Monster Integration - Chapter 295 Information

Chapter 295 Information

These inheritance are stored in the special crystals, the lowest level inheritance crystal cost one refined core while the highest level can't be brought with the crystal.I roam around the tents for more than an hour before I decided to go toward the fair, the people say it is a small fair but seeing a number of the people, the fair will be anything but small.

The fair is organized very near the mountain, so going there I can also take a look at the mountain which I am planning to take a look tomorrow."Gasp!"

I had to walk for an hour before I could reach the fair but I reached it, I couldn't help but gasp. I did not let out a gasp seeing the fair which is bigger than I imagined but I let of gasp seeing the mountain.I thought there is something inside it which exert mental and physical on one as one climb higher but I was so wrong.

This mountain is running sculpture, on every part of runes are carved, every stair is carved with runes and these runes due to some unexplainable equation with each other, which intern release the suppressing pressure.In this mountain, higher on climbs more pressure one has to bear.

This mountain is about 3000 meters tall and has about 2900 steps. Every step increases the pressure and sometimes the pressure became so hard for someone to bear that they directly fainted.These fainted people will directly be disqualified and never able to attempt the test in this awakening ground.

Most people climb down if the pressure became too much for them, in this way they can attempt this test again.I can see thousands of people climbing the mountain with excited expression while those who were climbing down tired and dejected.

From what I heard, seniors of people here advise them to climb the whole mountain in one go because it is very hard to climb in the second time that first for some reason.Tomorrow I will climb the mountain, it will be very hard but if I tried hard enough then I can definitely reach the top and it and enter the palace to comprehend the Rule power.

Sighing I look away from the mountain, there is no need to think about tomorrow, I will think about when I climb the mountain tomorrowThe fair in front of me is bigger than I had imagined, there are thousands of shops which are selling different type of things.

When I looked at the things they are selleasiering, I became quite shocked because the things which are casually placed here are extremely rare in the westblood.Such as totem artifacts and totem making materials and their prices also little cheaper than that of the westblood.

There are three in which one can buy and sell stuff here, first is the most common and ancient bartering, one can barter with stuff he has or they need, second is Mana cores which are universally accepted currency but very few from westblood have it especially those below the master stage.The third and last way is Wisdom credits, it is the currency of wisdom tower. on can easily obtain the wisdom credits after selling one's stuff to varies booths erected by wisdom tower people.

This Wisdom credits seemed quite credible as many shop owners didn't seem to mind taking the Wisdom currency but when I looked at the value of wisdom credits, I became quite shocked.1000 Wisdom credits are equal to 1 unrefined mana crystal compare to our currency which is 1 million credits equal to 1 unrefined mana crystal.