Monster Integration - Chapter 300 Rule Of Killing

Chapter 300 Rule Of Killing

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I finally able to stand up without falling, I had been walking in this immense pressure for the hours and now it is suddenly gone, anyone would need a few minutes to adjust.

The first thing I did after getting up is to admire the majestic palace, Its name is Rule Palace, a quite fitting name as only going inside it would one able to comprehend the Rule power.

After admiring the Rule Palace for a few hours, I look around and except for seeing people in Aqua Blue patrolling now and then I did not see anything.

It is very hard to climb the mountain and only one or two people successfully climb it every ten to fifteen minutes.

After admiring the Rule Palace for a few minutes, I started to walk not toward the mountain but the tens of small beautiful houses that build in the corner.

I am currently in no condition to pa.s.s the test, I am tired both mentally and physically. Only after showering, sleeping and eating would I able to comprehend the Rules.

Those little houses are built for the purpose to provide the test for those who had pa.s.sed the test, only when one at one's optimal condition would he be able to comprehend the Rule to his highest.

When I opened the door of the small house, I found it had a simple design nothing fancy but it is enough for me.

The first thing I did was to find the shower, I first bath Ashlyn as she had become quite sweaty, only after bathing her did I took the bath myself.

I came out of the bathroom only to find Ashlyn is sleeping comfortably on the bed. I smiled seeing that, she is more tired that thought.

I dried myself and laid on the bed to sleep, second later I fell asleep only to find it is dark outside.

When I looked at my holowatch, I found that I had slept for seven hours.

I feel quite refreshed after waking up, not only I felt clear in my mind, I also felt immense strength in my body.

Ashlyn is still sleeping, she will wake up soon, I thought and take out leftover food from the morning and started to heat it.

"Chew chew!"

As I am heating the food, I heard Ashlyn chirp only to see she standing on the bed with her two tiny legs.

I served the food into the plates and started to eat with Ashlyn, five minutes later we were finished.

I get out of the small house with Ashlyn and walk toward the Rule Palace with my heart beating heard, I have to think about this moment ever since I've heard about it from Jim and now I am very close to it.

I walked toward the huge gate of the palace and with a slight push, the gate opened and walk inside.

The inside is completely different from its outside majestic appearance.

Inside of it is completely circular and there are 237 doors could be seen, there are no physical door but water layer that act as a door.

Beside each door is a unique sigil which presented the what type rule one can comprehend after going inside it.

There is also information about the rule is also carved below the sigil about the rule.

If one can even sense the Rule power if one enter 1m range of sigil.

"Ashlyn go, choose which hall you want to enter,'' I said, Ashlyn who was intently looking at the door, did not fly away from my shoulder.

I find it a little odd but I did not mind that.

In this Rule place there 237 Rules and each door represent the Rule.

There are 212 Level 3 Rules and 25 Level 2 Rules.

It is said that those who are able to pa.s.s the test of King level Awakening Ground have an above 90% chance of comprehending Level 3 Rules but it can not be said about the Level 2 Rules.

There is less than a 1% chance that one can comprehend the Level 2 Rules.

Level 2 Rules are way more powerful than the Level 3 rules.

From what I have read from the reading material I brought that most of the people in Central continent did not able to comprehend Level 2 Rules.

As for those who were able to comprehend the level Level 2 Rules, more than 85% percent of those use smart way.

They fused Rules, they comprehend more two or more Level 3 rules and fuse them to create level 2.

Like Rule of Fire and Rule of Earth, merging can create Rule of Lava which is Level 2 Rule.

Or the meeting of Rule of Water and Rule of Wind can create Rule of Storm which is a Level 2 Rule but it is hard.

Meaning of Rules are very hard and very few could do that and there are many technical details also involve property or flavor of the Rules you are merging and sometimes it can backfire.

Like Rule of Fire and Rule of Earth can create Rule of Lava which is Level 2 rule but it can also create Rule of Hearthstone which is Level 3 Rule and weaker than Rule of Fire and Rule Earth individually.

So, comprehending Level 2 Rules are very difficult and from a conversation, I listened, I come to know that Rule of Objects of Level 2 Rules that are placed here are at their last stages.

The rules power inside them had diminished quite well and could only be used for a year before they depleted all their Rule power compare to Rule of Object of Level 3 Rules which could last decades even centuries.

But no one complained as it is benevolence of Wisdom Tower that they were even taking Level 2 Rule of objects, depleted that they may be.

There are 212 Level 3 are here most of them are basic elemental rules with different variations and their weaker fusion.

