Monster Integration - Chapter 314 Blood Shower II

Chapter 314 Blood Shower II

"This was me just playing, now I will fight with you seriously," he said and stronger power fluctuation had transmitted from his body.

Sensing such heavy magic fluctuation, I became even more cautious as till now this fatty had attacked me with just Low-level Knight grade skills but now he is attacking me with Mid-level Knight grade skill.

To be even more cautious, I coated my sword with even more Rule power than before, not only that I even started to use my strengthening skill to limit, so that my reaction would be fast enough.

One could now see two bands of deep green color on my hands and feet instead of one, it is because I am using the power of two Amethyst seals.

The vitality of Supreme Combat exercise is really amazing, with me using it not only it made my body stronger but also increase my reaction speed, so, I could counter any attack that came toward me at a faster speed.

"Slicing wheels!" shouted serious fatty and attack, tens of azure color small wheels released from his sword at every swing.

They are just palm-size but looks extremely sharp and on top of that Rule of Wind that merged into them had made their attack very fast.

Just as he launched the attack, I quickly moved away from wanting to dodge the maximum attacks, he is releasing dozens of wind wheels every swing of his sword, it will be very hard for me counter all of them in standing on one spot without using the defensive skill.

Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank...

I kept dodging and clas.h.i.+ng with the wheels, in this attack did the Rule of Sunfire started to show its power, whenever my sword touch something it will vaporize instantly.

These small wheels of wind may seem the same as earlier wind blades but they are many times more dangerous. Even the power of huge wind blade cant compares to these small wheels.

These wheels not only have extremely dense wind elemental energy and sharp but also contain heavy Rule of wind merged in them.

This is the power of Mid-level Knight grade skill, it is on a completely different level compared to Low-level Knight grade skill.

If not for my sword is coated with powerful Rule of Sunfire which have the power to vaporize anything that it touched, then my body would have been cut by tens of these wheels.

Clank clank clank clank.....Clank!

For three minutes he launched tens of wind blades at me and all I could do is dodge and counter them.

While countering his attacks, I felt that his use of Rule power is very rough. Well, that is understandable I would think that.

Most of those who had comprehended the power of Rule didn't have much better control over Rule.

I am an exception to that Rule as I had experienced the memories top powerhouse through his totem artifact, I have quite a good idea on how to use the totem power.

"Is this all you have?" I asked with little short breath as I was constantly defending and countering his attack that I didn't even have time to catch a breath.

He is also not much better than me as his face is also quite flushed, his serious face which was quite bland earlier is now showing hint anger by my provocative question.

"Good, very good. I have never thought you would comprehend Lv 2 Rule," he said as he gently landed on the ground.

He only now able to see that the Rule which I am using is Level 2 rule but he is still not able to see that it is Rule of Sunfire, otherwise he would not have been this calm.

"But don't think it will save you. I will not only kill you more painful way than you kill my brother, but I will also even kill family and friends you have." said fatty will evil smile on his face.

He is quite smart! Knowing I have comprehended the 2nd level Rule, he became quite cautions and wanted to anger me with his words. So that I would attack him in anger, losing my rational thoughts.

Well, he is quite successful angering me as me when he said killing about my family but he thinks I would lose my rational mind, he is sorely mistaken.

I am angry, extremely angry but that anger is deep within my heart, it will only erupt when I will beat him thoroughly and do the same with him as he did with me.

We kept staring at each other for quite a while, waiting for others to make the first move.

With his provocative words, he was expecting my anger filled attack but seeing all this time pa.s.s but no response came from apart from the slight smile that is hanging on my becoming more mocking over time.

Seeing the mocking smile on my face, anger in fatty's eyes kept rising till he can't control himself.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, If I didn't kill you in a most painful way, Then I won't be calling myself dean!" screamed fatty and that is when I knew that this fatty's name is dean.

The strong fluctuation of magic rose from fatty's body as he activated several Mid grade skills came toward me.

Looking at his momentum, he seemed to be holding back nothing this time.

His sword is coated in azure layer and emitted a dense feeling of Rule, sensing how dense this feeling is, I can tell his Rule of Wind had reached Low level of the Basic stage.

Being wind ability user, his speed type skill is very fast, it looked like a blur but unlike his sword, his speed type isn't fused with his speed type skills.

I am not surprised seeing that, fusing power of Rule in attack type skill is very easy as they are less complicated than other skills, if he wanted to fuse his power of Rule with other than attack type skill then he would need at least two to three months to do that but I don't have that problem.

I have got the gist of fusing Rule power in a skill when I experienced the memories, I am month even years ahead of others in using owner.

I did not stand on the spot seeing him coming toward me, I activated my strength and type skill and speed type skill with both of Fused with Rule of Sunfire.

Rule of Sunfire is offensive type Rule but it can also be used in other things due to it being very high level.

He looked shocked seeing me coming toward him as my speed is not one bit slower than him, instead, I am a little faster.

As we came closer, both of us swung our sword toward each other.


As our swords clashed, I let Rule of Sunfire traveled into the sword of fatty. As it touches the sword of fatty, I started incinerating everything that came in its way.

The Rule of Wind which coated the fatty's sword tried to block it but just as it touched the Rule of Sunfire, It got burned away.


Finally, it touched the fatty hand and next second his whole face is changed and he vomited blood but that vomit had turned into blood mist not only that scorching marks could be seen all over fatty's face.

It may look it had taken a few seconds but it all happened in just one second.

Fatty looked completely horrified by my attack and first-time clear fear could be seen in his eyes.

I thought he would attack again but next moment fatty turned and started to run away and this time his speed seemed many times greater than before.

I shook my head seeing him running away, I may have not expected him running away this quickly but I was prepared for such a scenario.

Fire Strike!

I launched my ever so trustful attack against fatty, a single bolt of concentrated fire shot from my sword, injure with Rule of Sunfire its speed is very fast.


It cut through the air swiftly and pierced the back of fatty before it could defend himself.


Fatty kept running stumblingly for few seconds before cras.h.i.+ng against the tree which he failed to avoid due to his momentum.