Monster Integration - Chapter 306 Imprinting Rule

Chapter 306 Imprinting Rule

Ashlyn will come out soon, I thought as I looked at the Sunfire sigil. She and I entered the hall with just a few minutes difference, so she should come out in a minute or two.

It's been a little more than ten minutes since I've come out but till now, I have only seen four new people enter the Rule Place while only one came out of hall comprehending the Rule.

The test is very tough that even Super Elites have slight chance to succeed much less other people.

I hope all my friends were able to enter the Rule Palace to comprehend the Rule.

After seeing the memories I have learned many things and I know how important the Rule power is.

I have already seen Kevin which I had not expected to see, I hope that Ellen also had received the news and her organization had also sent her here.

As for Jill and her brother, I am sure they would have received the news, they had entered the Minerva realm at the same time as me.

"Chew chew!"

I was busy in my thoughts when I heard familiar chirp only to see Ashlyn flying toward me with crystal Card in her beak.

She threw the card in my palm and landed on my shoulder with familiar ease.

"Did you comprehend the Rule Ashlyn?" I asked as I lovingly ma.s.saged her feathers.

Right after I asked this question I felt sundering fire spreading in my body.

I felt like this Fire is so powerful that it could reduce me into nothingness, leaving nothing behind.

The sundering sensation went away as it came but it made me sense what level it is at.

"Good Girl!"

I said ecstatically as I ma.s.sage her feathers more lovingly.

I am very happy right now, as I could feel that Ashlyn's Rule comprehension is way above mine, it is quite close to reaching Mid-level of the Basic stage.

Suddenly a thought came into my mind and just as it came, I wasn't able to control my mind for quite a while.

"Let's go, you must be feeling quite a hungry right!" I said to Ashlyn and walk out of Rule Palace.

This time, I did not walk toward the small houses instead decided to walk down the mountain.

I could stay in a small house but I have checked out of it within three days, so, It would be better if I went directly back to my tent.

It would take me a little more than an hour to reach my tent.

There is no pressure while descending the mountain while descending I look around if I could see anyone familiar.

I am now having a huge urge to show off and I could only show off in front of those who are familiar with me but my luck was bad that I didn't see anyone.

It took me a little more than half an hour to descend from the mountain when I was climbing the mountain four days ago, It took me more than half a day and I was barely able to do that.

In half an hour I reached my tent from the base of the mountain, after entering my tent first thing I did was to head to the bathroom as I was controlling my bodily functions for three days.

I started to feel quite stuffed because of that and will only feel good when I take all that load out.

It was forty minutes later did I came out, not only did I unload all the loud I had on my body, but I also took a good shower.

After bathing Ashlyn, I started to cook, I am feeling very hungry and tired right now, I would have directly slept after coming out of the bathroom if I didn't feel this hungry.

Soon the dinner was ready and we both started to eat in frenzy as both of us are quite hungry.

After cleaning the plates, I calmly laid on the bed and closed my eyes. Sleep took me within seconds.

My sleep was long and dreamless when I woke up from it the next morning, I felt quite refreshed.

After showering eating lunch, I sat on my bed quietly in deep thinking.

I am thinking about a particular memory of the owner, the one where he was using inheritance crystal.

That time I had sensed many things that shocked me but I decided not to think about back then as owners source was open wide without any restriction and I was wholly focused on comprehending the Rule in owners source.

But I was still unknowingly able to learn a few things and this is one of them.

I closed my eyes and took a couple of deep breaths, after finding I am sufficiently calm enough, I started to enter my source.

Entering in the source is extremely difficult especially to Corporal stage evolver like me but I found a way in memory.

I failed the first time, the second time, third time and so on but I kept trying and finally, I was able to find a way to my source.

My source is the same as last time I saw it, the only difference is that now there is long b.l.o.o.d.y ribbon is floating around it.

The ribbon is blood red and had little b.l.o.o.d.y glow around it.

It looks quite harmless and elegant as it floated around the source but when one's eyes fell on its edges, one would not help but shudder uncontrollably.

Those edges of ribbon looked extremely sharp that it can cut through anything like a hot knife cuts through b.u.t.ter.

My killing Rule is a form of Ribbon different from the owner which is in the form of extremely fine threads.

