Monster Integration - Chapter 277 Secre

Chapter 277 Secre

"Thank You!" said Jim as vapors coming out of Sarah body stopped and looking at the condition of her body, she will wake up in the few hours.

I just nodded and went out of the tent, not to disturb them any further with my presence.

When I went outside, I was quite surprised to see by the number of people increased again and now they seem just under six thousand.

It is late afternoon right now, the sun will start to go down in an hour, my original plan was to train for two hours before finding a safe spot for myself to spend the night as camping beside the flowing lava doesn't seem that great but now it is the best location one can sleep soundly.

Finding hard ground, I sat in steaming heat watching the sun while thinking about the mysteries of the source.

Ashlyn's source was full of mysteries and whenever I think about I can't help but marvel the majesty of it.

Unconsciously I summoned the fire in my palm and started to manipulate it create shape in my mind.

There is a big change in the structure and properties of my fire and now I had to work little harder to control it.

"Hahaha, finally successful!"

I said with bubbling laugh, the fist-size small humanoid standing on my palm, I had been trying to make it for months but only able to make when I drew inspiration from the mysteries of the source.

I had been trying to make this shape for the month but never successful, every time I tried to make it, it had collapsed halfway due to my loose control over fire.

I many times come close very close to making it but it always collapsed just before I could make the finis.h.i.+ng touch.

I look at the silver humanoid figure in wonder and slowly started making it move. I am very cautious about it to not make any mistake lest it collapsed like my previous attempts.

Slowly it started to move it left leg then right, I started to walk slowly across my palm, first, its movement was very slow and crude but as the time pa.s.sed its movement became fast and more refined.

Now it looked like a little man of firewalking on my palm.

I pulled back my training cloths sleeve, so, I could walk it over my sleeve. Soon the little humanoid started to walk on palm to sleeve back and forth.

I felt really amazing to control this little humanoid being if I am able to bring this degree of precision to my fire attacks, their lethality will increase several times but I soon shook my head with that thought.

There is a large difference using this amount of fire control in making and controlling tiny humanoid and big attacks, it is hundreds of times stronger and I will have to work hard for years to gain that level of mastery.

Still, I am willing to put that hard work and already on the way to do that, as long I kept preserving for few years I know I will able to use my fire ability with precise control and that time the damage I will bring will be astounding.

"You have greate control over your ability!" I heard a feminine voice behind me, I was startled by hearing a voice behind me that I nearly lost control over my ability.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." said the feminine voice again and she quickly came in front of me.

It's her, the who looked very much like Sarah, I had only heard her voice once but that time she was angry and halfway in the cursing me.

"Thank you for giving that honey, my sister wouldn't have survived without it and sorry again for my rude behavior earlier." she thanked and apologized at same sentence.

"It's okay, Jim is a good friend of mine!" I replied without looking at her as I wholly concentrated on controlling the little man in my palm.

The normal time I would have been more gracious and looked at her but little humanoid in my palm is too important as I don't know I will able to create it soon or not.

I want to get more familiar with it, so next time when I tried to create it I will have an easier time.

She did not go away as I expected but sat near me watching the little man in my palm.

I keep controlling it make small movements, after moving its legs, I also tried its arms but its very difficult, not only I have to constantly maintain its shape but I also divert my concentration on moving its legs and now I am trying to move its arms also.

"Micheal, I don't know your control over your ability is this great!" I heard jims voice behind and distracted me enough that little humanoid collapsed in my palm.

"Jim!" I called out loudly and when I crane my look at my eyes fell on the girl who is sitting beside me.

Earlier when I saw her, her face was all tired and will dust and sweat but now she had all cleaned up nicely, she looks ravis.h.i.+ng and enchanting. Her face may look little like Sarah but it has its own grace, completely different from Sarah.

I would have like to stare at more but that would be rude, that is why I just look at her for a moment and then look away.

"What?" Jim asked as if he doesn't know what he did, "Don't what me!" I said.

"I had been practicing that for months! now you had to come and distract me." I said in mock anger while stealing a glance at the girl beside me, who seemed to be looking ahead.

"Well, I would remember to not distract you next time!" said Jim and sat beside me with a sigh, he also cleaned up well and look quite well than earlier.

All three of them sat silently and watched the sun go down, till it is complete evening.

