Monster Integration - Chapter 311 Leaving Awakening Ground II

Chapter 311 Leaving Awakening Ground II

The foul smell that came out of my body is the smell of impurities, a small number of impurities will come out after every twelve poses, that is why I performed twelfth pose despite reaching my limit, so the impurities could out.

These impurities came from many outside sources and are also produced inside the body, it is important that the body fewer impurities as possible.

My body lay immobile for nearly ten minutes, only after ten minutes did I gain enough control over my body to make my fingers twitch.

Only after fivesome minutes did I gain enough control over my body that I could stand up and go to the bathroom to take shower, so I could get out of this foul odor I am smelling all over my body.

I still felt quite tired after getting out of the shower, this technique is a little different than the exercises I performed in the past where more than half of energy would return to the body after a few minutes of exercise.

Body Cleansing Technique will take you all the energy and it won't return it, you have to recover it with eating and sleeping.

So, this technique could only be performed in the place of absolute safety.

I would have really liked to see what benefits my body had received but my body is too tired to know that, so, all I could do is lay on the bed to sleep.

This time, the sleep came to me little late due to me being too excited to sleep despite being very tired, I am excited because I will be leaving this realm tomorrow and I could finally see how powerful I have become.

From the memories, I know my power had grown exponentially but I don't know how much is that exponential growth.

I just hope that I will be able able to lieutenant monster of any level at least, that is my final thought of the night as I fell into sleep.

"Buzz Buzz…!"

I woke up at dawn by the alarm that I had set up yesterday, As I got up from the bed, I felt quite good, not tired like yesterday.

Standing up by the bed, I make basic moments of my body only to notice that they feel quite free and unrestrained, not only that I am feeling my body had also become a little stronger.

I had to keep performing this exercise whenever I am at a free and safe place only then will I take maximum benefits from this technique.

I quickly showered and started to make food as we will be leaving this awakening ground right after we finish eating.

"Chew chew!"

Ashlyn was woken up by the fragrance of food, the food I had made for a few days is tasty compared to before, the reason is that I had brought some ingredients from the Central continent.

Soon I finished making the food and served two plates for me and Ashlyn, we both ate in silence.

After eating, I started to packed everything that is lying around in a tent, seeing everything is packed, I got out a tent and deactivated it.

Putting tent back in my storage, I take a last look at the sea of tents, there are not as much as tents as there were a few days ago but there are still near million tents.

Sighing, I retraced my gaze and started to walk toward the boundary.

The Awakening Ground is still very lively as people of central continent kept coming every day, there is still quite a time before awakening realm close up.

If not for Minerva realm is closing in five days, I would have stayed in the awakening ground a few days more but sadly it is not.

Two hours later I reached a spatial boundary that will take me to the Region 9 of Minerva Realm.

Hundreds of people could be seen pa.s.sing through it every minute, they all like me going back to the Region 9 of Minerva realm.

As I walked near the spatial boundary, I wanted to activate all the artifacts I have to the maximum in case I am transported near dangerous monster but soon noticed I didn't have any Artifacts on me except for shoe type artifact I am wearing and Red sword that is in my storage.

As for knight grade armor, mask and everything, I sold them all for wisdom credits but this time I have no fear as I am sure I can kill any monster that came in front in Region 9, my action earlier was instinctive which is formed by the habit.

I took a step into the spatial boundary and next moment I found myself in the sh.o.r.e of Big river.

It took me a few seconds to know where I am transported to if I had transported to this place before I entered the wakening ground, my chances of dying here would have been quite high.

Seeing how this area used to be an enclave of Peak Master stage monster and After realms restrictions loosen, many of these monsters would have been level up to Lieutenant stage but now I have no such fear as my strength had experienced exponential growth.

What I want now is to find strong opponent be it monster or human to fight against, so I can know how powerful I had become.

"Roar! Mooooo!….."

As I am thinking about which direction to go, I heard the sound of the monsters without thinking much I jumped high and started to run on the air.

