Monster Integration - Chapter 301 Comprehending

Chapter 301 Comprehending

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I thought for many reasons but there is only one reason that led me to choose the Rule of Killing that is my seamless connection with it.

This connection I felt with Rule of Killing is much stronger than the rest, even my connection with Rule of Killing and rest paled in front of it.

Even if Object of Rule of this Rule is nearly depleted but I can feel if I try hard enough, I can definitely comprehend this Rule.

When I entered through the door, I had expected to feel myself drown in the feeling of killing but I did not find so.

Beautiful runes could be seen carved across the hall in a concentric circular fas.h.i.+on and in the center of the runic concentric circles lay stark white Axe and around several lines of blood could be seen.

These lines of blood are very thin and faint, and they could be seen appearing, disappearing all over the Axe.

That ax seemed to be Object of Rule which is emitting the power of Rule.

I did not waste time and quickly walked toward the circle.

Soon I reached near the outer runic circle and took a step inside it.

Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill "Ahhh!"

I let out a loud scream as I as the Force of the Rule a.s.saulted me, what I earlier felt was a breeze compared to this storm.

The sensation I felt earlier, it felt quite mild compared to this.

All I heard kill kill kill in my mind and heavy intent of killing had a.s.saulted me, not only that I I am feeling line thousands of axes are hacking across my body.

This Killing Rule had the flavor of madness in it, earlier I also felt a little madness but it a minute but now I am feeling it a hundred times stronger.

I have to keep my mind clear otherwise it will warp my mind and made me mindless killer who only know how to kill.

I just took a step inside the Runic circle and outer circle at that, I can't imagine how much the sensation will increase when I fully enter inside much less other seven circles ahead of me.

Despite having my mind a.s.saulted by such heavy power of Killing Rule which could warp my mind, I did not take a step back.

This Rule is very powerful, more than I had imagined if I able to comprehend its power, then becoming a strong powerhouse would not be out of question otherwise I would have taken my leg out and walked out to comprehend the different Rule.

That is why I did not take a step back and kept rooted on the spot.

The Rule power of Killing keep a.s.saulting me and I kept resisting it but as time pa.s.sed, I felt like the power of the Rule is increasing gradually and it wouldn't be long before I could break all my resistance.

That would be disastrous, I have to think of the way quickly.

As I kept resisting it, I feel that the power of Rule is sentient as it kept attacking toward the memories where I felt intense intent to kill.

The memories of mine where I felt an intense desire to kill toward another being, like when I was eleven years old and horde broke into my time, I with my family and friend running toward shelter when suddenly a huge bird monster came from the sky and took my friend.

That was the first time I had felt the intent to kill something.

Next time was when I was coming toward the westblood city and train had been attacked by the monster horde, that was the second time I felt intent to kill.

After coming to westblood, my killing intent toward another being rose due to constant and hunting and in this past year, it had become even greater as I was kept fighting crazily to break the limit.

As it kept attacking these memories, my resistance also started to weaken that at one point, it reached near breaking point that I kept resisting with my sheer will.

As I was frantically searching for the way, a daring thought came into my mind.

Why don't I stop resisting it altogether?

I feel like if I kept resisting it, I will not be able to comprehend the Rule and moreover only my half a foot in the circle, not my whole body and there eight circles I will have to cross if I sit in front of the ax.

After much thinking, I felt this the only viable method I have left, in the books that I have read, there is no current method of comprehending as everyone has their own way of comprehending the Rule.

Taking a deep sigh, I stopped resisting the power of Rule and let it washed over my mind.


I screamed loudly as the power of Rule of Killing washed on my mind and I screamed, it is not due I felt pain but the sensation of killing all I could do is keep my most precious memories from being violated by this sensation.

Itthelt the extreme urge of the kill, I wanted to just kill and I would have left my place gone outside if not for me suddenly became immobile.