"You are making us dinner right?" Asked Jim as he about to get up, he already knew I was taking cooking and already tasted my cooking when he came to my apartment for the visit.

"Yes!" I said helplessly as I know, even if I said no he will make me cook it. "Well, I am looking forward to eating a freshly cooked delicious meal," said Jim with and went back to his tent.

While I was talking to Jim, I am also observing the girl beside me but to my disappointment, I saw no reaction on her face whatsoever.

Feeling disappointed, I got up and activated my tent a little distance from Jims and took a bath with water which my tent produced through the atmospheric water generation process.

It was fortunate that I had more than enough meat of Master stage monster which I killed yesterday, It is delicious and full of energy.

I took out cooking utensil, spices, and meat outside my camp and started to cook. I would have loved to cook on lava but I have no experience of cooking over it, I would have surely spoiled the dish if I had tried it.

Within an hour food is ready and I called out to Jim seeing he is outside, nodding he went back to his tent and came back with two girls.

Sarah seemed to recover a bit as seemed to be coming over, her face still looked quite drain but she will recover with few days of rest.

"Thank you!" Sarah, I just nodded. I sacrificed that honeycomb for Jim if she had met me on the street with that condition, I would have given few drops more in consideration for Jim.

My heart burns whenever I think about that honeycomb, It is very hard to get daffodil honey or similar level product like it on the market as they were all brought alchemist and big organizations.

My like would have saved tens of time by that honeycomb seeing there were more than ten drops inside them and there was honeycomb also.

I had already set up a table and plates, so, everybody just has to sit and eat.

"Very tasty, your cooking seems to have improved than last time!" said Jim as he took the bite, he is right from a month ago my cooking did improve as in this past month, I mostly ate the food that is cooked by me.

"This is the meat of the Master stage monster," stated Sarah's sister, this is the first time she spoke since the dinner is started, her voice seems really melodic.

"Yes, it is Initial level Master stage monster's meat that I killed yesterday," I said, hoping to interest her a little.

"Hhahahahaha…" all three of them started to laugh and seeing that I started to laugh but inside I felt a little disappointed.

No one here believed that I can kill the Master stage monster, at corporal stage especially at Initial level of Corporal stage, only those who are trainee super-elite position could kill Master stage at the corporal stage.

Normally a strong elite of Specialist stage could kill the monster of Sergeant stage, killing the monster that is two stages above him is not a big thing but it changed when it comes to Master and Lieutenant stage monster.

They are different league compared to the monster of the other four stages, there is a qualitative change in them.

Monsters face qualitative change when the level up to the Master and Lieutenant stage.

Even I was able to kill the Initial level Master stage monsters because I had two best top low-level knight grade skills, so, it is quite normal for them not to believe me.

We soon finished dinner and when I about start to clean the plates Jim offered to do it saying he at least do this much.

I said ok and went inside my tent only to see, Ashlyn lying on her stomach with her face having a blissful smile.

I refused to let her out of the tent seeing the danger of Life vapor mosquitos outside and I don't have daffodil honey anymore to save her if she gets bitten.

So, it is best for her to eat inside the tent, Jim and others also did the same with their monsters.

Seeing there is nothing more to do, I decided to see if I could create the little fire humanoid again.

I again summoned silver fire in my palm and started to shape it according to my will, first was going well, I had created its legs and about to starts torso when it collapsed.

I kept making progressed but whenever I reached the torso region it failed but I did not give keep trying and I was successful making torso before it collapsed again.

'Knock knock!'

I am about to try it again but there is a knock on my tent.

"Come in!" I said loudly knowing it was Jim, Jim came in inside my tent and places the clean utensils on the table.

"I haven't congratulated you on breaking the limit, Congratulation!" said Jim as he gave me light hug and sat next to me.

"It must have been hard right?" asked Jim, after jill, Jim also told me the way to break the limit, it was same as what jill had said.

"It was a little hard!" I said but I shudder ran through my body when I thought about and that shudder didn't go unnoticed in jims eyes there was little change in his expression.

We stayed silent for a few seconds but then Jim suddenly asked me something that really blew my mind.

"You always wanted to know how Super Elites are made right?" asked Jim teasingly, I instantly turned euphoric when he said that.

I always asked him veiled about that process but he never said anything much about that secrete but now he asked me that question means he is definitely going to tell me something interesting about that secret process.