Monster Integration - Chapter 304 Memories III Final

Chapter 304 Memories III Final

Note: Two chapters in One.

When I came back, I found myself back in the eighth circle, standing in the same position as before I entered the 8th circle.

I close my eyes and calmly observe the Rule I've comprehended and to my surprise, My Killing Rule is really close to reaching Low level of the Basic stage.

If I enter one more memory again then there will be a 100% chance that I could comprehend Rule to the low-level basic stage.

Sigh… It will be very difficult, I can feel the power of Totem Artifact dimmed a little.

It seemed what I heard is true, it is said memories guzzle soul power of Totem Artifact more that Rule power ever could.

There is barely enough soul power is left in the Totem Artifact and now with me seeing memory from it, it guzzled even more soul power from it.

These things are not within my control! I thought and sat down, it would be very good for me if I am able to see another memory even if it cost whatever soul power left in Totem Artifact.

There is only a 50% chance of me my Rule comprehension reaching a low level of the Basic stage if I comprehend with normal procedure.

Seeing there is no Stable Killing Rule, I started to observe the Mad killing Rule carefully as I know it could potentially warp my mind.

But this mad killing Rule is not all bad as it helped me understand my own Killing Rule.

It is from Mad killing Rule I got the final understanding that completed my Killing Rule.

The Killing Rule I've comprehended not only have stability but it also has slight madness in it which in my understanding made it whole.

To me, pure stable killing Rule is not as good as It did not have that Spontaneity that Mad killing Rule has, with adding a little madness instability, the lethality of this Rule had reached a completely new heights, I can tell with 100% surety that power of my killing Rule will definitely surpa.s.s both.

I keep observing Mad killing Rule carefully and comprehension kept getting closer and closer to the Low level but this speed comprehension is slow compared to when I was in memory.

I wanted to experience the Memory again but It's not within my control, I was quite lucky to have experienced the memory before.


Two days are over, I thought as I sensed the vibration through the Runic Circle.

I have only day's time remaining in this Rule Palace before my time is over I had to take my Rule comprehension to the Low level of the Basic stage.

As I kept comprehending through the Mad Killing Rule, the a.s.sault I am feeling through it started to lessen as my comprehension grew higher.

There is only one circle has remained which is the 9th circle, it is a central circle which packed with most dense runes and it is where the Rule of Object White Axe is placed.

I shudder whenever I looked at the faint b.l.o.o.d.y lines that come of white ax, I know the terror of them as now and then some b.l.o.o.d.y lines enter 9th, through most of its power is diminished when they enter the 8th circle, it still gives me a lot of pain whenever it touched my body.

I barely able to survive against it, these lines are like a viper, they will attack at the weakest spot and I had to give my all just to survive against it.

I have no doubt, these b.l.o.o.d.y lines in the 9th circle would be ten times more dangerous in the 9th circle.

9th circle is very dangerous but it is also the best to place where I could comprehend the Rule at a fast pace will have a slight chance to access memories again.

I thought for a long while and decided to take a risk of entering the 9th circle but I will not enter right now, I will only enter when the only when half-day remains.

That is when I will be prepared enough and would be able to take a step back if it was too much.

Time pa.s.sed by and half-day over, my heart started to beat faster when I looked at the 9th circle.

I calmed my emotions down and stood up, my gaze became resolute as I looked at 9th.

'Tap Tap Tap!'

After taking a few deep breaths, I took the steps toward the 9th circle.


I screamed loudly, just as I took a step inside the 9th circle, I can feel that these b.l.o.o.d.y lines affecting my mind, not only that, I can see, small injuries had started to form on my wrists.

If I did not take a step back quickly, then I am sure my body going to be mutilated with unhealable injuries and it could make my mind so damaged that I could turn into a vegetable.

I had just lifted my leg to take a step back when I found scenery changing in front of me.


I said ecstatically as I waited for my mind to be transported into the memory.

When I came back to myself, I found I am in open ground and around me stood hundred-some people in their late teens wearing loose exercise clothes.

Looking at the age of the owner, this memory seemed of the same year of memory of compet.i.tion.

In front of me is Middle age man whose aura strong enough to make me kneel, I would have kneeled if It was a reality and not the memory of the owner.

"You all have reached Peak of Knight Grade (12 basic stages) and are ready to breakthrough with the Inheritance Crystal." said the middle-aged man.

"I will not bore you with details on how to use inheritance Crystal properly, all you have heard it that from childhood."

"Today I am going to teach you all Body Cleansing Technique all sixteen moves of them." said the middle age.

Hearing that, excitement could be seen everyone's eyes when middle age mentioned that, the owner's whose expressions were calm also started to fluctuate hearing body Cleansing technique.

"As you know, before breaking out of Knight stage. You would need a clean body which does not have any foreign energy, only then you will gain maximum physical strength after breath through and Inheritance can also merge with your body with maximum integration." said middle-age man, all the young boys nodded.

"All the other techniques that you have been using till now, pale in front of the Body Cleansing technique." said middle-age man, this time he sounds quite pa.s.sionate and the young people who are listening also nodded pa.s.sionately to their instructor's words.

