Monster Integration - Chapter 286 Merge

Chapter 286 Merge

When I woke up, I found I had slept for thirteen hours, the first thing I did was to look at footage from cameras I placed outside.

"As expected."

There were six cameras I placed on a different location around the camp, of the six footages only one is normal while on the other five, there is some kind of movement is going on.

On the two cameras, monsters could be seen fleeing while on the other two monsters could be seen fighting.

The most interesting is the last footage, on which I can see as monsters are grouping together, they are on the way to form a horde.

It is as I had expected, there will be more fights as time pa.s.sed on and bigger hordes would also be formed by monsters to tackle against foreign monsters that are encroaching on their territory.

After seeing what is happening now, I started to watch recorded footage of the last thirteen hours in a fast forward manner.

Nothing is out of my expectation, I thought to see the footage.

Now I just have to sit tight and wait for waves of people that came.

They will start arriving in Region 8 late today, tomorrow I will see the waves of evolvers and the bloodbath they will make.

After checking up everything is fine, I freshened up and take bath only to see Ashlyn is still sleeping.

She will wake up automatically when she smelled the smell of the food.

I did not cook lunch as we have much leftover left from yesterday, I just hated the leftovers.

In the storage, the food really lasts long, four to five times compared to outside.

"Chew chew!"

I heard Ashlyn chirp when I was just about to finish the heating the food, I knew she would wake up after smelling the food and she did.

After finis.h.i.+ng dinner, I watch the footage for some time before taking out books from my storage.

I am not going to leave my tent for two days at least and what better way to spend the time than reading the book.

Although this is all I am not going to that but reading a book is the best choice after eating lunch.

This is Totem Blueprint books I had bound in my knight grade storage, I had only read for a few hours and did not able to finish it.

Now, that I have time, I decided to go over it, I may not understand it fully but I will sure get basic of it.

As I started to read the book, I saw that the author not only explains the construction of runes clearly, he also explains what materials suit which runes.

The author explains the whole Totem making process step by step that even an idiot can make a totem after following the simple process written by the author.

Every book represents different Totem Blueprint and If I am able to reach the Lieutenant stage someday then I am definitely going to choose the Totem Blueprint from these 103 books to make my totem.

When I am thinking about Totem Blueprint, my mind wandered to the Totem. In this my few days in the Minerva realm, I had already collected half the money which I will need for Buying a Lieutenant stage totem which is the lowest grade.

I have seen jill and her brother fighting with their Totem artifacts and enhancement it provides is not low level and even Mid-level knight grade artifact could provide.

I also wanted to buy the Totem artifact before coming to Minerva realm and even one time I was even ready to sell the mana cores I have but I controlled myself from not buying it thinking I am going in Minerva realm in search for the challenge that could help me level up.

If I had brought the totem artifact then there is no meaning searching for the challenge as It will only increase my power and will not help me in leveling up but now I am totally regretting it.

Jill had told me to buy one and even willing to lend me some money in buying it, though I wouldn't have needed her money if I was willing to sell the refined mana core I have.

It would have made my journey to the Awakening Ground lot easier if I had the totem artifact with me.

It took me half a day roughly to finish reading the book, though I only understood very little especially the runic part.

it is enough for me, this book gave me quite a good idea on what actually is totem artifact and what type of things I will need.expectation

Reading it, one thing sure startled me is that thing it is mentioned are a level above the list of totem making material, if I want to construct totem according to this standard then I will have to work very art to find the materials.

Seeing all the cameras showing is within my expectation and no danger is approaching, I moved on the second thing I decided to do for today.

I stood in the center of a tent, where there is s.p.a.ce big enough for me to the exercise.

I stretch my body as to prepare myself to do WindSlayer Combat styles exercise, I haven't done ever since I had leveled up.

The instructor had said that once we created enough seals and our body is strong enough, we stop feeling the resistance from the exercise and from that day, we won't have to perform this exercise again.

I really want to see if my seventeen seals are enough for me to stop feeling the resistance of the Wind Slayer combat style.

I started on the floor, first I didn't feel anything as it took time to build up the resistance but as more times pa.s.sed I didn't feel anything.

Normally If I do it perfectly then in thirty to forty seconds but it been a minute but I did not feel anything.

I turn very happy seeing that, this means I had finally created enough seals that I won't have to do this exercise anymore.

I was about to stop when I felt a slight resistance, I first thought It might be my muscle that is aching up but I still decided to continue with my exercise.

Thinking if this is normal muscle ache then its fine, I will stop in a few seconds but if this is the resistance it building then I want to see how high it is.

As to keep performing the exercise, I found that the resistance is building but it is more than ten times slower than it used to be.

When I used to perform this exercise before, I started to feel full resistance at third to the fourth minute and it will continue for two hours before it started to decrease but It has been more than five minutes but resistance keeps building in my body ever so slowly.

Seeing that I increased the speed of my exercise but resistance speed only increase a little, there was not much change in its speed.

It this going on then It would take me half before I started to feel the resistance that I used to feel and what I thought held true, in the half-hour I started to feel the peak resistance that I used to feel before but the amazing thing is, it's still increasing at its turtle speed.

