Monster Integration - Chapter 293 Awakening Ground

Chapter 293 Awakening Ground

With my strengthening skill activated, I moved my scarlet sword toward the heart of the monster to take out its core but before that, I will have to cut the hard defensive skin of the Ice Venom Scorpion.

I started to feed the mana to the sword but to my utter surprise, no matter how much mana I fed, it never reached its limit.

Normally knight grade artifact reach their limit after you feed it enough mana but this sword kept guzzling mana, It seemed like it had an insatiable hunger for mana.

The only indication the sword showing that it is guzzling the mana that it is faintly glowing.

The more mana I feed, the brighter it glows. The glow is not bright but very faint, one can see its glow gets brighter as I kept feeling it more mana.

Seeing slow speed its brightness increasing, I think I will have to continuously feed it the mana for more than a day before I could make it glow brighter.

Well, it's a good thing for me, if I ever accidentally ate the core which I can't handle then I can speedily convert the berserk energy to mana and feed it to the sword.

I knew that Totem artifact takes a lot of mana to power up but did not expect they need this much amount of mana.

After continuously feeling it mana for five minutes I stop and look at the sword excitedly, it is glowing very faintly but I can feel its power had increased many times.


When I moved my sword to cut the defensive skin of Ice Venom Scorpion, I was shocked to find that the sword went after initially feeling a slight obstruction and surprising thing is I didn't apply much force on it as I should, to cut the peak Master stage monsters defensive skin.

'This totem artifact stronger than I thought!' I said as I effortlessly took out its monster core from its heart.

I resumed my journey after I collected its venom from its stinger, the venom of monsters are expensive and many times more expensive, especially special venoms like this Ice Venom Scorpion.

The rest of the journey was pretty much uneventful as the closer I got toward the entrance, the more people I came across.

When I reached near the boundary of Awakening ground, I found thousands and thousands of people who are coming from every direction of the Region 9 entering the spatial boundary.

Aspirations and dreams could be clearly seen in their eyes as they crossed the boundary, my heart also started to thumb loudly looking at the boundary.

After crossing this boundary, I will come across the once in a lifetime opportunity, an opportunity like this rarely come across our continent.

Like the thousands of people, I came in front of the Spatial boundary of the Awakening ground and took a step inside it.


What I saw me take a gasp directly, there is a sea of tents in front of me, thousands and thousands of tents could be seen, there must be over a hundred thousand tents in here but that is not what made me gasp.

What made me gasp Mountain far away which is emitting the suppression might.

The mountain is very tall and seems the center of the sea of the tent.

The gigantic mountain had stairs carved on it, there is not a single part of the mountain which had no stairs.

On the stairs, thousands of ant-like people could be seen climbing, they are likely reaching for the palace-like structure that is at the tip of the mountain.

I am very far away from the mountain but I can still feel the majesty of it, it felt like this mountain is alive as it keeps releasing the might that seems to suppress my very soul.

Thank G.o.d the suppression is very light, if it had been higher then I wouldn't be able to walk.

The night is very beautiful under light of a full moon and stars, under this night sky people could be seen everywhere.

Not only the people in aqua blue gear could be seen making the rounds now and then, wherever they pa.s.sed people give them s.p.a.ce on their own, respect, awe and envy could be seen in people's eyes whenever they looked at the people in blue gear.

These people who seem to guard this place are from the same organization as the three people whom I come across in Region 9.

Here I am on my own, Jim only said that I will able to comprehend some Rule power after pa.s.sing the test, this all he said.

He did not explain what rule power is or what test I have to pa.s.s to gain that power.

Sigh, taking a sigh I started to walk randomly, all the people here seem to be from the Central continent.

From the gear, they are wearing and how brazenly they are showing their Totem artifact and tents which seemed even better than Jim's, all this indicates that they are from the central continent.

Every now and then new people could see transported and whoever transported seem to come from Region 9, I have never seen anyone from the central continent people appear suddenly.

They must have a stable entrance to this realm.

Since I didn't know anything, I decided to listen to conversations that I happening around me, If I listened enough, I will know all I need to know.

I slow down my pace of walk and started listening to the conversation of people, as I walk I started to pick a few things from the conversation.

These people from the central continent the same language as our but the accent they spoke is very different from us, it felt very exotic.

I had to keep listening to their conversation for two hours before I could understand the reality of this realm.

It turns out what Jim said is true, it's just that he provided too little information.

When I connected what Jim told me and what I learned from listening to the conversations of those from the central continent, everything became crystal clear.

It turns out this one of the awakening grounds of the Wisdom Tower, a Supreme level organization in the central continent. This Wisdom Tower is one of the strongest organizations in the central continent and is neutral in nature.

People of Wisdom Tower always remain neutral but they are benevolent and does not discriminate in their teaching as long as it does not involve their secrets.

This Awakening Ground is King grade awakening ground also the highest stage Wisdom Tower opened for general public and Wisdom Tower rarely open their Kind grade Awakening Ground to the general public.

They seemed to be in awe whenever they talk about this king level awakening ground but at the same time also very anxious as it very hard its test.

The test is very simple, one just have to climb the mountain and reach the top and one will get the chance to comprehend the power of the Rule but climbing the mountain is not a simple thing.

The test is so hard that only four to five people out of a thousand people able to pa.s.s, The test is tested one's mental and physical fort.i.tude.

One stage did not affect the result as they will bear pressure according to their level.

When I heard that I got very startled if this test for so difficult for them that only five people of thousand can pa.s.s then it will be near impossible for us.

I even heard quite interesting new that most people talking about, it is said that those who can pa.s.s the and comprehend Rule will qualify for the members.h.i.+p exam of Wisdom Tower.

It is said that exam to join Wisdom Tower is many times harder than this test but to these people that is enough as just that chance will open countless opportunities for them.

These people in Aqua blue gear are a lowest-level member of Wisdom Tower but each and everyone then had pa.s.sed the Exam of Wisdom Tower.

They may be lowest level members of Wisdom Tower but their one move is enough to crush any elite of their organization.

That is very whenever they looked at people wearing aqua blue respect and envy both could be seen in their eyes.

As for what Rule is, It is the power that runs this world, there are thousands, millions of Rules, no one knows but the rules exist everywhere.

The Rules can be elemental type like water, fire, earth, etc or weapon types like a sword, spear, knives lance or concept type lite cutting, piercing, killing, etc and different other types.

If one wants to explain in simple words then whatever we do or think is Rule and If one able gasp or comprehend this power, one can become powerful beyond imagination.

What Jim had said true, If Private stage comprehends Rule to the highest level then he even kills the strongest powerhouse of the world.

The power of Rule transcend stages but normally only those who had crossed the twelve basic stages comprehend the Rule but there is always an exception and awakening ground is one of such.

In the palace at the top of the mountain, there are 237 objects are placed in the 237 halls.

These objects are mainly Totem artifacts of King level powerhouses and these objects emit power of Rule that King level powerhouse comprehended.

As long as one concentrates on it then one will have a chance to comprehend Rule power that the object is emitting.