Monster Integration - Chapter 288 Setting Out II

Chapter 288 Setting Out II

The Region 8 is a region full of the hills, wherever one looks he will find himself surrounded by small and big hills.

Currently, I am running on the big hill crossing it to reach the other side, In my way, I've come across many Corporal stage monsters but all of them were killed by the single swing of my sword.

Till now, I haven't come across any Sergeant stage and above stage monsters but I know my luck isn't that good, I will meet them at some point.

It would be fine if the monster is Sergeant stage or Master stage, one I can kill and from another one I can run but if I come across the Lieutenant stage monster then even running away is going to be difficult.

On top of that monsters, Region 8 stronger than Monsters of Region 7 by few percents due to the density of mana, the higher realm you go, the denser mana you will experience.

It is mana density that makes monsters stronger, not only a monster but humans would also become stronger if they started to live in the mana density places.

It is said that the density of the central continent is very high that even average adventurers their ability to reach the top of twelve stages and some even go realm after that.

If average adventures there could reach the top of twelve basic stages then I can't imagine how high talented people can go.

I used to think that all the rumors are fake but Jim said most of I heard in the rumor is true as his parents once been to the central continent a few years ago.

He said that not everyone could go to the central continent if one wants to go their one have to cross the sea and the sea is full of monsters that even those who reach the top stage of twelve basic stages can't contend against.

If one wants to leave for the central continent, then they need the help of the organizations as only organizations have the safe way to reach the central continent.


A sudden growl helps me out of my thinking and I swung my sword instinctive, cutting the Corporal level monster in two.

That was close! I thought with a sigh, I was too engrossed in my daydream about the central continent that I got distracted and failed to notice that the monster had come attacking me.

If it had been Master stage monster in its place I would have been in great trouble, I had to be extra vigilant from now on and stop my daydream.

Hearing about the rumors of the central continent, some sort of fascination had developed in my mind toward it, so, whenever I think about it, I got lost in its fantasies.

Till now what I heard, had heard the rumors but soon I can whey true or not.

Jim had said that there are thousands of people from the awakening ground from the central continent, I can definitely ask them if the rumors are true or not.

Fire Strike! "Thud!"

An hour after I left my tent, I come across the first Sergeant stage monster and after I kept coming across them every now and then, that I had just killed peak sergeant stage monster.

It didn't take me more than three seconds to remove its core and after that, I started my journey again.

Many humans also could be seen now and then across the hills, some were fighting the monsters while others running toward Spatial boundary layer just like me.

Some people were in the group while others were solo but most of the people were in the group as Region 8 is too dangerous to be traversed in solo, only those people traveled in solo in region 8, who had confidence in their ability.

Some were tried to talk to me join their group but I rejected them, all of them who asked me were either at Corporal stage or Sergeant stage, there is no meaning me joining their group as most weaker than me or have ability equal to me.

I had already decided that if I joined a group, it's already lead by Master stage evolver otherwise there is no meaning in joining them as my speed is already great and the only monsters that could pose a threat to me are peak Master stage and lieutenant stage monsters.

"Hun!" I saw many bodies of monsters on the way but this is my first time seeing the dead body of a human in Region 8.

It is not even a complete body, most are already eaten.


I threw a fireball at it and the whole body started to burn and in minutes, all that was left were artifact and ashes.

I don't want to fish artifacts of the ashes but I did that if I did not take that some else will and I really need the money that comes from selling these artifacts, seeing all the artifacts are knight grade one.

I wanted to buy a Totem artifact after getting out of this realm and for that, I will need the money. The refined mana cores I have is very precious and are used in Totem making, I don't want to sell them if possible.

After collecting the artifact, I again started to run, while running half of my focus on the way while another half on the monster core that is my stomach.

Earlier after I had eaten the monster core, I barely able to control it but over time it is becoming a little easier.

Time pa.s.sed by and two hours pa.s.sed since I had left my cave, in these two hours I come across four more bodies of the too were clearly looted but the thieves did not have the dignity to burn the bodies.

I may have taken the artifact from the bodies but I at least have the audacity burn the bodies to ashes, not leaving them in a wild to be eaten by monsters.

All the specialist monsters came across me killed as for the master stage, I deliberately avoided but still some of them just too persistent, just ten minutes ago I left behind the mid-level Master stage monster that had been following me for the last forty-five minutes.

I still have the power to kill Initial level Master stage monsters of Region 8 despite them being clearly stronger than the same level of the monster in Region 6 but to those monsters who are above the Initial level of Master stage, I can do anything to them as their defense is d.a.m.n strong and no matter which attacks launch at them.

Even my trump card that Special bolt of fire strike failed to pierce the defense of Mid-level Master stage monsters. So, I will have to be careful of them.

Only two hours had pa.s.sed since I left my cave and I am still in a relatively safe area, It will be quite dangerous as I get closer to the boundary.

As I run through the hills I came across hundreds of people and the only thing relived me that everyone I spotted all of them is Corporal stage or above.

It looks like the organization put a limit on Specialist stage evolvers to enter in Minerva realm or they are just being late due to their low power.

When I entered the realm, there were more than two hundred thousand Specialist stages entered the realm with, even if organizations didn't allow any new specialist to come, there were still more than enough Specialist stage evolvers in the realm already.

They will surely be attracted to this opportunity in the awakening ground, I just hope that too many people won't die in their way.

Climbing through the big hill I heard the sound of fighting, hearing that I stopped climbing and took a detour around it immediately, it will take a few minutes more but I will not have to fight the monsters.

I have come across these scenes tens of times and this time is nothing new.

As I was taking a detour, I found something is coming toward me speedily and Instinctively I activated my defense skill and expanded mine s.h.i.+ed to the full size.

"Clank clank clank…."

next moment hundreds of iron spikes clashed against s.h.i.+eld, The impact of these iron spikes so strong that I had to take a step back despite having such body.

I stayed on my spot without moving an inch to counter against any incoming attacks.

I hate these wind range attacks most, one can even run away if want as he will get hit by attack no matter he runs unless he is very fast.


Soon the culprit walks out of trees with its eyes locked on me, I had already guessed it will be this monster but seeing it, I couldn't help but curse.

Iron Spiked hedgehog, one of the most annoying monsters of Region 8, this monster like to skew its prey with spikes and one wouldn't even able avoid it seeing their quant.i.ty and the area they encompa.s.s.

As for how dangerous they are, one can know easily seeing the wretched condition of trees around me.

If I had the greater speed I have now, I would have run away as there would have been a chance to avoid its spikes but now if I run away now, I would needlessly get injured over and over and it will surely follow me to the end.

The best option is to kill it or injure it enough that it won't able to follow me and I think I can do go with both options seeing the Monster is at only Initial level of Master Stage.