I am not immobile to Power of Rule but because of the runes. It had somehow restricted my movement as if sensing what I am going to do.

For a few minutes, this sensation had been extremely strong but after some time I started to feel a little better as I got used to the killing intent.

"Tap Tap!"

I took two steps and fully entered the outer runic (1st) circle and sat down directly as I felt it will take some time.

The a.s.sault of Killing intent increased three times more, bearing such immense Killing intent all I could do is protect my mind at the best.

I felt like my mind is a dam that is holding down the river of killing, no matter gate I opened to decrease the water, it kept increasing until it reaches its limit and broke the dam, there is only is small respite that as time pa.s.sed the dam also getting bigger and stronger but still, if water of the river increases beyond limit then the dam had to break no matter how strong it is.

As the killing intent was.h.i.+ng over my mind with time, It became slightly bearable and seeing that I started to observe it.

First I felt like it only has madness in it but as I kept observing more and more I luckily caught a different killing intent which is the complete opposite of this killing Rule which filled with madness.

There is no doubt that whoever had comprehended this law is a madman and what little sanity is like an island in the whole sea which couldn't affect his flow but this little bit of sanity gave me huge hope.

This killing Rule is completely opposite that of one filled with madness, this killing is like a sheathed blade, the blade will not harm others if it is in its sheath but once its get out of it, it will layout the mountain of bodies.

I did not let go of this Killing Rule, even if it just drops compares to the whole river of madness but it is enough for me.

I completely started observing this Killing Rule with my full concentration without caring about a load of maddening killing Rule was.h.i.+ng over me.

The more I observe it, the more I feel this is the killing Rule best for me and because of this stable killing Rule did I feel such a strong connection.

"Tap tap tap!"

As I kept observing it, I bearing pressure of Maddening Killing Rule became easier, It became so so bearable that I took a step in 2nd concentric circle and sat in it.

My mind a.s.saulted by maddening Killing Rule again, it is about four times more powerful than the one I felt in 1st circle, due to its immense a.s.sault on my mind that even my ears started to bleed but I did not have time to care about that as all my mind concentrated on this stable Killing Rule.

If let go my concentration on it, I don't think I will find it again that is why I kept observing it.

I want to comprehend this stable killing Rule as I feel comprehending it will not warp my mind but it will make it stronger and second reason me wanting to comprehend it because I felt this Stable killing intent is stronger than this maddening killing intent.

The more I kept observing it, the more I felt like I am understanding something but it is too elusive and feeling of this stable killing intent is too weak.

I will have to go closer again.

"Tap Tap Tap!"

I got up and walked into 3rd circle, I was about to sit when this maddening killing Rule a.s.saulted me so heavily that I nearly lost control of myself, if not for me wholeheartedly holding on that stable killing intent then I would really lose my mind and became mad.

Entering the 3rd circle proven very useful as not only the power of Maddening Killing Rule's increased a lot but stable killing Rule's power increased a lot.

While observing the Stable killing Rule, the pressure of Maddening killing Rule became slightly bearable and I was able to sit.

Time pa.s.sed by, I don't know how much time had pa.s.sed but as I was observing stable Killing Rule, a thought came in my mind and that thought felt like the perfect piece to connect all elusive understanding I gained from observing the Stable Killing Rule.

I thought it will not affect me but as I was so wrong, that thought had become a perfect piece to connect all the understanding, I was able to gain through observing the killing Rule and that made me get a clear glimpse of Rule of Killing.

Rule of Killing. I thought with a sigh and my source shook.

I was blank for second but when I come to myself and take a look at a strand of Stable killing Rule, It looked very clear and with every gaze, I am understanding it even more and more and more.

Seeing that I turned very happy, I finally pa.s.sed the biggest hurdle of Comprehending the Rule.

I formed my own understanding about the Killing Rule while observing it and this understanding now started to resonate with the Stable Killing Rule giving me a more clear look at itself to form a better understanding and comprehend it fully.