Monster Integration - Chapter 289 Absolute Astonishemen

Chapter 289 Absolute Astonishemen

Iron Spiked Hedgehog mostly attack with long-range attacks but believing it can't attack close range would be utter idiocy that can make one lose his life.

It is one of the smallest Master stage monsters I've ever seen in the Minerva realm but that is only compared to other Master stage monsters as this monster is still six meters long.

After every attack new iron spikes produce on its skin and whenever it sensed danger it would roll into a ball and that time its defense would increase three times.

"Clank clank clank….."

Another shower of iron spikes came at me and clashed against my s.h.i.+eld, this time I was much prepared and defended against the iron spiked without taking a step back.

If I had experienced this attack before berserk energy merged into my body, I would have had to take at least three steps back but now despite the intense shock of traveled in the body, I stood still without moving a step.

My s.h.i.+eld is expanded to full size and taking a lot of mana from me, seeing that I am not worried as currently, mana is the thing I most have.

"Squeal Squeal!"

It squealed angrily seeing its both of its attack failed and moved its spiked to attack me the third time.

I stood still on my place seeing that and did not move my s.h.i.+eld, Iron spiked Hedgehog can attack three times consciously as new spiked start forming after its attack but after attacking three times consecutively, the speed of forming spiked slowed considerably.

That will be my time to attack, not only will I be able to attack without worrying about the iron spikes coming at me but after I attack and it was able to roll into a ball in time, its defense will be not as strong as its peak half the defense is due to those iron spikes on its skin.

"Clank clank clank…."

It launched and its spiked attack again but this time it did something different, not only it attacked me with its spikes, but it also came at me with its claws out.

The Master stage monsters are quite smart, this monster front of me knew that after it attacked the third time, it will quite defenseless if its spiked didn't hit me, so, it attacked me proactively.

Even if it's Iron spiked attack failed, it can attack me with its clause and that is more dangerous than its spikes but unfortunately, it judged me wrong.

Despite its good speed, it won't be able to come near me before I finished my attacks.

Fire strike! Fire Strike! Fire strike!

I launched three special bolts of fire strike before it had crossed the half distance.

Seeing three fire bolts coming toward it, it knew they were like threatening and rolled into the ball without thinking.

"Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!"

Three special bolts of fire strike pierced through the iron armor of the monster without getting any obstructions.

The only disappointing thing is that when it rolled onto the ball, the target of fire bolts s.h.i.+fted, instead of attacking its head, they attacked its back.


A long painful squeal could be heard from its body as my three bolts pierced its body, these firebolts are very dangerous, not only they pierced through the body but as they enter inside, they released fiery heat which would burn whatever comes in its way.

The fire bolts have become more dangerous after my fire ability got upgraded, not only its temperature is raised, it even got slight sticky quality in it that makes my fire even more lethal.

It had made a very big mistake rolling into the ball, its defense may have increased this way but It also made itself an open target and now It had become a wooden board for me I have to hit.

Fire strike! Fire strike! Fire strike! Fire strike! Fire strike!

I launch five fire strike and all of them struck at the single point and the next moment it stopped making a movement.

Two bolts would have been enough to kill it but seeing Iron spikes that coming out its body, thinking its defense would have been increased, I launched five bolts out precaution, leaving nothing to chance.

Seeing it is completely dead, I moved toward it to take out its monster core. The battle may look like it had taken long but it has finished in just finished in less than two minutes.

While I was removing the core I sensed two people coming toward me, I am surprised to see them as already sensed them watching me when I was fighting the monster and has always been ready to defend if they decided to attack me.

I calmly take out the core from the monster despite sensing two people behind me, only when I removed the core out of monster body did I look at them.

They were two people, a girl, and a boy, both of them looked about two years older than me.

They both at the initial stage of the Master stage and from the sound I heard earlier are likely from them.

"Friend you are very good to be able to kill the Master stage monster at being Corporal stage." Said the boy in a jovial tone.

"I am Kieran and this is my friend Jenna," he introduced himself and the girl beside him.

"Micheal!" I replied.

"Micheal, I am sure you would also going toward the boundary, we were wondering if you came with us, with you with us I don't think we will have to fear anything but Lieutenant stage monsters," he said.

"Ok," I replied, what he said true, with three of us we won't have to fear any Master stage monster and looking at the Gla.s.s Knight's emblem and purple star mak below it, clearly shows they are Elite of gla.s.s knight.

