was quite a sure surprise sed to see that it is bigger than I expected, though it is still small compared to a normal apartment.

Still, having this big suit is out of my expectations.

The suit was decorated opulently and have everything one will need to make his day's journey comfortable.

The best this about this suit is the bedroom where there is a huge window where I could see the clear view of the outside.

Looking at such a view from my bed, I felt like my decision to pay for five million credit for a Premium ticket is really worth it.

'Cry ...!'

I was just checking out my bedroom when I heard the faint monster cry, only to see tiny bird monster coming toward the Airs.h.i.+p.

As it got closer, the size of the monster got bigger and bigger until it became a monster size of 70 to 80 meters but it still looks tiny in front of this Giant Airs.h.i.+p.

It is the biggest monster I have ever seen, it must be at the General Stage or Marshal Stage, I didn't think monster this dangerous, live close to the westblood city.

I sound unbelievable but on second thought it seemed possible as Westblood city is connected to Miasta Forest which housed the most dangerous monster across the continent.

A few more seconds pa.s.sed and it came very close to Airs.h.i.+p that I could see it very clearly from my window.

It is a deep violet color bird monster which wings covered with violet lightning and as it is forming a big ball of lightning in its mouth.

I shudder after seeing that not because it could harm airs.h.i.+p but because if it launched that big ball of lightning them my suits and suits around it would going to be its target.