There are not all elemental Rules, half of them are different like Rule of Toxin which derived from Rule of Poison which level 2 Rule.

Rule of Toxin could say to be high-grade Level 3 rules which can even contend against some of weaker Level 2 rules.

There is Rule of Ailment which descended from Rule of Disease which is high-grade Level 2 Rule.

Of the 25 Level 2 Rules, 13 are weapon type rule, The weapon type rule is special Rules which power completely depended on the flavor they had comprehended.

Some Rules of Weapon could be weak as level 1 Rule while some Rules of Weapons could even be matched to some weaker Level 1 Rules but that is very very rare.

It is said if very strong Rule of Weapon able to merge with one or more very strong Level 2 Rule then it can even transcend to Level 1 Rule.

But the weapon rules are here are very average.

Aside from weapons Rule, there are some other Levels 2 Rules.

Like Rule of Metal, Rule of Thunder, Rule of cutting, Rule of Strength, Rule of Speed but there are three Rules here which caught my eye.

They are Rule if Sunfire, Rule of Killing and Rule of Meteorite.

All three of these Rules are extremely powerful Rules, two are descended from Rule of Celestial bodies Sun and Asteroid as for Rule of Killing, it said the same level of them as it descended from Rule of Mortality a Level 1 Rule.

All these Rules some of stronger while others are weaker, but every Rule have the capability to transcend higher with either favor, variation or fusion.

When I was reading about the Rules, I had already had chosen the Rule which I wanted to comprehend if I pa.s.sed the test.

Rule of Fire and Rule of Sword, one is level 3 Rules while the other two are Level 2 rules.

I can choose either one of these three Rules or I can try a peparticulareth od that I had read in the book.

This method is not mysteries but many people of the big organization try that it said and it makes chances of one comprehending the rule quite high.

The method is quite simple, I had to walk every door while my eyes are closed and the one I felt the closest connection to is the best Rule for me to comprehend.

It is proven that through this method one had a chance of high success but not many people follow this method here as they had already decided on which Rule they will comprehend.

I was just about to start the method when I found the girl has entered the palace, she looked about twenty years and the power I am sensing from her that of Peak lieutenant stage.

she looked shocked when she saw me, she was not exactly shocked seeing but Ashlyn who is sitting on my shoulder.

She soon came to herself and nodded at me smilingly, I nodded her back. She stood beside me for a few minutes before she entered the door which showing sigil of Rule of Wind.

Looks like she has already decided which Rule she will go to comprehend before.

Seeing there is no time to waste, I close my eyes and walk toward the door of Rule of Fire.

Technically Rule of Fire is Rule which I should be feeling more connected to it as fire is my ability and this is my ability.

As I reach a one-meter range of fire sigil, I felt like I had entered the land of fire, I am feeling the fire in every single cell in my body.

This feeling is harmless but it had scared the s.h.i.+t out of, I can feel that rule can vaporize me directly without leaving ashes to bury, not only this power can vaporize my body but it could also vaporize my soul.

This the first time I had experienced the power of the Rule fully, experiencing this I couldn't help but shudder, no wonder everyone is so crazy about it, the power of Rules really has the ability to turn world asunder.

The feeling is Rule of Fire is very dangerous but it is harmless, after calming down enough, I deeply concentrated on feeling to see if there is any connection.

I didn't have to wait for long as I felt the budding feeling of connection rose in my mind, I felt very happy getting this connection before and kept experiencing for minutes.

I started to walk toward another door with a sigil, I have to hurry as I have to check the whole 237 Rules.

Next was Rule of wind when I entered its range, I felt like I was amidst heavy wind floating where it took with having no control over my body but when I concentrated on it for the connection, I felt no connection to it.

Seeing that I moved toward the Rule of Earth but also I felt no connection to it so I moved on, I kept checking one Rule after another but no connection.

I only felt a slight connection when I come across Rule of Scorching Wind, It average fusion type level 1 Rule which made of Rule of Fire and Rule of Wind.

Time pa.s.sed on and after nearly two hours later, I finished sensing all the Level 3 Rules of which I had felt a connection with eight Rule and all of them have some element of fire, they were either variation or fusions.

Now only twenty-five Level 2 Rules are remaining. I closed my eyes and walk toward the first Level 2 Rule which weapon type Rule, Rule of Hammer

As I entered its range it felt like I would crush under the weight of the hammer, it's effect are way more intense but calmed myself soon going through more than two hundred Rule, it was caught me off guard due to its intensity which more than I had imagined.