With their power, they will able to kill initial and Mid-level master stage monster and with the power of three of us, we can even contend against the Peak Master stage monster.

The only monster which can harm us is a lieutenant stage but they are very few in the Region as only a few days ago restriction is lifted, so, there is a very tiny chance of coming across it and we really do come across it then it is our bad luck.

"Let's not waste time then!" said Kieran and three of us started to run toward the boundary.

As we started running, I had to use my full speed just to match their speed. I had to use my speed skill with the limit and the strengthening skill which gave a boost to my speed only then I was able to barely maintain speed as theirs.

I like the challenges and I am quite enjoying to push myself to the limit just to run the same speed as them.

As we ran through the hills, many monsters came on our way but they all got killed.

Just after a half-hour later we came across the group of seven master stage Monsters with Mid-level Master stage monster as their leader but the whole group of monster is finished by us within thirty seconds.

Both of them quite powerful being Elite of their organization and are very experienced, so we keep running toward our destination cutting every obstruction that came in our way.

"Micheal, were you already in the realm or came in with after the announcement is made?" asked Kieran while we were running, this is first-time Kieran had spoken after he asked to join their group.

"I was in the Realm." I replied, "You guys?" I asked back.

"We were outside and entered the realm after our organization informed us of the Awakening ground." he replied, his voice is full of hope when he said the word 'Awakening Ground.'

"How do the organizations informed you about this awakening ground?" I asked, I so wanted to know about how the organizations this news outside but didn't ask as that doesn't seem quite right, seeing as we are quite unfamiliar with each other but now Kieran had launched this topic, now I can ask then without worry.

"Oh, they asked us to come to the branch wherever we are through emergency communication and explained that there is awakening ground opened in Minerva realm and whoever able to grasp this opportunity will be made super-elite no matter the cost."

Well looks like they didn't announce the whole detail about the awakening ground but they didn't have to as they had put the treat of Super Elite in front of the.

The super-elite are completely different, they are very powerful and each and every person who entered the organization have dreamed of becoming one but the conditions are very that barely one in ten thousand able to become one.

So when their organization dangled the treat of Super Elite in front of them, they readily agreed to enter the realm without thinking how dangerous that journey is going to be.

"All of us went mad hearing this and above 90% percent of people from Corporal to Lieutenant stage chose to go to this awakening ground."

"They even offered this specialist Stage one condition they have to take a test first, only those who pa.s.sed the test would be able to enter the real, I heard that the test is super hard," said Kieran.

It was good that they only letting in the strong specialist stage evolver other there would be a clear slaughter of them after they entered Region 6 and up.

"They didn't announce it to the adventurer? I asked casually, I really wanted to know if the organization announced this popularity and how the normal adventures reacted to it.

"They did, in fact, they posted all to all the adventurer's paradise buildings across the con.""Rooooar!"

H e is about to finish this sentence when heard roar abruptly, it was so loud and full of might that hair on all my body stood up.

Without thinking all three of changed the direction ran toward the opposite direction, wanting to get away from the monster that made this roar.

That roar is definitely not from Master stage monster, it is definitely from Lieutenant stage monster.

"Where are you running?"

We heard a feminine voice asking a question and the next moment a twenty-meter long monster crashed, in front of us.

We were horrified seeing this! we are not horrified seeing the Lieutenant monster but the gruesome injuries on Lieutenant grade monster and next moment a cute girl about fifteen years walked out of the forest holding lance that is too big for her size.

If it were any other time I would have shouted Adorable seeing a cute girl holding such big lance but this time didn't even dare to breathe loudly.

"Little monster, you hand run enough!" said the girl and next moment she threw her lance at monster and monster wanted to dodge this spear and started to run but her spear was too fast that we weren't able to track it with our eyes.


We only heard the sound lance piercing the lieutenant stage monster head and next moment the monster fell down with a thud.

We look at the fifteen-year girl in wonder as she was able to kill the lieutenant stage monsters but soon our expression turn that of absolute shock and thought that the monster is not the beast that is lying dead but the little girl who had killed the monster.

Specialist stage! this fifteen-year girl is just Specialist stage and in Initial level at that.

" is this possible?" spoke Jenna stutteringly, this is the first time I hear Jenna spoke but I count care less about that as I am watching that fifteen-year monsters take out the lance out of the monsters head.

"Lily, why do you kill this poor defenseless monster?" Another voice rang and out and next moment I saw an extremely beautiful girl appeared next to a cute girl.