Monster Integration - Chapter 294 Inheritance

Chapter 294 Inheritance

That not all, I've even heard that if one's comprehension is high enough then one can see the memories of that King stage powerhouse through the Totem and if one got even lucky then he could even obtain the legacy of that King stage powerhouse through the memories stored in that Totem Artifact.

I did not know what King stage powerhouse is but the expression wors.h.i.+p I saw on their face, I can say that the King stage powerhouse is very powerful.

There are many things I heard that I did not understand or understood only a small part of it that thinking about them making my head hurt.

Well, I am happy just given chance, these Wisdom Tower people are really good if they wanted they could have easily blocked the boundary and we would not able to an awakening ground but they did not.

They treated us like the rest of people from the central continent without discrimination, I heard that many people were not happy with it and went to complain but when they had returned with all their bones broken.

It is in Wisdom Towers maxim that to teach without the discrimination, it said to be coming from the founder of Wisdom Tower itself.

My head is starting to hurt a little, I have been awake for eighteen hours and feeling very hungry, I quickly have to find a place to pitch my tent and eat before sleeping.

I was in luck that Ashlyn is sleeping inside me, if she were awake she blasted my ears with chirp for feeling hungry.

These people of wisdom tower were really helpful, they had placed a map on every intersection, so, I can see where the people from my continent staying.

After fifteen minutes walking, I saw the thousands of cheap tents in a neat line, once in while expensive tent-like Jim's could be seen.

It's not like our tents are cheap, it's just that tents that the people from the central continent have are really great compared to their tents, our tents do seem cheap.

I activated my tent in open s.p.a.ce in a neat line like others, tents have to be in a straight line and with a distance of two-meter between them.

It is one of the rules of the awakening ground, like map these people also projected rules of the awakening ground at every intersection between tent blocks and there is different punishment for every rule.

If I did not pitch my tent according to direction then I will receive a flogging, these people do enforce the rule while coming here I saw two people being flogged.

New people could be seen every few seconds, the area around my tent was empty a minute ago is now filled with tens of new tents.

Only six days had pa.s.sed since I came to know about the Awakening Ground and five days since the various Organisations and government opened gates of Minerva realm.

So, people are still coming, their number will increase exponentially in two to three days time.

After activating my camp first thing I did is take a quick shower and wore normal clothes, there is no need to wear training suit or armor in Awakening Ground.

No one dares to lift a hand much less kill in the territory of Wisdom Tower, I have to commend to that martin as he broke the rules.

He survived because his organization was a small subsidiary of Wisdom Tower, otherwise, he would have been killed.

I took out Lieutenant stage monsters meat from my storage and started to cook it.

This is the first time cooking it and quite excited to see how will it taste.

"Chew chew!"

Ashlyn came out and chirp excitedly as she saw me cooking lieutenant stage monster meat.

It took me more than an hour to cook the dish but it finished I couldn't control the saliva off my mouth.

"Mmmm!" I quickly served myself and Ashlyn, when I took my first bite, I could help but make the sound. It was delicious, it is delicious with soft spicy favor.

As I was eating the food, I started to feel eat in my body, I just ate half a plate but I already started to feel the heat.

I soon finished my plate and did not take a second serving as I already felt full just eating a single plate, Ashlyn also did not ask for the second plate-like she usually does, after she finished her plate she lay on her stomach and closed her eyes.

Sleep started to elude when I was cleaning the plates but I controlled it, it's been nearly twenty hours since the last time I slept, it would have been fine If I sleep day or two but these twenty hours were quite stressful both physically and mentally due to that I am feeling very sleepy.

I fell asleep just as my head touches the pillow, the sleep was uneventful and dreamless, I felt quite relaxed in body and mind when I woke up.

I slept for a little more than nine hours, after waking up I did my morning activities and took a long shower before wearing normal clothes.

Today I just plan to explore this awakening ground and listen to the people's conversation as for the test, I will attempt it tomorrow.

I would climb the mountain today but I controlled myself as I know only basic about the test and its full details.

I plan to explore this awakening ground today and listen to the conversation, only knowing after all the details about the test will I attempt it.

I heard yesterday that it is fair, I decided to check it and see if I could buy the information about the test.

What I know is basic, it will be best if I could complete information which will help solve my doubts.

Ashlyn had already woken up when I was showering and is waiting for her meal, I quickly heated the leftovers of yesterday.

We finished our lunch quickly and went out of the tent with Ashlyn on my shoulder, yesterday when I entered this realm was asleep, she only wakes up in a time of the dinner.

She didn't have time to explore this realm yesterday but now that we have come, she is looking around curiously everywhere but soon her gaze focused on the mountain.

She kept her eyes focused on the mountain for a minute before looking away while I roam the area where people from Westblood is staying but I saw no familiar faces.

When I saw the logo of jims organization of some people chests, I asked them about Jim, hoping they knew about him but they have no idea who is as they are not from westblood city branch but from some other branch of his organization.

I walk away and started to roam the sea of tents, there is no chaos here, everything is well organized and no one dares to make trouble as they fear the guards in blue.

I continue to explore while listening to the conversation of the people, most of it is useless to me like their gossip and rumor-mongering but not all was wasteful and I learned a lot from hearing their conversations.

As I was walking, I heard a very interesting conversation and when I connected to tidbits I heard yesterday and today, I come to know a piece of very interesting and shocking information.

This information is very common knowledge in Central continent but to people like me is shocking.

Jim and jill may have Idea about it as their parents are high places in the organization but I have no idea about it.

The thing they talk about Inheritance or Inheritance crystals, I heard this term yesterday and today but I only able to connect the dots now after hearing that conversation.

Inheritance is the thing one needs if one wants to level up from the twelve basic stages, every inheritance can take you to the Legend stage which is the highest stage one can reach in the world but some inheritances good and some inheritances bad.

There are thousands of type of inheritances but best ones are in the hands of Supreme Level organizations hands and because of these extremely powerful inheritances and because of these inheritances they are so powerful.