Monster Integration - Chapter 287 Setting Ou

Chapter 287 Setting Ou


A slight scream came out of my mouth as I tried to lift my tired body but due to the extreme soreness, I started to feel pain all over my body.

Though the weakness is fading at the visible rate and I am also feeling relieved from soreness but it will take ten to fifteen minutes to feel normal again.

This is the first time I had spent so much time doing the exercise, the most time I've ever spent on it is four hours but this time it is nearly three times more than that.

After sitting up wincingly, I carefully concentrate my mental energy and start scanning my body, if I have done this before exercise I would have seen a lot of berserk energy hiding in every part of my body but now it is perfectly merged with my body.


While checking my body with mental energy, I notice that there is special green energy coming out, it was in very small quant.i.ty, If not I had concentrated all my energy on one spot, I wouldn't even be able to see it.

When I followed that energy, I noticed it was moving toward my temple into the seals I had in my temple s.p.a.ce, that is when I understood that this is a special vitality is returning back to seals and probably only because of this energy, I was successfully able to merge the berserk energy in my body.

There was a whole lot of berserk energy in my body but now It had all been merged and I am very excited to see what kind of changes it brought to my body.

Soon enough energy returned to my body that I was able to move and muscle pain I was feeling lessened quite a bit.

The first thing I did after gaining control over my mobility is to shower, only after was.h.i.+ng this tiredness out of would I be able to do anything.

After taking a cold shower, I stood in the center of my tent, I would have loved to go outside and see the effect of merging but I can't do that seeing the mayhem which happening outside.

I started to move my hands and feet in slow rhythm feeling the changes that brought within them, as I moved my body parts I found that my muscles had before very flexible.

The movement which was difficult for me do due flexibility now is easier to do.

The most startling change that merging brought is defense and strength of my body had increased, I had used my sword and apply enough pressure that will cut my skin lightly and draw a little blood but to my utter surprise, there was just a slight which line.

That surprised me quite a bit, I thought I would feel more resistance than normal but did not expect that I will only able to draw a flesh line only.

Not only that when I tried punches and kick, the sound they made through air greater than previously which means that my physical strength also increased.

This is just the starting, as I kept eating and converting more monster cores, I will have more berserk energy left in my body from it I can refine my body to make it stronger.

The only thing I will have to do is create more seals of supreme combat exercise, as only because of special vitality provided by the supreme combat exercise is helping me successfully merge the berserk energy with the body, otherwise, my body would have rejected refinement of the berserk energy.

As for how Wind Slayer combat style's exercise helping merge the Berserk energy in my body, it is done by a simple formula.

If one can consider flour dough my body then berserk energy is my body and exercise is the kneading process. So, simply what exercise does contract and deformed mine at the cell level.

In this process, the cells are stretched to limit and left some gap between then and berserk energy fit itself in those gaps, as my cells more contract deformed, the berserk energy then perfect spread equally in each cell with the help of special vitality released by seals of supreme combat exercise.

The night had already come and there is absolute mayhem outside, monsters are either fighting amongst themselves or forming the huge horde.

I fast-forwarded the footage of past 12 hours and got a little disappointed, I thought waves of people should have come by now but it turned out I was too optimistic, I will have to wait for a little more for that.

Ashlyn didn't disturb me whole day despite feeling bored being cooped up in the tent, current she is laying on the table with her eyes closed.

I did not disturb her and take out cooking utensils and material out of my storage, there is still a lot more food remaining in my storage but I got bored eating it twice so, I decided to cook a new dish for change of flavor.

I started cooking while humming an old song and in an hour the dinner is ready. I and Ashlyn ate till our stomachs full and I slept not long after seeing it is already late and I am still tired due to eleven hours exercise I did.

When I woke up at dawn I did what I am doing in the morning for the past three days, checking the footage.

When I opened footage of I turned happy, things have finally started to heat up, I spotted humans in the footage and looking at quickly they had killed the monsters, they seem quite powerful.

They finally started coming! I thought as I looked at the footage, now I just have to wait for a day or two and waves of human evolvers will descend on the Region 8 and slaughter will start.

Closing all the footage, I started to all my morning activities.

Three more days pa.s.sed in succession and It's been four days since I've been cooped up in my tent and did not take a step out.

In these three I did only two things reading and performing exercise but mostly reading the Totem books.

As for the exercise, after the first time took me eleven hours to complete, all the other exercises I did after that had finished in half an hour.

The resistance I felt due to the berserk energy in my body and after that berserk energy is fully merged, there was no resistance.

Today is the day I leave my tent, my plan is moving toward the Spatial boundary in Region 8, it would take me ten to 12 hours to reach.

I hope by the time evening rolls in, I would be near the spatial boundary ready to cross it to enter the Region 9.

For the last three days, there had slaughter happening across Region 8, till now quite lot monster would have been dead and also some humans.

I finished freshening up and bath within half an hour and heat up the yesterdays nights leftovers.

Soon we finished eating dinner and Ashlyn went inside me after I asked her to.

We may come across some expensive herbs and even Miracle fruit and Mystical medicine but we may also come across Master stage and Lieutenant stage monsters, that could swallow Ashlyn in a single bite before I could do anything.

So, it is best for Ashlyn to stay inside me and unsurprisingly Ashlyn didn't reject me, shad been very obedient for few days for some reason.

I didn't dwell on it, I am way too happy seeing this unruly birdy listening to me.


I took out a piece of core from my storage and gulp it, it is a piece of Corporal stage monster core which I had decided in eight parts.

As the core entered my stomach, I started to burning sensation as it started melting speedily, seeing that I concentrated all my energy into it.

The berserk energy of Corporal stage monster core is many times more powerful than the Specialist stage monster core but still, I barely able to control it.

I will have to be careful about it otherwise it will start melting speedily and I will have to waste time managing it which I clearly did not have.

Seeing everything is good, I get out of the cave and left toward the route I had decided on yesterday.