"Some of you must have known about the move of two about this exercise and have been practicing for quite a while right?" The instructor asked and more than half the people nodded their heads, the owner is also one of them.

"You all know that usefulness of Body Cleansing Technique that even Supreme level organizations made their members perform it before breaking through from Knight Grade."

"Not only it helps one merge all the foreign energy into the body perfectly, but it also helps those gain unblemished body who had performed all 16 moves of this exercise which became extremely helpful in future practice."

"But performing Body Cleansing Technique is extremely hard, maximum moves anyone in our Organisation able to perform is seven, that is not even half." said instructor in disappointed voice but a hint of pride could be seen on his face.

This Body Cleansing Technique seems very hard, that even Middle age instructor feeling proud of those who were able to perform only 7 moves.

"All right, I will not waste anymore of your time with my boring speech, all you need to know that those who will be able to perform 9 moves will able to get Inheritance of their choice from the Organisations treasury, no matter how expensive or precious it is." Said, middle-age man.

No one seemed surprised hearing that but many shook their head in disappointment thinking it is impossible to perform 9 moves of this exercise.

"Now, I will be performing all Sixteen moves of Body Cleansing Exercise, remember it well," said instructor and he started to perform the exercise.

I looked at the instructor in full concentration, wanting to memorize it all.

Instructor slowly started to perform the exercise to my surprise, there were no weird movements, all the movements seem quite simple.

Instructor performed all sixteen moves very slowly and to perform that, it took him a little over an hour.

I thought he would get quite tired by performing all sixteen moves as he was boasting how difficult it is but when he performed it there was not a hint of tiredness appeared on his face much less drop of sweat.

One moment, I even doubted that all that he said were true or not but I decided to reserve my judgment for some time seeing all his pupils will be performing this exercise a few moments later.

As for memorizing it, I had memorized four moves of it and as for 5th move and ahead, I am not very confident.

"You guys try now, those who will be able to perform five moves or more will get my personal guidance for a week." said instructor as he ordered his pupils to perform the exercise.

Everybody started performing the exercise as soon as instructor ordered, first it seemed that this so-called body cleansing exercise is quite easy but just ten minutes later beads of sweat started to drop from everyone's body and owner is no exception.

Time pa.s.sed by and just half an hour later, the first boy collapsed, he was just able to perform the 1st move.

With more time pa.s.sing more and more people started to collapse and by the time an hour was over only twenty to thirty people left performing.

Owner is also one of them, he had just performed 2 moves and is now performing the third movement but he already is at his limit.

When I sensed what is happening at the cellular level at his body, I was blown away.

This Supreme Cleansing Exercise had made the body a furnace, whatever foreign energy present in the body in the body will burn in this furnace and then merge with the body.

This merging is absolutely perfect with no flaws in it, now I can see the reason for instructor boasting.

This exercise helps in perfectly merge foreign energy into the body and with every move, the furnace became hotter and hotter.

This is a condition at only 2nd move, I can imagine how hot this body furnace will become after one circulated these exercises sixteenth move.

The thing most shocked me about this exercise is that it is removing impurities from the body, I've never seen or heard able to do that.

I would have considered these Impurities just smell sweat if I had not had personal experience with them.

My body had also cleaned of impurities when I had eaten that Miracle Fruit in the s.p.a.ce realm more than a year ago.

I still remember the heavenly feeling I felt after I had woken up and found my body free of impurities.

There the sky and earth difference between this Body Cleaning exercise and the Wind Slayer Style I am performing to merge the hidden berserk energy in my body.

That process seemed very very defective in front of this process and seeing this Body cleansing Exercise work I started to feel that the berserk energy hadn't merge properly with my body and left some hidden dangers within.

I will perform this exercise after I went back to my tent, I decided.

The owner finally performed 3rd moves with the sheer power of will, when the owner looked around he found only four people still performing while other people have collapsed.


The owner kept performing 4th move with a sheer will but when he reached halfway he finally reached his limit and collapsed on the floor tiredly amidst performing 4th move, to his surprise, he was the last one to collapse.

"This batch also has no one who could at least perform 5th move." said instructructor disappointingly.

"Crack crack…."

That was the last thing I've heard before memory started to shatter like gla.s.s.


I thought I would return at Rule Palace to my surprise, I found I am completely different memory.

The time the owner is sitting alone on Runic Circle and his hand had a blood-red crystal in which Runes could be seen flas.h.i.+ng every now and then.

He seemed a little older now and slight traces of wisdom could be seen in his eyes.

"I've spent two long years and finally able to perform 9th move of Body Cleaning Exercise, not only I have the cleanest body in the whole organization and I even have got this Inheritance which is best suited for those who had comprehended the Rule of Killing."

"I would have never dreamed about getting Inheritance high level like this with my meager wealth but with organizations promise, I was finally able to get it." said owner as he looked at blood-red crystal in his palm and before I could process what he had just said, he crushed the crystal in his hand.

