Monster Integration - Chapter 284 Falling Down

Chapter 284 Falling Down

"You guys knew about it?" I asked in surprise, "Yes, we coincidentally come across Nigel's old friend, he informed us."

"We were just going toward the spatial boundary but this f.u.c.king monster attacked us out nowhere and was quite clingy, so we had no choice but fight it," said Billy.

"Let's not waste any time them!" I said and started running and they both ran beside me.

"So do you think what they said about the awakening ground its true?" Asked Nigel, he rarely spoke and whenever I see him, a small amount of pity reflected in my eyes for this poor guy.

He rejected in public by his crush and then badly beaten by it, although he seemed recovered from that incident, such incidents surely would have left a scar on his heart.

"I think it is real," I said and they started explaining to them what had Jim had said as their friend to seem to to have told them an only a bit about it.

"f.u.c.k this real, Sam only told us that awakening ground had an amazing chance and if we are able to pa.s.s the test and get that chance will receive power beyond our imagination." said billy.

Few minutes pa.s.sed silently as they were in deep thought in thinking about what I said before quite Nigel asked the question again, this time eagerness could be heard in his voice.

"Do you know what is this 'Rule ' power is?"

I shook my head hearing that question, I am already very confused and whenever I try to think about it, I became even more confused.

I would have asked more to Jim what is the power of 'Rule' which he talked about but he left before I could let a word out of my mouth.

Time pa.s.sed by as we swiftly ran toward the boundary and rain give us safe pa.s.sage for any monster.

The hour pa.s.sed silently as if nothing major happened then we should be able to reach the boundary within an hour.

Traveling through dense trees is quite an experience, here we cant use our full and had to look for every second as we could be attacked from anywhere, if not for such heavy rain, we would have been attacked by tens of monsters.

"Thank G.o.d, no monster had attacked us, if going on this speed we will reach the boundary less than an hour." said billy.

'Hun!' just as he said that we heard the sound behind us, only to find Red snake made of vine coming toward us speedily.

f.u.c.k! I cursed internally and look at Billy angrily, not only I, but Nigel also looking at him angrily.

'Why did he have to open his mouth about not coming across any monsters, now we have come across one and this is peak Master stage.'


We ran with all our might seeing the peak Master stage vine snake behind us, I even started using fire jets as a a break to avoid the trees.

It was great luck that this Vine snake did not seem to have any long-range abilities otherwise we would be in deep s.h.i.+t.

When I look back again notice something, I was wrong about my earlier and thanked G.o.d for the said.

This Red Fog Vine Snake is released poison fog from its pores which sped quite speedily, we were lucky that there was heavy rain which is diffusing all the poison or else we would be lying in the mud poisoned, ready to be devoured by that snake.

Hurry, hurry I kept thinking in my mind as I used me to run away, as vine snake is coming closer and closer.

It is a great idea to use fire jets as speed breaker, it helps me speedily avoid trees also gave me forced to jump sideways, sometimes the trees became even think, I didn't run but joining zig-zag fas.h.i.+on.

I would have really liked to climb the trees and running on them but it is very dangerous, any Master stage flying monster could fly down and scoop me in its talons before I know it.


The vine snake again made a frustrated sound as it was not able to catch us, it had been chasing us for quite some time but did not able to catch us and it is making it frustrated.

It many times tried to lunge at us but failed due to obstruction from the trees, the dense trees that obstruct us from using our full speed and had been protecting us from its lunges.

Its speed did not change no matter how many trees come across its way, it will fluidly move its body around the trees.

The reason it had failed to catch us because speed is not the vines snake forte, if were another strong Peak level master stage monster, it would have caught us by now.

Nigel and Billy are running not far away from me, I can see their glimpses in the tree, their speed is the same level as the only difference is that I am using my fire jets to control my speed while both doing on their own.

They are controlling their speed type so efficiently, that no tree could obstruct them. This is due to their experience.

I couldn't help but sigh seeing them, everyone has their own way. I am using my ability while they are using their experience and reflexes they had trained in years of training.

Efficiency wise my way is better as despite being a stage lower than them, my speed isn't lower than them.

Half an hour has pa.s.sed since the vine snake is following us and by our speed, we should be very close to the spatial boundary. I would have seen it from the distance if not for rain clouding my vision.

The chasing of the vine snake is not a bad thing, this half-hour of the chase we had come across many monsters and due to this big bad snake chasing us, so, we could be stealthy but it was not the bad thing.

As whichever monster comes across us didn't dare to attack us seeing it is Peak Master stage monster that is following us, even those peak Master monster didn't attack seeing we are pa.s.sing by just a a few meters from it.

"Good!" came out of my mouth as I spotted the blurry layer of the spatial boundary, seeing that I increased my speed again, it will take a maximum of two minutes to cross the spatial boundary.

The snake behind me started to increase its speed but did not able to catch as we inch closer to the spatial boundary.

I ran and ran, getting more and more excited every second, the adrenaline in my body is high and ba big smile formed on my face as I saw spatial boundary a few meters in front of me.

"See you in the Awakening Ground!" I said to both billy and Nigel who are not far away from me and jumped toward the spatial boundary.

"Fuuck!" My vision blurred as I pa.s.sed through the spatial boundary and when I opened my eyes, I find myself mid-air, seeing that I couldn't help myself from cursing.