Monster Integration - Chapter 302 Memories

Chapter 302 Memories

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After forming my own understanding about Killing Rule, my understanding is started to resonate with stable killing Rule, giving the more clear look of it.

After getting a more clear look at Killing Rule, I started to understand it even faster pace and he is forming is own understanding, not just taking it down as he saw it.

Micheal didn't know the way he is comprehending Rule is very very rare and not even a single person here would be able to do that.

Most of the people comprehend Rule the way see it and only later they were able to form their understanding and make a change to it and only those who are understanding is great would be able to make a change in Rule while those who are understanding of Rule is not concrete enough would only comprehend as it is.

There are many cons of comprehending the Rule in ones understanding but the most useful is that those who comprehend the Rule with their own understanding are progressed at a very fast speed than own.

As the rule is molded in their own understanding, they have better control over it and it fights it became exceptionally useful as one can control a lot more accuracy than others.

"Tap Tap Tap!"

"Hun!" I took a step into the fourth circle, The maddening killing Rule hit but its force surprised me, It is not as furies as I expected, it is still furies but not enough to make me bleed.

I thought for a reason and soon understood it, It is likely because I understood some meaning of killing Rule, the more I understood the killing Rule the easier it will for me to bear the pressure.

Sitting down, I again started to comprehend the Rule, currently, I unjust a slight understanding of the Rule, comprehending it is still a little far but I am confident that I can comprehend the Rule before three days are over.

Time pa.s.sed by and my understanding of Rule before became greater and greater, The a.s.sault of maddening Killing Rule on 4th circle had started to feel like a breeze, seeing that I took a step into the 5th circle where I a.s.saulted by heavy maddening Killing Rule again.


As I was comprehending the Rule, I didn't notice the slight vibration released by Runes.

That slight vibration is Mark that one day is over and now I only have two days left to comprehend the Rule.

Even if I had sensed the Vibration, I would not have been worried as I am more than confident that I can comprehend the Rule in two days that are remaining.

Unbeknown to Micheal, there is change happening in his source, beside his source there are several b.l.o.o.d.y red ribbons started to form, these ribbons very faint that even eyes could not see properly but over time, these b.l.o.o.d.y ribbons are turning darker and darker.

6th circle, I sat inside the sixth Runic circle, in the sixth circle the Strand of stable Killing Rule even became even more clear.

As I keep observing, the understanding of Killing Rule started to form Inside in my mind.

My understanding is based on this Killing Rule but it is also different from it as for how much different It's going to get, I will know it when I fully comprehend the Rule.

With pa.s.sing time, my understanding of Killing Rule became greater and I feel like I am very close to understanding the Rule, I feel like If I got even more clear look at that stable killing Rule then It would be really soon.

For that I have to go sit into 7th circle, currently I am not ready to enter the 7th circle as my understanding is not high enough and would not be able to bear the a.s.sault but in an hour or two, my understanding would become high enough that I would be able the a.s.sault of mad killing Rule at 7th circle.

Time pa.s.sed by and I got a deeper understanding of Killing Rule that I am an only a small distance away from Comprehending Rule of Killing.

When I entered the 7th circle, I again a.s.saulted by heavy mad Killing Rule, it is more powerful than I thought as I barely able to stop my mind from getting injured but my nose, ears, and eyes started bleeding.

I stood on my spot and wholeheartedly concentrated on comprehending the Rule as only then would I be able to ease the a.s.sault that is coming at me.


I shouted loudly as I finally comprehend the Rule of Killing, It would have taken a few hours more but an important understanding dawned on me which finally made me comprehend the Rule of Killing.

The immense a.s.sault that I had been feeling till now quieted down, the a.s.sault of Mad killing Rule is still there is just that now I had comprehended the Rule of Killing, its a.s.sault just feel like a little nuisance.

I can feel there is a big change happening in my source but I can't look what change it is, all I can do is feel.

If Micheal could see inside his source, he will find a single blood-red ribbon is floating in the source. The ribbon looked quite genial and harmless but when it flashed its edges, it could make anyone shudder.

The Rule of Killing, but it is far from being complete.

I felt like it is lacking something, that it is incomplete in some way.

I have to fill that incompleteness of the Rule that I've just comprehended only then I will able to it will be that I've started comprehending has started to take form but it is far from complete.

When I sensed it, I found it feep00ppp00ls incomplete it is lacking something only when I complete it with what it is lacking only then I would have Killing Rule that I've envisioned.

I sat in the 7th circle and started comprehending again, what I have just speck of the Rule which hasn't even entered in Basic Realm.

The comprehension of Rule is divided into six stages which are Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Grandmaster, and Legend.

Each stage further divided into four levels which Low, Medium, High and Peak, currently, my comprehension hadn't even reached Low level of Basic level.

It is said that advancing Rule stage is very difficult, sometimes it would take years or decades just to advance a single level while others struck at the level they initially comprehended.

I hope that my comprehension of the Killing Rule could reach the Low level of the Basic stage before my time is but I know that is very very difficult.

It is difficult but I will try to

I am not feeling much pressure at the 7th circle but I did not dare to enter the 8th circle as the influence of objects of Rule very high there.

I can see a red streak of blood entering the 8th circle from the 9th, this 8th circle will be genuinely dangerous for me if I enter without high comprehension of the Rule.

I kept comprehending in 7th circle for hours before I started to feel there is no use of further staying, if I stayed here then it would only waste my time.

I looked at 8th circle with apprehension as I could faint blood streat appear inside it now and then from the 9th circle.

Finally making my I stood up and looked at the 8th circle, I am feeling very fearful of that Redstreak but I still decided to enter as only entering there will I able to make further progress in Rule.


As I step inside, I was attacked by a sensation that I've never in the past circle, not only my mind is a.s.saulted but also my body.

I could feel the lacerating sensation all over my body and it is very painful.

In this furious a.s.sault, I lost my grip on the Stable killing Rule that I have been comprehending from.

I tried finding it again but no matter how much I try, I wasn't able to find it again.

didn't get dejected and tried to find it again while this dense mad killing Rule keea.s.saultingng my mind and body continuously.

Finding that stable killing Rule is a hundred times harder than finding a needle in a haystack, it was my luck that I come across that stable Killing Rule and use it comprehend the Killing Rule.

I must have searched for an hour before giving up the search for that Stable Killing Rule but the lightning doesn't strike twice, I thought with a sigh.

Seeing no other option available, I moved concentration toward Mad killing Rule but I am very careful with this mad killing Rue if it influenced me so much that it could potentially be warped the Killing Rule thaI'veve comprehended.

I tentatively touched the mad killing Rule that is cascading down in my body and soul. When I observed it closely, I was both shocked and horrified seeing its intricacies.

This Rule has madness, craziness but there is also so Beautifull order inside it and I decided to concentrate my mind on it.

Seeing such beautiful order in such madness, something stuck in my mind and that rule which felt incomplete is now complete.

I was about to check how this Rule of Killing which formed with my own understanding when I felt everything in front of turning blank.

When I see the light again, I found myself in a completely different environment.

I was confused at first but soon understood what is happening and that made ecstatic.


I shouted out loud in my mind, the only wish people have after comprehending the Rule is accessing memories of the original user.

Sometimes these memories even more important than comprehending the Rule.