Monster Integration - Chapter 276 Saving Sarah

Chapter 276 Saving Sarah

It is right, the chances of dying by the bite of Life Vapour Mosquito are a little less compared to dying in the hands the of other two banes.

Like I've said earlier the venom of Life Vapor Mosquito is like a lump of hot coal and life force is like water and after some time the lump of coal will lose its heat and water turned back to normal temperature after it no longer received any heat.

So, if once life force outpaces or whittles away venom one by one then one can have chances of survival but that can only happen when you have more lifeforce than life vapor Mosquitoes venom can burn away.

Normally one can survive the bite of the Life Vapor Mosquito if your level same as it higher than it, with 10% to 20% life force left in you but if Life force mosquitos level higher than you then you have no chance to survive.

Sorry, there is a chance, one can survive as long as he has to have things that contain immense life force like the honey of daffodil bees.

As long as one whittle away all the toxin of Life Vapor Mosquito, he can survive even if he has less than 10% life force left in him as life force could be recovered naturally over time.

Many people had started activating their tents beside the streams of lava, they had activated their outside, the Life Vapor Mosquito of Master stage easily pierce the defense of the tent but now activating here, they have no such fear as Life Vapour Mosquito of any stage won't come near the lava.

My heat resistance is very good and it became even better after the whole eating core fiasco, so, I didn't feel much about activating the tent.

More are more people kept coming and their numbers reached more than three thousand but in all those people I have seen only six victims of Life Vapour Mosquito.

The venom of Life Vapour Mosquito not only burn the life force but it also completely immobilized on, so, if you get stung by it then in few seconds you won't even able to take a step forward.

That is why very few victims could be seen as only very very goods friends or siblings would risk their life as picking victim of Life Vapor mosquito not only add an extra burden on you but also attract many more monsters.

Seeing the three banes people would sacrifice their friends to save their life, saving other would be last thought that would come to their mind, only those who have strong relations.h.i.+ps or have the friends.h.i.+p of life and death would think about other when facing The Three Banes.

More and more people coming out of the stone forest as they ran out of the stone forest, another victim came, this time it seemed to be a girl who was on the back of the boy and there is another beside him who was supporting victim from falling.

The green vapor seemed to be coming out this girl body are exceptionally dense than all the other victims.

This girl is gone! I thought while shaking my head, this girl must have been bitten by strong Life Vapour Mosquito or several of them to make such dense vapor to come out of her body.

I was about to move my gaze when I caught the slightest glimpse of the girls face, despite it being looking quite sickly I was able to identify her and the next second I bolted out of my place with a layer of fire covering my body.

"Jim!" I said loudly as I reached near them, I wasn't able to identify Jim before because he had his whole knight grade artifact activated and on top of that his defense skill was activated which makes it even harder to identify him in the distance.

Jim is the one holding Sarah on his back while another girl, who looked a lot similar to Sarah is supporting Sarah so she did not fell on his back.

"Micheal!" replied Jim with a surprised voice but most of his mind on the climbing up, I didn't talk much seeing Sarah's condition and just followed behind.

The girl who looked like Sarah looks vigilantly but did not stop me from following, Jim climbed for ten minutes before stopping by a lava stream and activating his tent.

Jim's tent is a lot different than mine, mine is looked like a real tent but he looks like a small house.

This at least either mid or high-level knight grade tent, an abode is will be the perfect term for it.

After it fully activated, Jim took Sarah into the abode and the girl also followed behind, when I entered behind them.

"This is the last bottle we have left, let's hope it is enough," said Jim with heavily, holding the small bottle which is containing golden brown honey.

Daffodil honey! I said out loud in my mind, I am way too familiar with this honey as I drank it just two days ago.

Listening to what Jim said, they seem to have already fed her the honey before and looking at the color of her, there seems to be no effect.

Seem like my earlier guess was little wrong if she had been bitten by a group of Corporal stage even Sergeant stage Life Vapour Mosquitoes ten drops would be more than enough as not only daffodil bees honey contain immense life force, it also contains some different type energy that able to swallow other energies.

Like it did with berserk energy which I had in my body.

She must have been bitten by Master stage Life Vapour mosquitos, not one but several of them as only they could make the condition of Super Elite like Sarah this worse.

There seem to be about ten drops in the small bottle as Jim started to drop the drops of honey in the Sarahs mouth.

Soon all ten drops fell on Sarah's mouth, her skin which had been turned sickly yellow and now started to gain some color bit by bit but there was no change in the vapors that come out of her body.

Seconds pa.s.sed and Sarah's body started to regain the color, seeing that Jim and that girls face which was filled with worry, now looks a little fine.

Everything was going well and I thought Sarah would make it seeing but suddenly her body which seemed to gain color had started to turn yellow again.


Both Jim and that girl cried out loudly seeing that, tears could be seen flowing from their eyes as they saw Sarah's conditions getting worse.

''Sobs sobs, It's all happen because of me, if not for saving me she would not have bitten by the monsters!'' the girl mumbled between her cried.

Jim is also crying seeing his girlfriends condition keeps getting deteriorated by the second. from what I know they have been childhood friends and been in a romantic relations.h.i.+p for more than two years.

Seeing him crying like that my heart pained a little, he must have really loved her a lot to cry like this.

"Ummm Jim, try giving her this it might help her!" I said, breaking the heavy atmosphere.

Both of them look at me but I felt exceptionally piercing gaze of that girl that all the hair of my body stood up.

Super Elite! This girl is f.u.c.king super-elite, I thought. Peak Corporal stage is no threat to me, I can cut them with a single strike of my sword it applies to both humans and monsters but this girls gaze giving me feeling an extreme threat, same as given to me by that Mid-level monster stage had given in the morning.

"You" She said but stopped midway, when Jim quickly took opened delicate case off my hand, took out the small honeycomb out of it and directly stuffed in the Sahar's mouth.

I winced seeing that, I was hoping he would drop the honey drops into her mouth and keep the honeycomb back.

Of the daffodils bees honey and honeycomb both are precious but to some honeycomb is most precious than honey.

Daffodil bees make honey with ingredients such as life force of living being and essence of rare and precious herb and flowers.

While honey is known to have both lifeforce and medicinal effects, its honeycomb is best known to have medical effects.

The medical effects it provides are more than honey could, maybe that is the reason why Jim fed Sarah whole honeycomb with honey drops.

Daffodils honey is extremely precious and there is not a drop could be found in the market as it all guzzled by the alchemist.

It's the market price is ten million credit per drop but only idiots would sell the honey as daffodils, honey. This honey is like second life, sometimes not even potion works across some injuries and poison like the one Sarah is suffering now, only precious things like daffodils honey could be used on such occasions.

Color of Sarah's body changing with rapid speed and there is even a slight change happening to vapors also.

If things kept going on this pace, she will be fine in ten to fifteen minutes.

Seeing Sarah's conditions getting better, I didn't feel much. I and Sarah come across each other but till now we haven't spoken more than ten words to each other.

Sarah clearly didn't like me from the beginning, she probably feels that I am using her boyfriend.

At first, I tried to talk to her, seeing she girlfriend and one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen but she is not interested, I stopped talking to her and then whenever we met we straight up ignored each other.