As I concentrate on it I did not feel any connection to it but I soon notice a thing about, the feeling it gave is very intense due to it being Level 2 Rule but the ruling power it is excluding is very low compared to Level 3 Rule.

Looks like the rumor was really true, the level 3 Rule of objects that kept here are nearly spent and they could completely deplete at any moment.

I walk toward other weapon type rule, each and every rule is very powerful but all of their rule power is nearly spent.

After hammer, I went toward Rule Saber, Spear, Knife, Bow and I some other weapon Rule but I did not feel any connection to it, though I felt a slight familiar feeling.

It is Rule of Lance, it gave me a similar feeling of stabbing sensation I felt when I touched the wound of Lieutenant stage monster which Killed by the young girl.

Finally, I walk toward the Rule of Sword, It was my second choice of two choices, as I entered the range of Sword Rule, I felt like I had entered the storm of the sword.

Extremely sharp sword cutting me at every angle, when I concentrate I found that I am feeling a strong connection with it as I felt with the Rule of Fire.

I experienced sword Rule for a while before moving toward another Rule but my mind is thinking about the Rule of Fire and Rule of the sword, they are the most Rules that I chose and I am feeling a strong connection with the.

I wanted to stop this process and chose between the Rule of Fire and Rule of Sword but I controlled myself walk toward another rule.

I walk toward Rule of Lava, Storm, Steam, Cutting, Strength, Speed, Illusion and other till only three rules are left.

I was quite surprised and elated to feel a connection with the Rule of Strength and Rule of speed, I never thought I had not thought I will feel a connection with them.

Only three Rules are remaining and they are the most powerful here, Rule of Meteorite, Rule of Sunfire and Rule of Killing.

I walk toward the Rule of Comet, suddenly everything changed in front of me, I felt like tens of meteorite are cras.h.i.+ng toward the world, they had so much power that it could turn world asunder once it crashes.

I can feel that it's might is on a completely different stage than that of other Lv 2 Rules.

I was completely blown away by the power of this Rule, really this is power Level 2 Rule which is descended from the Level 1 Rule.

The Rule power of this rule seems to be nearly diminished and felt like it could go out at any moment, the object of Rule of this rule had very less Rule power left than other Level 2 Rules.

I stayed under this Rule for more than minuit but I did not feel any connection to it, feeling disappointed I walk to Rule of Sun.

Hot! Immensely hot, I feel like my soul is burning, the Rule of Fire and Rule fire seemed little marble in front of the gigantic mountain that's how powerful it felt despite having emitting very minuit power through the sigil.

"Chew chew!"

Before I could try to sense my connection with it, I heard an excited chirp from Ashlyn and felt my shoulder lighter, when I opened my eyes, I was only able to catch a glimpse of the Ashlyn pa.s.sing the door where Object of Sunfire Rule is placed.

This completely caught me off guard as Ashlyn had been completely silent, not showing interest to any Rule but after I entered the range of Gunfire Rule, she directly went in.

Closing my eyes again, I concentrated on sigil and next moment I felt the connection and to my utter surprise, It is as strong as I felt with Rule of Fire and Rule of Sword.

This time I am not surprised after seeing Ashlynn went in, I felt I have quite a good chance with this Rule.

Now, I have three Rules which I felt a strong connection, with one stronger after another.

After some thinking, I've even decided which Rule I should comprehend and about to walk towards its door when my gaze fell on the last Rule that had remained.

The Rule of killing, I did not have much interest in this Rule, seeing it is about killing.

From what I have read there is no good Rule or Evil rule and Central continent have no discrimination against such Rules.

The use of Rule depends upon its user, whether he uses it for good or bad.

Still, I felt that I should at least take a look at how the rule of killing feels.

So, I walk toward Rule of Killing and as I enter its range, I felt blank for a while and the next moment I felt like I was in the huge battlefield and every second corpse are falling from the sky.

This rule felt like it had some craziness and madness inside that made user to kill whoever came into the way.

I took a couple of deep breaths and stabilized my emotion forcefully with my willpower.

If I did not have such willpower, their madness in this rule surely would have affected me.

I wanted to get out of its range but decided to give this Rule a chance that I did with other Rules.

" GASP!"

A loud gasp came out of my mouth when I started to see the connection, I thought I would not feel any connection to it but the opposite happened.

I felt a seamless connection with it that I did not feel with any other Rule, even my connection with Rule of Fire and Rule Sword seemed paled compared to it.

After coming out of its range and I started to think deeply.

Ten minutes later I made my decision and resolutely walked into the door to comprehend Rule of Killing.