I would have stopped feeling it's turtle-like speed but I wanted to see how high the resistance it can build up.

Time pa.s.sed and hear hour had pa.s.sed and resistance had doubled and beads of sweat started to form on my temple but amazingly the resistance is keep building.

In the past hour, I perform this exercise three to five times a week except for when I go home, I used to do this exercise to relax and stretch my muscles.

This exercise helped me a lot, it may not directly increase my speed but It had always kept me fit and ready, that is why I kept performing this exercise whenever I have time while those who learned this exercise stopped doing it a year ago.

Another half an hour had pa.s.sed and resistance is still increasing, It been one half-hour I have been performing this exercise and my body.

All the clothes I am wearing became wet with sweat as I am feeling every cell in my body is tightening that making movement harder and harder but It is still at the level I can keep performing the exercise.

If it had been before this would have been my limit but since the accident that happened a few days ago, there was a change in my mentality and my will power has also increased.

Time pa.s.sed by and it has been two hours I had started performing the exercise, my muscles had become so tight that even moving them became difficult not only that, I am feeling very weak as this exercise tend to suck all the energy of the body.

To cope with this resistance, I even started to circulate the supreme combat exercise but it was no avail that resistance I am feeling circulating supreme combat exercise is even greater than the resistance of Wind Slayer Style, so, I decided to stop circulating it and concentrated on physical exercise.

Two hours and twenty-five minutes had pa.s.sed and only then I felt the resistance stopped increasing but when I happen my speed of doing exercise slowed down to the limit that I perform an exercise at ants speed.

My speed of performing exercise is very slow due to resistance being too great but despite feeling it I kept performing the exercise, I wanted to see how much time did this resistance can go on.

Another hour has pa.s.sed but there is no change in resistance, the only change is that I became very tired and making movement became difficult but I kept going on.

I can keep performing this exercise for fifteen minutes most but after I will be too tired to continue, I thought as I was performing the exercise.

As I was performing, a thought came in my mind, I know that resistance I feel because my muscles became too tight that making movement became difficult but that happens externally, I wanted to know what happens internally.

Before leveling up, I was able to get a vague sense of what is happening inside my body but now if I concentrate my mental energy a little, I can see what is happening in my body internally.

"f.u.c.k!" I was doing that out of curiosity, I did not expect to find much but when I look internally, I couldn't help but shocked and cursed loudly.

When I look inside my body, I found that a type of energy coming out of my body with each movement of exercise I do and then dive it back inside the skin.

As I observed, I notice that each time energy come out its quant.i.ty decreased a little, I had not noticed that first but noticed it when I kept observing for a while.

It is like with every movement of my exercise, it kept merging with my body and most interesting thing is, I knew this energy very well as because of this energy, I was nearly exploded a few days ago.

It is Berserk energy, I thought it is perfectly merged with my body with the help of seal of supreme combat and drop of daffodil bees honey that I drank but I was very wrong, there is still very much Berserk energy left in my body very hidden.

It wasn't able to do much to me because of my strong body and the special vitality of seals protecting my body but if once it had increased beyond my bodies control, it would have finished me with one move.

I would have been able to notice this energy before If I had scanned my body with my mental energy with little efforts but I was busy with that.

It's not like this berserk energy come to my body after yesterday and all the energy from Master stage fiery lines core had been digested properly.

I knew the flavor of each berserk energy very well, 92% to 95% berserk energy in my body is from Fiery Lions core while other 4% to 7% come from Specialist core monsters cores I ate yesterday.

I am now tracking this progress of berserk energy every second and worry that I had now turned to happiness.

I can feel that with every movement I make, the more berserk energy merge with my body and seeing that all the tiredness I am feeling has gone away.

I started to make my moves faster and faster to merge more berserk energy with my body, I can imagine what changes my body will experience when all the berserk energy merges with my body but that will take time.

There is still a lot more berserk energy in my body to completely merge, I will have to continue for more than five more and I plan to do that.

Time pa.s.sed by as I kept performing the exercise, no matter how tired I felt, I kept performing it. I had sworn to myself that I will only stop when all the berserk energy merges with my body.

Hours pa.s.sed and it is being nine hours since I am performing the exercise but there is still some berserk energy left, seeing that I kept forcing my dead-tired body to perform exercise no matter time I felt.

At the eleventh hour, I felt the resistance lessening and there is barely 2% of berserk energy left in my body, I kept performing the exercise to merge that last bit of energy in my body.

Seconds pa.s.sed like an hour as I kept forcing myself to perform the exercise by sheer will, as I had sworn that I will only stop when I merge every last bit of berserk energy in my body.

The only good thing that dressing less very much otherwise I would have not able to continue till now.


Finally, the last bit of berserk energy merges with my body and no matter how many movements I perform no berserk energy came out of me merge back with my seeing I finally let and crashed onto the floor with a thud.

I lost my conscious right after that, the last thought in my mind is an excitement to see what type of strength will my body gain after this merging of berserk energy with my body.