Monster Integration - Chapter 316 Looting ? I

Chapter 316 Looting ? I


The blood rain splashed across the s.h.i.+eld that was protecting me, if not its protection then I would have definitely been definitely dyed in blood.

I kept looking at the bloodied scene for a while, I am not casually looking at it for nothing but waiting for something.

Ever since I had started fighting fatty, I had noticed senses that a killing intent had been locked on me.

It is savage, primal is nature and it increased many times after fatty had exploded, killing intent is definitely from the monster and seeing how it's been locked on me and increased many times more I am sure that its from fatty's monster.

I am waiting to see if Fatty's monster attack me or not. It will best if it attacks, I want to finish this problem once for all but even after waiting for five minutes, the attack I was expecting did not come and killing intent which I am feeling toward me also lessened.

Seeing the monster had lost its will to take revenge for its owner, I shook my head in disappointment.

Not wanting to stay in this area second longer, I took the high jump and started running in the sky.

After killing that Fatty, I felt like a burden that I am feeling in heart lessen and I felt quite relaxed.

I have to say, running on the air is quite fast, my journey time had directly cut one fifth and it couldn't be helped that due to a sharp increase in my strength.

I didn't feel any obstruction in my journey as whatever monster tried to attack me would die by my blade.

As I am running on the sky, I noticed that I didn't really check the fatty's storage, there must be a lot of things there, I thought.

I wanted to take it out fatty's storage and see what inside but I did not check that thinking once I stopped, It would a lot of my time. I would check it when I stopped for the rest.

Time pa.s.sed by and soon I reached near the boundary, It would take me a maximum hour to reach it. In this journey, I was attacked by many monsters from Sergeant stage to Lieutenant stage but all of them were killed by the sword.

Of all the killed monsters, I only stopped to collect parts of Lieutenant stage monsters, I didn't even stop to collect parts Master stage monsters.

As I was running toward the boundary, I saw four people coming toward me speedily.

There are three young men and one young woman, all of them wearing a mask and robe-like dress which made difficult to guess their bodies.

Seeing their get up, one didn't need much brain who they are.

Soon they stopped in front of me, "Friend stop!" said the leader of the four people.

I wouldn't have stopped but they had appeared directly in front of me and directly blocked my way front.

"What do you want?" I asked vigilantly and gripped the red sword by my waist, ready to fight any moment.

Three people are peak Master stage while their leader is at the Initial stage of Lieutenant stage.

"You see friend, We are in dire need of money. We would be really grateful if you would give us all your stuff." said the leader of four in very gentle eloquent voice.

Hearing they wish to Rob me, my face became hardened and I gripped my sword very tightly.

I would have attacked them as soon he asked me to give all my stuff to them but I didn't as I didn't sense any killing intent from them.

"Are you Robbing for me?" I asked, "How can you accuse us of that friend!"

"We are respected people of society, we just asking you for your stuff because we really need them."

He had immediately rejected the idea of them robbing with the same gentle and eloquent voice, and said they really in need of money.

If it was any other place and they were not wearing this getup, I would have really believed they are in genuinely asking me for money.

Still, I didn't launch an attack as I didn't sense any bad intent from them.

"What are you going to do, if I didn't give you all my stuff?" I asked again, wanting to know their bottom line.

"Friend we are not bad people but we are a big need of money. If you didn't give us all your stuff, then we will have to use little force." Replied their leader with the le voice.

"But don't worry friend, if we hurt you by accident, we will surely leave medicine to heal your injuries." said the leader.

How benevolent of you! I wanted to say that. First, they want to rob me and in the process, if they hurt me, they will surely leave behind medicine, so I could heal my injuries.

"So, what do you say, friend, do you want us to give us all your stuff or take it by force?" asked the leader.

"No, I won't be giving you anything, you robbers.!" I said loudly and took out the sword off my waist ready to fight if they attacked.

"Sigh, friend you didn't leave us any choice. Now we will have to force you to give up all your stuff." said leader and four of them quickly surrounded me with four sides.

Seeing that, I activated my defense type skill and even merge a small amount of power of Sunfire.

Rule of Sunfire is an offensive type Rule but it can also be used in other things like defense seeing it is Peak 2 nd level Rule.

"Everyone careful, don't hurt this friend too much." said leader and attacked me with three other members.

I stood on the spot without moving, just keeping my defensive skill activated.

There are two reasons for me not attacking them, the first is that I want to test the power of my defense skill which is aided by the power of Sunfire and second, the most important thing is that I didn't sense any killing intent from them.

With Rule of Killing Comprehended, I can sense if someone has killing intent toward me and that is why they are alive otherwise I would attack them a second they had mentioned robbing me.

I had already had my sword ready in my hand and I will surely launch a fatal attack if I sensed any killing intent from them.

They all launched their attack at me, all of them attacked with low-level Knight grade skill, even using that, they have lowered power of their attack.

Their attacks had crashed on the energy layer that covering my body but not even ripple had produced. Seeing their attacks are not working, they had increased the power of their attack to the peak but the result was the same.

four of them stopped, they must have been shocked seeing this, not only that I am also shocked.

In the s.h.i.+eld, I had barely mixed 10% of Power of Sunfire, I thought It would barely able to hold against their attacks but it holds way better than I had expected that it didn't even produce a ripple.

"Friend, you are stronger than we thought, looks like we will have to use more force." said leader and I sensed dangerous magic fluctuation from him.

I immediately added 20% more power of Sunfire into my s.h.i.+eld as the next moment before their attacks come across my s.h.i.+eld.

Medius type skills are way more powerful than low-level skills, if I had just added 10% more, the child would have definitely got broken in a single attack.

The leader stopped right after a single attack, his teammates also stopped seeing their leader had stopped but from their body language, they seemed confused as they didn't know why their leader had stopped.

From their point of view, my defense skill is little, despite being low-level knight grade skill and used by Peak Corporal stage, It was able to withstand their attack without producing the ripple but when they used their Mid-level knight grade skill, their attack started to make ripples on the s.h.i.+eld.

They think that as long as they kept attacking for quite a while, I will not be able to support it and be defeated by them.

"Friend, I did not expect you had comprehended the rule." said the leader which completely shocked three people to the core.

They had gone to the Awakening ground and knew how hard is testis, of all the millions of people that attempted the test including them, only bare thousands were able to pa.s.s it.

I became vigilant, hearing that as I know that I am 30% of Rule power which is very hard for normal people to see it but it wasn't a problem for those who had comprehended the rule, they can sense it easily if the energy of Rule is a little strong.

"Sigh with you comprehending the power of Rule, a friend we understand you will need all the things you have."

"Its bad of us asking you for your thing and we are sorry for that." said leader and turned to leave.