Monster Integration - Chapter 313 Blood Shower I

Chapter 313 Blood Shower I

While Micheal was leveling up, something entirely different happening in the place not far away for him.

"As long as you gave me your everything, I promise I will not kill you!" Dean said to three people who are lying on the ground all bloodied.

If Micheal would have been here, he would have definitely identified this fat young man.

He is dean which Micheal Referred to as serious fatty, is one of the three people who had force-fed Micheal Monster Core of Lieutenant stage monster.

"Really, you promise?" said one of the three people who is lying bloodied on the ground.

All three of them are seriously injured by Dean and on completely at his mercy, so when they heard his offer they could help but see hope in this despair filled situation.

"Yes. I will not kill you as long as you give me all the things you have." said dean with the that did not look like that of bandit but the boy next door that one sees every day.

Hearing that, all three of them mustered all their energy and started to take all the precious things they have despite feeling strange power their body.

Soon all three of them took out all they have, total unwilling could be seen on them as there are many precious things they have brought from the awakening ground which is nearly impossible to be found in the Republic.

"These are all the things we have, can you let us go now." said a bloodied young man, dean nodded as his face full of smiles seeing all the precious thing he got from three of them.

Seeing they got permission to leave three of who were weakly lying on the ground due to their injuries became active once more and started to run.

As they were running, suddenly they felt danger coming behind them, only to see three wind blades coming toward them swiftly and just as they thought of dodging, they felt a cooling sensation on their neck and next moment three necks fell on the ground with the rest of their bodies behind.

One could see deep shock and unwillingness in the eyes of three severed heads.

"How amazing this Rule power is! The lieutenant stage which I looked up to before, now is like clay chickens in front of me."

"I can even kill super-elite of Lieutenant stage easily as long they had not grasped this amazing Power of Rule." Whispered Dean with a strange smile.

"Now it is time to find next Target!"

"Rufus, lets moves toward next prey!" said dean to grey Dog Monster by his side.

Sniff sniff!

Rufus the dog monster sniffed for a while before started running swiftly, dean, on the other hand, took the jump and started running on the Air, losing not a bit speed compared to his monster who is Running on the ground with swift speed.

Suddenly the dog monster stopped and started to sniff the furiously.

"Rufus what happened?" asked head as he landed on the floor beside his monsters.

"Wuff wuff wuff wuff!" Barked dog monster insistently, hearing that deep anger and Rage come over him.

"Good, now I can finally take my revenge."

"I will make his death so painful that he will regret killing my brother, not only that I will even kill his whole family for peace of my brother's soul." said dean through gritted teeth.

"Rufus, lead the way," said Dean to his Dog monster as he followed it from the sky.

The momentum of strange energy didn't stop even after I break through the Peak of Corporal stage but when it crashed through the Barrier, it failed to break through the barrier.

It tried again and again crashed through the Barrier but every time, then suddenly that strange energy lost it all momentum and started dissolving in my body.

Seeing That I am a little disappointed, I hope it that momentum of the strange energy will help me break through the Sergeant stage but sadly it can not.

My breakthrough hadn't been completed yet as there is still change happening in my body.

Only fifteen minutes later all the energies in my body had calmed down and my breakthrough had completed.

I feel the newfound strength that coursing through my body which is enough to destroy this whole forest.

I know all this is my illusion but I know my strength had increased a lot but it is still nothing compared to Rule Power.

With a sword in my hand, I started to perform basic body movements to get control over my new strength.

Time pa.s.sed by as I am fully consented on getting feel on my newfound strength when suddenly I felt a very threatening attack coming toward me which could injure me lately.

I quickly move back and slashed my sword toward incoming attack, this was not a normal slash but slash infused with the power of Sunfire which I had coated over the sword.


My sword cla.s.sed against the incoming attack which is a sharp wind blade, not only that, this wind blade had contained fearsome power of Rule of Wind.


I looked up toward my attacker and started to ask why he attacked me when I stopped short as I saw who attacked me and anger had appeared in my eyes for a moment.

"So, it's you," I said with a calm face while serious fatty still had shock written all over the face, only hearing my question did he able to come to himself.

He is one of the fatties that forcefully fed me monsters core, if I was not lucky enough to have such a unique refinement engine, I would have been surely dead.

Not only me, but this fatty have also leaps and bounds, he is Initial level of Master stage compare to the Mid-stage of Sergeant stage and most importantly, this fatty had also comprehended the Rule power.

I will have to be careful fighting him when Rule power enters the battle, it became quite unpredictable.

"I never thought you would also gain the power of Rule, well, this will make killing you even more interesting," said serious fatty as he launched his attack from the sky.

Zip, zip, zip, zip…..

Tens of wind blades had launched through his sword, each containing power of Rule in them which made even faster and sharper.

It was a good thing, I was prepared and had already activated my stretching skill as a single band of green color could be seen on hands and feet.

The wind blades were extremely swift as they took less than second appeared before me but I am surprised by it and already expected this as my sword which is coated with Rule of Sunfire moved swiftly to counter all the wind blades.

Clank clank clank clank…..

Tens of wind blades clashed against my sword and burned to nothing next moment due to Rule of Sunfire.

"You are very good, I would have never thought you would comprehend variant of fire Rule." said fatty and moved his sword to launch an attack again.

A variant of Fire Rule? looks like me using only a small percentage of Rule of Sunfire made him think that I had comprehended some Variant of Rule of Fire.

He is probably thinking the Rule I had comprehended is strong level 3 rule if he had sensed mine is Level 2 Rule, The Rule of Sunfire at that, he would run away long ago with his tail tucked between his legs.

There is a wast difference between level 3 and level 2 Rules and mine is Rule of Sunfire which is peak level 2 which many times stronger than common level 2 Rules.

Zup Zup Zup!

He launched three wind blades consecutively but this time these three wind blades are different as each wind blade os three meters long and emitting stronger power of Rule that previous attack.

I did not react seeing bigger and stronger wind blades, I defend against them as I did with previous his previous attack.

Clank Clank Clank

The three wind blades of serious fatty clashed against my s.h.i.+eld and like previous wind blades, all of them vaporized as they touched my sword.

A slight surprise appeared on serious fatty's face before turning it to normal.

"Look like I've underestimated you too much!!"