Everyone's Rule had different representation, they will vary a little even if the understanding is the same.

I heaved a sigh of relief seeing I can enter the source, now it's time to try the important thing.

"Ashlyn enter inside me," I asked Ashlyn as she lazily lying on her stomach to digest the food.

She looks at me for a second but then entered inside me seeing my serious face.

Seeing Ashlyn entered inside me, I closed my eyes again and started to enter the source.

I failed the first time but successful in the second time.

I looked at my source intently to try to feel a connection with Ashlyn's source.

Both of our sources are connected, what I wanted is to enter her source through mine and comprehend Rule of Sunfire from it.

I wanted to hide Rule of Killing if possible, I want to make it my trump card to use in last moment.

Having a trump card is like having a second life and having trump card like peak 2nd level Rule will be very deadly.


I soon caught the connection to the Ashlyn source and used it to reach her source but in that process, I felt a huge pressure on my mind that I couldn't help but scream.

Only after I bear that immense pain for a minute did I able to reach Ashlyn's source.

In the center of Ashlyn is a source is a Huge Bird made of fire but that is not the most interesting thing.

The most interesting thing is Feather Plum made of dark yellow and silver fire for which I had entered the Ashlyn source.

It looked amazing, even the most beautiful work of art couldn't compare to it.

When I looked at that fiery feather plum, I felt my whole body will burn to nothingness.

That fiery dark yellow and silver feather plum is Rule of Sunfire that Ashlyn had comprehended and it is halfway in reaching Mid-level of the Basic stage.

I wanted to comprehend the Rule of Sunfire, hope it would not take me more than three days to get basic comprehension over it.

I look at it tentatively and carefully touched it with a strand of my mind power, hoping this Rule of Sunfire won't burn my mind power but what happened next was way out of my expectations, I had never imagined in my wildest dreams something like that will happen.

As my mind power touched the Fiery dark yellow and silver feather plum, the understanding of Rule started to transmit in my mind.

Its speed was so fast that I am barely able to understand it before it forcefully stuffed inside my mind.

I have no control over this process as I became immobile, all I could feel that understanding of Rule of Sunfire being transmitted my mind and it started to take shape in my source.

I had never thought this would happen in wildest dreams, I thought I would slowly comprehend Rule of Sunfire in the pace of few days but now seeing the speed of which understanding is forming in my mind, it would barely take minutes.

This is the comprehension of Ashlyn that being copied in my source, I hope that Ashlyn's comprehension won't lessen because of this.

When I looked at fire plum with difficulty, I found that is the same as before with no change in it, seeing that great burden had loosened my mind.

This process of copying understanding gone for few minutes before stopping and I can feel the Rule of Sunfire in my source and with its understanding imprinted in my mind, I feel like this Rule I've comprehended on my own, not copied from Ashlyn.


I wanted to see how the Rule of Sunfire look in my source when I felt blinding headache in mind.

The headache is fierce that I barely able to think what is happening but as time pa.s.sed, I started to feel familiar sensation in Ashlyn's source.

Only to see familiar blood-red ribbon started to form in Ashlyn's source.

This completely shocked me out of my mind.

First, I am already having difficulty thinking about how I am able Ashlyn's comprehended Rule of Sunfire in my mind but now my Rule of Killing is being imprinted in Ashlyn's mind.

I could tell that when I entered Ashlyn's source, she was watching me and probably saw how I extended mind power to the fire plum.

Before I overcame with blinding headache, I had felt that something had touched my Rule of Killing but before I could see what it is, I started to feel this blinding headache.

That must be Ashlyn who used her mind power to touch my Rule of Killing just like I did with her Rule.

Time pa.s.sed by I felt headache recede and Rule of Killing had also formed in Ashlyn's source.

Her ribbon is little different from mind, it is blood red and has sharp edges like mine but It is short in length and had more blood fog surrounding it than mine.

The feeling it gave is nearly the same with just a slight distinction.

Others would not be able to notice this slight distinction but I did as this Rule is comprehended by me.

The headache had finally stopped and I am about to go back to my source to check the newly imprinted Rule of Sunfire when I suddenly felt very tired and lost consciousness immediately.