Monster Integration - Chapter 278 Knowledge

Chapter 278 Knowledge

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Jim question shocked me and made me very excited that I wasn't able to think straight for a few seconds.

"Yes, I really want to know!" I said quickly in excitement, I have always been curious about the process they train super elites. I know some bits and pieces that I heard here and there but not the whole truth.

"As you know every Corporal stage elite below twenty had a chance give an exam for Super Elite training," said Jim.

I nodded, it is the aspiration of every young member of the organizations to qualify for Super-Elite training but it is d.a.m.n hard, hardly one in thousand elite qualify for the Super elite training.

"The Super Elite training run for three months and its two and a half months are mostly focused on minimum creating Ten seals of Supreme combat exercise"

"You must have heard that there is big metamorphosis happened withing seals after the creation of the tenth seal," he said.

I nodded and about to say I had experienced the change already but Jim started explaining again.

"The ten seals merge and create complex new seal called Amethyst seal, those who can create an amethyst seal in two and half months stayed while others get eliminated," Jim said.

I can't imagine how difficult the training would be that makes them create amethyst seal as it is hard for those below twenty especially nine and tenth seal, as one not only had to feel extreme pain but also overcame resistance which is the main reason people have stumped after creating eight seal-like me, who did not circulate single move for eight-months.

As for organizations having a special potion that creates help in reducing the pain that's just myth that just myth and for those machine used in reducing pain, they just help in creating early seals as for later, the pain became so high that even machines became useless.

Jim stayed silent for a while and his face turned series, this all I already knew, Jim just filled the gaps like telling Amethyst seal being the minimum requirement for super-elite.

"You must have wonder or heard the question from someone why super elites are so strong than others?"Jimm asked.

I again nodded again in affirmations, super elites are crazy strong, any Corporal stage Super-elite could fight Master stage monster of any level, some can even go against Lieutenant stage.

I've never seen them drinking any potions ever and most importantly their energy feels different.

All the evolvers mana is had the same familiar feeling but mana released by trainee Super elite and Super Elite is Completly different not only feel it is very condensed, but it is also has something different which makes it very lethal.

That is why their attack five to six times powerful than normal evolver attack of the same level as his.

After my incident with energy, I had guessed they must have infused their source with energy like Berserk energy but that is a very dangerous thing to do as not only it affects ability but also body.

If someday berserk energy in my source were to exceed for some reason then It will start to harm my body, currently, the amount of berserk energy is very minute and my body is more than strong enough to handle the berserk energy.

"It is because of this!" said Jim and projected a tiny image of thing from his holowatch, that thing is half the size of rice grain.

"This is Crystalised energy of Duke level powerhouse, it is placed inside us by a special process."

I never heard the name of Duke level powerhouse but It definitely above the twelve stages.

"We have to infuse the energy of this crystalized grain into our source through the Special Refinenement Engine we have, the more we infused it in our source, the stronger we became.

As not only it makes a qualitative change in our mana, it also refines our bodies with it thus making them stronger and firmer," he said.

Despite me making right guess earlier, I couldn't help but get shocked to my core hearing this and seeing me shocked a look of pleasure appear on my face.

"Isn't it very risky, if this crystalline grain melted accidentally then the body will have no choice but explode?" I asked as I had personal experience with this matter.

Just 5% energy of Master stage monster core was enough to make me explode and this crystalline is grade is condensed energy of much higher level powerhouse.

Jim shook his head with smile, "Your question is valid but this crystalline grain is sealed inside the body with runic inscriptions which prohibit seepage of energy and even if runic inscription failed, there is no need to worry as nature of that energy is very mild, it will seep out body instead of harming it." saidJimm.

With no danger of exploding, one can wholly concentrate on fusing this energy with source and body, no wonder the super elites are so powerful.

The energy of powerful expert fused with our own, it wet dream of every evolver. ASCII is thinking this a dangerous thought came in my mind but I shelved it inside me to think about it later.

"Do you know the what is the difference between trainee Super-elite and Super Elite seeing they both have this crystalline grain sealed in their body?" