Monster Integration - Chapter 283 Helping Friends

Chapter 283 Helping Friends

Two hours pa.s.sed and I haven't been noticed by any monsters yet.

This is all thanks to this heavy rain that had been s.h.i.+elding me from gazes of the monsters.

It's not like I haven't been completely unnoticeable, I sensed that some monsters had noticed me but they too lazy to follow me into the rain seeing my low level.

One mid-level monster had tried to me though but I increased my speed and left it behind.

This forest is very dense after you moved away more than two hundred meters in this forest, no one can see you as his vision will be obstructed by big thick trees.

If I am going on by this speed then I will, then it shouldn't take me more than two hours to reach the boundary.

The had guess earlier, in case I've come across the monsters but If my luck continues to hold this well then, the two hours should be enough.

I was quickly running through the forest when I heard the faint sound of the battle. They were very faint but I can still hear them.

I would have skirted around the area where the battle is happening but I can't, as I am an area where on both of my side are a large stream of water, it will be h.e.l.l to pa.s.s through them and most importantly it will waste a lot of time.

Well, this is not bad as it seems, as long as I go around the corner, there is a good chance that the Monster and whoever fighting it won't notice me and I will safely able to leave.

As I walk further, the sound of battle grew louder and louder, even the heavy sound of rain won't be able to block it.

Soon I got the faint visual of the battle, there are two people fighting it and monster they are fighting is plant type.

It is a plant type flower monster at Mid-level Master stage, it had beg flower head which it seemed to be shooting needles, because of that two people fighting it didn't seem to get closer to launch and lethal attack.

They have a few long-range skills but they are not able to harm much, if it was any other same level Monster is in its steady, they would have injured it heavily but the vitality of plant type monster is too high, one had to kill it in a single strike.

They won't even run away from this monster seeing this flower monster is very swift, it can definitely chase, So, the best option would kill it and then move on.

I stopped suddenly. I know them both of them and we can even be considered a friend.

They were Billy and Nigel, both of them used to live in the same apartment building as me, we can be considered friends as they many times gave me tips when I was training and one time they even saved me when I was chased by the monster in my first days of adventuring.

Last time I saw them more than a year ago, both of them were at Initial Corporal stage but now both of them are at the peak level of Sergeant stage and were able to fight equal term with Mid-level Master stage Monster.

I would have gone on my way seeing it Mid-stage Monster but I stooped remembering how many times they had helped me and my fire ability is a nemesis of plant-type monsters, my fire strike would work quite well against it.

Sighing I move toward the good spot to launch the attack, I hope to finish the fight in a minute or two.

I don't think my fire strike is powerful enough to kill this Mid-level Master Monster but my attack can injure and distract it enough to give two of them the chance of getting close to it and kill them off.

Fire Strike! Fire Strike! Fire Strike! "Grrrr!"

I climbed on the tree to get a perfect aim at the monster and launched three special bolts of fire strike at flower monster.

My sudden attack both surprised the monster and two people fighting it. The monster screamed loudly and launched its needle attack at me while two people below used this chance to attack the monster.

Billy and Nigel did not waste time knowing who attack the monster, seeing I did attack the monster means I had no ill will toward them and they focused on killing the monsters.

As for the needles that monster had shot toward it completely missed as I jumped from my location after launching the attack.

Fire strike! Fire strike !.....

I again launched five special bolt of the fire strike to aid the billy and Nigel as monster about to launch its attack on them.

I have to say, this plant type monster is extremely tenside, in just a few seconds its body showered with more than twenty powerful attacks but every it got, it got healed in a few seconds.

These plant type monsters have terrifying vitality, if you don't have the power to kill them in one stroke, you better don't fight it as it will take hours to whittle away all of its vitality.

Seeing mana in my body is nearly finished, I took out another peak level specialist stage core from my pocket ate it.

This is the third monster core I ate today, the first one I ate when I left the volcano, the second one I ate an hour after I killed two Life Vapour Mosquitos and third one now.

All of them were peak Specialist stage cores, they lasted for quite a while and I am perfectly able to control its melting speed and the berserk energy is released.

I now have no problem controlling the Specialist Core, from tomorrow, I will try the Corporal stage core and see at how many levels I was able to control it.

If It too much, I will come back to Specialist core and practice with for few more days and if it is fine then I will get my mana with converting Corporal stage berserk energy.

I may seem quite carefree eating monster cores but I am extremely careful about it, I keep a very close eye on it. How it affecting my ability and my body.

It hadn't been a full day since I started my experiment with berserk energy if I didn't count being force-fed one but I haven't seen its effect.

Berserk energy is rampant and uncontrollable but it is also one of the best to refine one's body and source as this is the reason why monsters bodies and abilities so strong.

With time, this berserk energy not only will make my body stronger but It will also give my ability a berserk nature which will make it very lethal, the only side effect is that one day if it went out of control, it will blast me like a balloon.

So, as long as I kept eating the monster core, I will also have to keep making new seals of supreme combat exercise for it keep successfully fusing with my body and source without any side effects.

As long as I care for these things, I don't think I will have any problem with exploding like a balloon.


With the powerful swing of his saber, Billy had finally cut the flowery head of flower monster. The battle may look it took to long but it is finished in less than two minutes.

He laid against the tree for a few moments before coming toward me with Nigel, "Friend thank you for your help there, without you we wouldn't have able to kill the monster this easily." said billy.

"It's ok!" I said and came out of hiding, as they saw my face, both left dumbstruck as they wouldn't believe it was me.

"Micheal!" both of them shouted in unison, "You guys should leave this area, it's going to get very, very dangerous," I said and about to leave, I have already wasted a few minutes, I don't want to waste any more time.

"Micheal wait!" said billy hastily as I activated my strength and speed type skill again to leave.

"You are going toward the awakening ground!" said billy as I stopped, this time it's my time to be dumbstruck.

I thought I will take two days at least to spread this news across the realm but seemed like I was wrong.