This is low-level Knight grade Hybrid skill named Wind Run, it is a fusion of speed type skill and levitating skill.

This skill is ten times better than the Sky Steps which I had been using to run on the sky. Using that skill was like stepping on the very unstable raft, with a single mistake, one will walk into the River but this skill Wind is like running on windmill which you can adjust is at your own pace had a very small fear of falling as long as one is careful enough.

The only requirement for this skill is to have enough mana, it requires a huge amount of mana.

Normal Corporal and Sergeant stage can't provide, so this skill mostly used by either Super Elite or those at Master stage or above.

This is the secret skill of Organisation which only Super Elite, Trainee Elite and the promising Elite have access to.

People have always jealous of this skill but they have no choice but to swallow their release as they couldn't buy these skills, no matter how much money they have, if they really do want to experience the sky walking then they can only use inefficient skill like Sky Step which is barely stable and one has to keep half of his concentration on it.

With the help of rhis skill, I can walk on the Air as I do on the ground, the only thing I had to keep mind that I could not stop on the spot for than five seconds or I will fall on the ground.

"Chew chew chew chew chew!"

Suddenly Ashlyn started to chirp loudly and excitedly as we were getting closer to the place we were hearing monster sounds from and I wasn't able to sense anything from her as her mind was locked which she started to do regularly ever since she had comprehended the Rule.

There must be something good to for her to chirp like this, seeing that I increased my pace again and soon reached the place where I heard the sound of monsters and became quite surprised to see what is happening on the ground.

Below three Mid-level Lieutenant stage monsters are fighting ferociously but the surprising thing is while they are fighting, half of their gaze is on the tree not far away from the.

All the other trees around that three are damaged and destroyed but there is barely any harm came to that tree.

Where I look carefully, I found there is single bright green papaya like fruit hanging by the tree.

This fruit is likely the reason why all three of these monsters fighting for. It

Seeing I and Ashlyn coming near them, the monsters didn't even give us single glance, likely not caring for the puny Corporal stage evolvers from whom they felt no risk from.

"Chew chew chew!"

After the second we arrived above the battlefield, Ashlyn chirp exited and flew away toward the fruit.


I wanted to stop her but stopped half, she is not same Ashlyn she was fifteen days ago, I don't think all three of these monsters combine would able to injure.


Seeing tiny Corporal stage bird is flying toward the fruit they have been fighting for, an aqua bull got angry and quickly made its twenty-meter giant body appear in the way and opened it's the mouth, wanting to eat Ashlyn in a single gulp.

Seeing that Ashlyn did not change her course instead covered her body with her silver fire, in that silver fire one can sense the terrifying power of Sunfire.

The monster likely sensed and tried to shut its mouth and moved away but unfortunately, Ashlyn speed increased exponentially as she covered her body with the power of Sunfire.


With comet-like speed, she entered the mouth of Aqua Bull and next moment sound of piercing came out as she came out of Aqua Bull skull, all the s.h.i.+ne from Aqua bull had disappeared as its body fell on the ground with a thud.

My mouth opened in shock as I saw this scene, she just finished fights in second, I thought it will take at least few minutes for her finish the monster but to my surprise, she finished in just one second.

As if nothing happened, she took back the flames off her body and landed on the tree beside fruit which is slightly bigger than her size.

"Roar roar…"

Seeing Ashlyn taking a bite of the fruit they had been fighting for, both monsters ran toward Ashlyn, not caring their earlier opponent killed by her a few seconds ago.

This food seems really special for them to act like that, otherwise, they would run away as soon as they saw the other monster being killed in a second by Ashlyn.

Fire Strike!

Not wanting to get to r disturb, I quickly launched two bolts of fire strike at the monsters, they are not special bolts but the simple bolts, the only difference is that I added the power of Sunfire in it.

Cras.h.!.+ Cras.h.!.+

Two small bolts of fire pierced though their bodies, first I thought nothing much happened but the next moment, I found them cras.h.i.+ng on them being completely dead.