What I saw next was the most magical scene of my life.

The crystal that he touched turned into the string of crystalline runes which started floating around owners body, not only that The Runic circle he is sitting on also started to s.h.i.+ne brightly.

The body red Runes revolve around his body for a few minutes before they were divided into two parts, one string of Runes went into his Chest while others went into his source.

The b.l.o.o.d.y red runic string that went into his chest started to spread all over his body while the one b.l.o.o.d.y red runic string that entered his temple had entered through his source.

The source of the owner is different from mine, instead of having big Ball of Fire which looked like the sun, he is a figure of Human and around it floating is denned string of b.l.o.o.d.y lines.


A gasp came out of my mouth when I looked at owners source, there was no restriction here nor a.s.sault, just pure Rule of Killing that floating around.

Seeing Pure Rule of Killing just floating around without any restriction, I did not waste any time and attached my mental energy to started to comprehending the Rule from it.

I did not care about the magical process that is happening around the owner's body, what is important for me is pure Rule of Killing which I could comprehend without feeling any obstructions.

My comprehending speed skyrocketed and my comprehension got closer and closer reaching Low Level of the Basic stage.


Sometime later I felt Buzz from my source and as that buzz rang out in my mind, I felt my mind became clear and I am Comprehending Rule at an even faster pace.

"Crack crack!....."

I reached it finally! My Rule of Killing Reached the Low level of Basic stage but memory started to crack and shattered soon after.

I was left in blank again but this time I am excited to see if I could return to Rule Palace or get to see another memory.

Soon new memory appeared in front of me but it is completely different from what I expected.

Never in my dreams would I have thought that I would see such memory.

This memory is showing intimate mate movement of owner life, he seemed to be with beautiful women who seemed to be in between twenty-five to thirty years old.

Low moans and erotic movements, it's all I could see, it kept going on for a near hour that I couldn't help but marvel the stamina of owner.

I don't want to watch the scene that is happening in front of me as this was the personal moments and what made it worse is that I am seeing it through the gaze of the owner.

"Crack…crack!" Soon both of them climaxed and only then cracks started to form in memory before it shattered.

I hope that if I am going to see the memory next, it isn't that of the intimate moments of the owner.

Soon next memory appeared in front of my eyes. This memory seems a lot older than others as the owner seemed to be in his mid-thirties.

It is a stormy night, heavy rain could be seen falling on the owner's body as owner sitting on the boulder.

The shocking thing is, dead bodies are spread all around the owner and looking at injuries on them, all of them seemed to hacked by owner's sword.

Each and every dead body have an expression of shocked and unwillingness on them as they are shocked by something and unwilling to die.

Suddenly owner looked up, I first didn't see anything but soon saw some dots and sometimes later those dots turned to humans and they seemed to be flying toward the owner.

The owner didn't seem very surprised seeing them coming toward him and slowly flew away to meet them.

A group of twenty-something people stopped in front of the owner with an old man in sixty at the head.

Each and every one of them excluding aura that more terrifying than others but the most horrifying aura is coming from the old man, the middle-aged man's aura which I thought knee bending is nothing compare in front of this old man.

"Just because the simple mistake made by my son, for that you destroyed the whorganizationtion build with my blood and sweat," said old man, extreme sorrow could be seen on his face when he said.

The owner didn't say anything but horrified aura shot from his body, his aura one level below that of an old man but that Killing Rule filled with madness shot from owners body is really horrifying, sensing that even made old man change his expression.

"Peak 2nd level Rule is really something." said an old man and the next moment he turned blurred as he comes, toward the owner, not only he the twenty-something people behind him also turned blur.

Next minute was a complete blur, I couldn't see anything except for the blur of a different color.

When everything calmed down, I saw new bodies around the owner and these people also the same expression of shock and unwillingness on them.

Slowly owner walked toward the old man who seemed to have some life left in him.

"Your Rule had reached Grandmaster level, it's no wonder we weren't able to last even minuit in front of you." said old while vomiting blood from his mouth.

The owner didn't reply to the old man, just kept walking toward him.

"You will never be able to find my Son, I have sent him far away that you will never able to find him," said an old man with a b.l.o.o.d.y smile.

"You won't live long either, your killing had alarmed Wisdom Tower. They had already sent a team to kill you after you are dead, my son will be safe forever hahaha!" said an old man and started to laugh madly.


While the old man was laughing, the owner came close to him and swung his ax, decapitating old man in a single strike.

"Crack crack…."

I wanted to see what happened next but my disappointment memory started to crack and shattered soon after.

Everything in from me turned blank and I started to wait for the next memory to appear as I desperately wanted to know what happened next.

But to my utter disappointment, I was transported back to the Rule Palace and object of Rule which emitting horrifying Mad killing Rule a few hours earlier now lying dead in front of me.

There was not a speck of Killing Rule coming from it, now it looks like a normal white Axe.

It just became a normal ax which could be touched by anyone but I still didn't dare to touch it seeing it is still a High-level Totem Artifact which once wielded by a very powerful man.