Monster Integration - Chapter 305 Ou

Chapter 305 Ou

One day Ago

In a s.p.a.cious luxurious office, the beautiful teenage girl could be seen sitting on the chair and it front her are hundreds of screens could be floating, there are about 237 screens to be exact and showing each hall of Rule palace.

If Micheal would have been here, he would have clearly recognized this girl, It is the same extremely beautiful girl that he had encountered in Region 8.

There were two girls there, Cute younger one and the extremely beautiful older one, this girl sitting in a luxurious office is beautiful elder one.

She Leisurely sitting on the chair but her eyes are sharp as she looking at Specific screen.


Soon a door opened and a young cute girl around fifteen-year-old walked into the office.

He would have remembered this girl more clearly as she is the girl who had killed the lieutenant grade monster.

"How was your patrol duty?" Asked Beautiful elder girl to young girl, "Not bad!" replied young girl with a fake serious face but one could tell that from her expression that she had had a lot of fun instead of the dull day which she trying to convene.

caught her lie, beautiful elder girl raised her eyebrow in question, "Care to explain?" the beautiful girl asked the young girl.

Hearing this question, the young threw away her serious facial expression seeing she seen through and smiled brightly.

This smile of her is so cute that even beautiful girl wanted to come closer and pinch her younger sister's cheeks.

I've had more fun than I thought I would have!" !d young girl excitedly, "I've got to beat those who dare to Break the Rules,"

"There are areas of lot troublemakers out there!" said young girl exasperations.

Beautiful nodded seriously hearing but she trying her all to control her laugh, if her little sister saw her laughing then she would get really angry.

"Anything interesting?" asked young girl motioning toward the screens as she comfortably sat on the sofa.

"Yes, there is something little interesting," said beautiful and tapa few b.u.t.tons in her holowatch.

"Look!" said beautiful girl as she enlarged one screen to big size.

On the screen there is a big hall, same as Micheal entered to comprehend Rule of killing, the only difference is that instead of Axe in the Centre of concentric circles, there is Goblet of Fire and people could see sitting in every layer of the circle.

Unlike the hall where Michael had Comprehended Rule of Killing, where he was the only one present.

It's not like people did not enter the hall, seeing it is Peak 2nd level Rule many people had entered it but all of them left sometime later sensing terrifying Mad Killing Rule fearing it will warp their minds.

At first glance young girl did not spot anything interesting in the hall but some time later she spotted something which made her shout loudly in shock.

"Is that birdy Crazy!" shouted out young girl as she spotted palm-size bird which seemed to be bathing in the fire in a goblet of fire.

Anyone in her place would have been shocked seeing this, that Goblet of Fire is not normal goblet of fire.

That Goblet of Fire is King grade Totem Artifact and those Deep yellow flames contain Peak Master Stage Rule power of Sunfire, although there is the only fraction of Rule power left in it, it is enough to burn young girl into the ashes.

"That little birdy is bathing in Sunfire Rule for more than a day and had already comprehended Rule of Sunfire at Low level of the Basic stage in just a day and she is still comprehending at a very fast pace." The beautiful girl added.

Young girl shocked hearing this, her own Rule power had reached mid-level of Basic stage and very close to High level of the Basic stage.

She knows how difficult is to advance every level of Rule power, she who had access to the best resources in the world that very few could compare to still had to work very hard to advance her comprehension where it is now.

Advancing every level of Rule is very difficult, it can be said that advancing each level is ten times harder than the previous level.

There is a very famous saying in Central continent about Rule that 'Comprehending Rule power is very easy but advancing is very hard.'

This saying is very true, some people who comprehend the Rule find it very hard to advance it.

"Anything else!" asked a girl after she got enough to look little bird.

"There is nothing much, many people have been able to comprehend 3rd and 2nd level Rule, one is even able to sync his soul with Totem artifact and watches its memories." said beautiful girl dullely.

Beautiful girl finding all this quite normal, even dull. The only thing that caught attention was a little bird bathing in Sunfire.

She is from Supreme Level Organization, there are not many things in here which could make her gasp in astonishment.

It can not be said for her little sister who had just started her journey, there are still many things that piqued her interest.

"The one whose able to sync his soul with Totem Artifact quite lucky, finding soul which could sync with other soul is quite difficult." remarked young girl.

To view the memories, one not only needed high comprehension but also need his soul to sync with others, only then one would be able to view the memories that as it happens very rarely.

"Well, I am off to sleep, I have to do this guard duty for the whole week as grandfather asked." said young girl as she got up from the sofa and walk toward another door.

Micheal had finally come out after going through all the memories but it still took him some time to calm himself down.

When looking around, he was shocked to see there was no a.s.sault of Killing Rule on his body and soul.

The Axe which covered in thin b.l.o.o.d.y lines and was excluding the horrifying Killing Rule now just lying there like a normal ax with not a shred of Killing Rule coming from it, it now looked like some fancy Axe and nothing more.

Seeing it just lying there, A slight feeling of greed arose in my heart. This ax has lost all its Rule power but it still is high-level Totem artifact.

I shook furiously at that thought, The Axe may seem just lie there but I can feel there is all sort of restrictions placed on it and I tried to lift it forcefully then, I will have to pay a hefty price.

When I look at my watch, I was quite surprised to find that there are less than fifteen minutes till three days are over.

Seeing there is nothing left for me in this hall, I walked toward the exit and soon entered the corridor.


A surprised sound came out of my mouth when I found a crystal card had appeared in my hand unknowingly and it had the same aura as me.

I was surprised at first seeing it appear in front of me suddenly but I soon remembered what it is.

It a type of hall ticket for the Entrance exam of Wisdom Tower, everyone received it as long as they were able to comprehend the Rule.

Getting a crystal card is quite common, what is important is what number did one get.


Without waiting, I quickly started to pour my mana inside it and soon Numeric 2 is projected out of card and seeing this I became quite shocked and then very happy.

The card one receives can project 0 to 5 number, these numbers are denoted one's potential and how difficult their test would be getting into the Wisdom Tower.

5 means one has the west potential and will have to face quite difficult tests to get into the Wisdom Tower while 0 is the thehesthestotential which makes one directly a member of Wisdom Tower.

Those who got no 5 and 4 have near zero chance to get into the Wisdom Tower, while those who get No. 3 had a very small chance.

As No. 2, he will have to give his all to get into it and for 1 he will get in as long as he made good preparations.

I carefully put away this Card in the pocket as being hall ticket of Wisdom Tower's test that not it's only use, this card had many more uses.