Monster Integration - Chapter 315 Blood Shower III

Chapter 315 Blood Shower III

With speed skill activated, I reached near the body of fatty in a second. He is alive as I had expected, just heavily injured and seemed unconscious.

Fatty looked like someone had just taken him out of boiling water as It had completely red due to the power of Sunfire that wreaking havoc inside his body.

I have to give to this fatty, he had amazing willpower, It was no wonder he was able to pa.s.s the test and comprehend the Rule of Wind.

Fatty who seemed unconscious is completely awake and clear-headed, he is just acting unconsciously to gave me fatal blow as this is his only way to survive.

Normal people would not have been able to do that what this fatty is doing with remement power of Rule of Sunfire ravaging their body.

This Rule of Killing is really amazing, not only it but every peak level 2 Rule is special.

With Rule of killing comprehended, I can sense anyone who has bad intentions toward me, especially killing intent.

If not for the Rule of Killing, I would have definitely fallen into his trap and would be dealt a fatal blow as this fatty.

Fire Strike! Fire Strike! "Ahhhhhh!"

I swiftly launched two bolts of fire strike which pieced through both shoulders of fatty and next moment squeal like scream rang out from fatty's mouth.

This time he wasn't able to keep his mouth shut as both of my fire bolts had pierced through his shoulders as this time firebolts had more power of Sunfire in them, even if I was in fatty's place, I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut.

Fatty looked at me with anger and hate in his eyes, there was also fear which he desperately trying to suppress.


I hit the base of my sword on fatty's head, making him lose consciousness. With him, an unconscious lot of things will be a lot easier.

First thing I did was take out all the precious things that fatty have on his, including his sword which is also a totem artifact.

I take out all the artifacts, he was wearing on his body and quite surprised to see that he has another Totem Artifact.

It is Shoe type artifact, So, this is the reason his speed had multiplied when he was running away.

I was a little disappointed though It would have been defense type totem artifact that would have made me really happy as I desperately need for them.

After removing all artifacts, storage which I quite excited to check later, I bound his body with ropes. These ropes are quite special, even with his Wind Rule power it would take him quite a while to cut it.

After binding him secularly, I woke him up with dumping cold water on his head.

He woke up and seeing himself being bound he glared at me fiercely, "What! do you want to torture me." said fatty angrily with a voice laced with heavy sarcasm.

"Let me tell you, how gruesome your torture is, I will not beg for mercy." said fatty bravely while doing is all to cut the ropes there binding him. He is not even trying to hide that as fluctuation.

I did not reply to any of his words, just calmly took out the monster core from my storage, I didn't even hide my actions.

His pupil dilated seeing me taking out monster core and look of fear appeared in his eyes.

After seeing the monster core he is smart enough to guess what I am going to do with him and clenched his jaw in response.

"It's no use!" I said as I moved my hands toward the face to open his mouth forcefully.

mmm hmmm

He had clenched his mouth very tightly, I had used a lot of force to open his mouth as this fatty is trying his all to stop me forcefully opening his eyes.

Gripping his mouth tightly in one hand, I place to put the monster core above his mouth. Seeing monster core above his mouth, fatty looked very scared, all the bravado he showed earlier had completely disappeared.

I am very sure if I move my hand from his mouth, he would surely beg for mercy.

I still clearly remember how terrifying it feels to have monsters core in one'ss stomach, the fearful berserk energy that could make one's body explode.

I did not directly put the core of the monster into his mouth, instead of transmitted power of Sunfire into it.

Next moment, the solid monster core had turned into the liquid fell into his mouth. not all liquid fell into his mouth, some oththemelt fell on its mouth as fatty put last-minute struggle to avoid liquid falling into his mouth.

Still, It is enough. The reason I did not put the solid monster core into the fatty mouth because I know it will take more than half an hour or more to make fatty explode.

Fatty is Master stage evolver and has Rule power which could infare in process, that is why I thought it would best to turn the Corinto liquid as it will not take more than five minutes utes for him to explode.


His loud screaming started second later I put the liquid monster core in his mouth, I had to stuff his mouth with a cloth to mute his screaming, I don't want to be seen by anyone doing this stuff.

He is flailing on the ground like a dead fish, what berserk energy do one's body is really terrifying. It felt like millions of tiny needles had rampaging in the body, tearing whatever that came in their way.

Looking at him in extreme pain I felt no remorse, I would have given him le death if he at least tried to stop those to fatty once but he did not do that. He not only stops two fattys feeding me monster core but he looked all with his apathetic eyes.

I am very sure seeing how naturally they had fed me monster core, They must have done this with other people and those people may not be as lucky as me to survive this horrifying death.

The monster I had put into his mouth is that Mid-level Lieutenant monster that I had killed an hour ago.

The effect of berserk energy started to appear just after thirty seconds, the bright red veins started to appear body, not only that small crack also started forming.

This clearly surprised me, I thought It would take at least two minutes for the crack to appear but look like this body maker.

Seeing cracks are spreading at a visible pace, I felt it would not even take more than minutes for fatty to explode.

I took a few steps back from fatty and also activated my defense skill to protect myself from the gore of the exploding body.

Time pa.s.sed by and cracks begin to widen more, soon I saw fatty's body reaching its limit and thought it could explode any moment.


Fatty's body exploded and blood and gore spread all around, It felt like blood rain.