Monster Integration - Chapter 312 Double Level Up!

Chapter 312 Double Level Up!

I am quite surprised to see them being dead at the single strike, I thought they would last at least two or three moves of mine.

I gently landed on the ground and walk toward the monster bodies, to take out their cores.

I cut the heart of the monsters take out their monsters core and also some of the important parts to selling them at Westblood.

As for Ashlyn, she is enjoying the papaya like fruit which she shot through the monster's mouth like a comet.

Looking at the fruit which is getting smaller and smaller by every second, I couldn't help but hope that the fruit which is Ashlyn eating is a Miracle Fruit.

But I know that chances of it being happening are really low but I wish that fruit is Miracle Fruit.

It happened many times that Ashlyn smelled something tasty and couldn't able to control herself.


Ashlyn quickly finished eating the fruit and gave enthusiastic chirp as she came toward me flying and soon entered inside me.

As she entered inside me, I felt some strange energy is entering my body with swift speed, this energy is very strange sometimes it feels cold, sometimes it felt hot.

It kept feeling my body and I had no control over it, the reason I am not feeling worried because Ashlyn had opened her mind to relay that this energy is relatively harmless and I should let it fill my body without restricting it.

That is the reason I am letting it run over my body, otherwise, I would not have been letting it fill my body without much fear.

The hot and cold energy kept feeling my body and soon it will reach the limit but nothing had happened and that started to worry me.

I don't want to be like an inflated balloon which would explode after it reaches its limit.

I started to sweat as the energy filled me with brim and I felt I like if this energy keeps filling my body a few seconds, I would surely explode.

As I was about to do something about it, I felt like a spark lit from Ashlyn and next moment, I felt like I am leveling up.

That is clearly shocked me, with that strange energy in my body, I knew that the fruit that Ashlyn had eaten is Miracle fruit but I did not think this Miracle fruit of leveling up as many types of them exist.

Ashlyn had eaten the Miracle fruit that helped her leveled up before and feeling it gave is completely different than I am getting now.

I thought this fruit would be some other Miracle Fruit which will provide aid to her strength in some other way.

The strange energy that filled me with brim had started sucking in my body, It was a good thing I had monsters core in my body.

I had kept converting Berserk energy to normal energy to provide for all the mana It needed for me to level up. I kept providing it mana as much as it needs but at one point, I couldn't help but feel surprised.

It is taking way more mana that it needs for me to level up but I can't do anything about it except for providing the mana.

Soon monster core in my stomach is completely spent and I quickly ate new piece monster core and I felt as if a small volcano had exploded in the stomach as the power of this monster core many times more berserk than the previous monster core.

The piece of the monster core that I had just eaten is from the Sergeant stage monster, it contains many times more berserk energy than Master stage monster core.

I pressed the volcano with my mind power and increased the speed of my Refinement Engine so that the berserk energy that had rampaging inside body be quickly get converted.

As time pa.s.sed, little by little I gain control over Sergeant stage monster core that I have in my body.

It is still very volatile but as long I kept the lock of my mental energy on it, I will not get out of control.

The condition of my body now is way better than it had been three weeks ago, now even if I had eaten the piece of Master stage monster core instead of Sergeant stage monster core, I would have still would have been able to control it, albeit barely.

I kept converting berserk energy as the hunger of that strange energy never seemed to fill.

The strange energies mana swallowing finally started to slow down but when I looked at the condition of monster core in my stomach, I was quite shocked as there was only 30% of it is left.

It had taken way too much mana, this amount of mana is more than enough to level up to me to the Initial level of Sergeant stage directly, I thought.

The sucking of mana finally stopped and nothing happened for a few seconds, I even started to wonder if something was going to happen or not as that feeling of leveling up had never become intense.

Then suddenly minutes later, the strange energy which had become silent had started to circulate my body roaringly and feeling of leveling up increased ten times more.

The strange energy is kept circulating in my body faster and faster while the feeling of leveling up became more intense.

I had never experienced such a feeling before, it is likely due to Miracle fruit.

It is said that each Miracle fruit slightly different than others even if they have the same functions.

Miracle fruits are extremely rare and rarely appear in the Market, from what I had searched on the web the last Miracle fruit had appeared on the Market decade ago and the price it got in the auction is more than hundred Billion.

Value of Miracle Fruit is not in eating it but in researching it, many Alchemist will flock the whenever Miracle fruit appeared in the market.

Manyoofhee the potions that we have in the market have come from researching Miracle Fruit and Mystic Medicine.


Suddenly a bang rang across my body and that barriers that seemed to block me from leveling up shattered and I started to level up.

While leveling up, I noticed the momentum of energy inside me is too great and I had a feeling that this will not be simple level up.

As I level up of Mid-level of Corporal stage, the change started occurring in my body and source but the momentum of that strange energy is kept going fierce.


The momentum kept going till it touched the boundary of Peak level of Corporal stage and attacked it with full force.


That barrier is also broke and I entered the Peak stage of Corporal stage, this completely shocked me out of my mind.

Directly breaking through two stages, this happened very rarely, the only person I know had done that is Jim, different than me, he had directly broken though the stage from Initial level of Specialist stage to Initial level of Corporal stage.