Monster Integration - Chapter 296 The Tes

Chapter 296 The Tes

Sigh … I finally closed the book on my holowatch, It took me more than a day to read all the reading material that I brought.

I thought I would finish reading it by late night but I was so wrong, I started to read yesterday afternoon right after I returned to my camp.

I read till night and today the whole day till now, only then I was able to finish the whole reading material.

I was going to take the test today but I spent the whole day in reading, It is worth it though as now I have a better idea about the test and most importantly The Rule Power.

I now knew all I need to know, after doing one thing that is left, I will be completely ready to climb the mountain tomorrow.

Standing in the center of the tent, I started to perform the exercise of the night blade style, I had little berserk energy hidden in my body which I have to merge in my body, so it will enhance the strength of my body by a fraction.

I started to perform the exercise, I did not much feel about the first half an hour like the last time but after that, I started to feel my muscle tightening and resistance is building because of that.

As resistance kept building, my body started to contract and deform at the cellular level because of that the berserk energy in my body started merging with my body, this went on for thirty-five minutes and in that time the hidden berserk energy completely merged in my body.

The resistance also started to weaken rapidly after that and five minutes later I stopped doing exercise.

This time I only performed the exercise for little more than an hour, it is compared to the eleven hours it had taken me last time.

That time I had way more berserk energy hidden in the body and its level also high that is why it took me so much time.

I took a quick shower after I finish doing exercise and after that I fell asleep directly, tomorrow going to be an important day, if I pa.s.sed the test then it will going to change my life forever.

I woke up next feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any challenges that came in my way, I quickly finished my morning duties and started to cook for us.

After eating I went out of my tent toward and started to walk toward the mountain with Ashlyn on my shoulder.

I hope to climb the mountain and enter the palace, this will be very difficult but I will give my all, I thought with determination.


I heard a familiar voice behind me, only to see it is billy and Nigel are coming toward me.

"So, you guys made." I said smiling as they came near me, "if you had made then why couldn't we!" replied Billy with a smile as he hit me lightly on the shoulder.

"When do you guys arrived here?" I asked as we started to walk toward the mountain, "Two days ago, you?" Billy replied and asked me the the same question.

"Me too, I also arrived two days ago," I replied. I lied, I arrived three days ago at night but I don't want to tell them that lest they feel bad seeing how they are one stage higher than me but still were a day late.

"You are attempting the test now, right?" Nigel asked I nodded. There is no need to hide as I am I directly waling toward the mountain.

"You guys?" I asked I am not sure if they are attempting the test or going toward the fair as they were wearing normal clothes like me.

"We are also climbing the mountain today." answered billy and Nigel, both of their faces became serious when they answered that.

No one said anything after that, everyone knows that it is going to be very difficult. This King grade Awakening ground where barely one in thousand able to enter the palace, that is for the people of Central continent.

If it is that difficult for them then I can't imagine how difficult it is going to be for us

From what I sensed most of the people who came from the central continent have the power of trainee elite at least, these are just normal people. The good ones have the power of super-elite and some even stronger than that.

They are just common evolvers of the central continent, some were from low-level organizations while others are like me were free adventurers.

Our walk was silent and soon we reached the base of the mountain. There is no restriction here anyone can attempt the test except for those who had become unconscious and got disqualified.

There are tens of runic circles could be seen in the base of the mountain, become people could be seen appearing now and then. These people are the ones who got fainted on the mountain and got disqualified.

As long as one failed for more than half an hour he will get directly get teleported and disqualified and if he tried to enter it he will pear the three times more pressure than normal people face.

The tests time is one day, In one day one had to climb this mountain fully if one was still on the mountain when the day was over, he will get disqualified.

If you don't want to get disqualified then you will have to climb down the mountain withing day time to try again.

If it were normal mountain without any pressure then It would have taken me almost 45 minutes to climb up and half of that to climb down but alas it is not the normal mountain.

There are 2712 one had to climb to reach the top of the mountain and pa.s.s the test, with every test there will be a slight increase in physical and mental pressure.

From the information I've read, it said that is physical pressure is very easy to bear, it is mental pressure that eliminates more than Ninety percent partic.i.p.ant.

If it were just a test of physical pressure then more than 90% of partic.i.p.ants would have pa.s.sed this test easily.

The information says that about 80% people eliminated before they could climb the 1000 stairs, of the remaining 20%, only 3% to 4% were able to reach 2000th steps and those reach the stop are less than 0.1%.

Less than 0.1% this the number of people who can reach the top, this is how difficult the test is us.

As three of walking toward the stars of the mountain, both Billy and Nigel looked at me with surprise.

"You are bringing your monster as well?" Billy asked in surprise, "Yes, I think she has better chances to pa.s.s the test than me." I replied.

"Hahhaha…" both of them started to laugh hearing that as if I told the biggest joke.

I am not surprised seeing their reaction as very few people would not react the same as they did.

"Chew chew!"

Ashlyn angry chirp could be heard as she looked the two who laughing at her and seeing the chubby bird angry they laughed even more.

Monsters can also give the test and they also have to bear a similar pressure as us but very most people did not bring it monsters pa.s.sing percentage is ten times less than the human.

Monster have strong bodies from the birth which human could never able to compare but a mental stage of monsters are said to be weaker than humans that is why very very few monsters were able to pa.s.s the test.

What I said earlier is no a joke, I genuinely believe Ashlyn have better chance to pa.s.s the test than me seeing how stubborn and tenacious she is.

All of us turned serious as reached from of the 1st step of the mountain, It looked like normal mountain stair the only difference is the runes are carved on it.

Runes could be seen carved on every part of the mountain, these runes are the reason we feel mental and physical pressure walking on it.

"Best of luck to both of you!" I said to Nigel and billy, and put my feet on the first step of the mountain.