Monster Integration - Chapter 285 Safe Place

Chapter 285 Safe Place


I cursed loudly as I saw myself falling down, I thought I would be transported to the hard ground but my luck was so bad that I am transported in the mid-air and a quite high at that.

I am falling down at high-speed speed, I am definitely going into a crash into the hill below and my survival would not be guaranteed despite my full knight grade gear and defensive skill is activated.

Normally people transported to the ground but this time my luck was really bad that I directly transported mid-air.

I became one of those very unlucky people who transported mid-air, usually, it happened very less. It did not happen one ten thousand but sometimes people just transported mid-air and unlucky ones like me, transported very high, even if they have many layers of protection, they will still die after falling from this high.

I calmed myself down forcefull and started to think about the ways to get out of this predicament and I found a way pretty soon, I would have thought of it before if not for being panicked over falling.

Sky Steps!

I activated the sky steps and decrease my speed in the sky, thank G.o.d I had my strengthening skill activated otherwise my knee would have been cracked by the force I've been falling from above.

After stabilizing myself, I started to jump down with the help of sky steps, while jumping down, I take a look below.

Region 8 is his hilly area, wherever I look from above all I see verdant hills of varies sizes.

As I am going down, I opened the map on my holowatch to see the map, currently, I am in the best position to see my location as I can see the whole Region 8 from this high.

Canvas Hill Range! This is my location, it is a territory where Specialist stage and Corporal stage monsters reside.

It is a quite safe territory but will not be much longer, not only this but no place in Minerva realm will be safe.

The loosening of Restriction will not only able peak Master stage to level but it will create big waves which will create big waves that will take quite to die down.

Currently, across all the regions of Minerva Realm all the territory of Monsters are divided and monsters being territorial, they rarely breach the territory of other monster's but that will change in an hour or two.

After peak Master Monsters level up to Lieutenant stage, the delicate balance across the regions will be broken and mayhem will occur.

The monsters will breach each other's territories, Monster hordes will form and fights of monsters will occur in every minute.

The Minerva realm will go bats.h.i.+t crazy, I could accidentally come across the monster horde or worst Lieutenant stage monster, so, the best option would find a safe place and spend a few days inside it.

I will not have to wait that long, as currently as I descending the gates of Minerva realm once again had opened and people would have started to pour in and in what numbers they would come, that I can't even imagine.

Now, I just have to wait for a few days and let the waves of people that came and kill the monsters as I knew very well with restrictions loosen thousand, tens of thousands of evolvers will pour in, both young and old, they will be enough to handle these newly evolved.


It had started! As I started to descend down, I started to hear faint voices of the monsters. The mayhem had already started and will soon spread across the whole region.

I will soon have to find a safe place to hide otherwise I will surely get caught up in this mayhem.

There is still time though, I will have about an hour before the mayhem start and to reach it where I am, it will take a few hours, I thought.

While a descending, a thought bloomed in my mind. It is about the sky steps. Sky steps is an amazing skill which can help one walk on the air but it had two major weaknesses.

First is that it takes too much mana and second is that one could only create three footholds successively, to create more foothold one have to wait for the second.

These weaknesses would have been impossible to cover up but now they pose no problem for me as I now have unlimited mana and waiting for the new-second jump isn't a big deal for me.

I used to get very jealous of seeing super elites walking on the air but now I also can do that and I am currently doing it now.

Walking on the air is now not a big problem for but doing it in Minerva realm is dangerous, it is even more dangerous in a place like Region 8.

While descending, I am keeping eys on four directions in case any monster attack me, especially a Master stage one, it would be very dangerous.


Finally, I landed on the ground with a thud only then did I able to take a breath of calm, all this time I was in the air, I was feeling very scared thinking some Masters stage monster would attack me and it would have been very dangerous for me.

I did not waste time after landing on the hill and directly went to search for a place to hide.

The cave would be the best option for me, after activating my tent inside it, I can spend a few days inside it without worry as I long as I camouflaged it well.

There shouldn't be any problem for me finding a suitable cave seeing in this hilly area, every hill should have many caves.

Many monsters had attacked me when I am busy searching for the cave, these monsters are not behaving normally, they looked spooked.

Seeing me they are either attacking me or fleering from me, they must have sensed that the great change is coming and that must have spooked them quite well.

Soon I found the cave and for this cave, I didn't have to kill any monster since it is empty and looking at its condition, it looked like no monster had been inside it for months.

I cleaned the cave with record speed and opened my tent inside it, not only that I had activated its maximum security mode and camouflaged function.

Seeing it is not enough, I cut the branches of surrounding trees to camouflage the entrance of the cave.

I even threw out some wireless cameras around the cave to keep an eye on the surroundings.

I don't like to be totally blind these few wireless cameras will be enough to provide me visual around my camp.

These cameras are quite small forget about monsters, even humans won't be able to notice them if they weren't looking for them specifically.

Usually, wireless communication won't work in the forest but if the distance between receiver and transmitter is just a few hundred meters away then they work quite fine.

After seeing everything is good only then I entered the camp.

"Chew chew!

Ashlyn has been inside me for past sixteen hours, I hadn't let us out since I left the volcano on the Region 6.

Sixteen hours of constants running and sometimes fighting had made me very tired physically and mentally but it was worth it.

I had crossed two regions in a day and that saved me days, if I had stopped at Region 7 which I had originally planned, it would have taken me a minimum of three days to enter the Region 8 but now I had already in Region 8.

After taking a quick shower, I started to heat up the food that I've made on the volcano, originally I had made it for six people but Jim and his friend had left in a hurry so I had to pack it all in my storage.

We both ate until we are full and then I packed the rest of the food again.

I activated all the cameras I placed outside only to seem the movement of monsters had already started, it takes long before the mayhem occurred.

I closed all the camera windows after checking everything, my camp is well hidden and already activated all the alarms, so, I will know if any Lieutenant stage monster appeared in the vicinity.

After seeing all the arrangements are perfect, I laid my tired body on the bed and fell asleep in a minute.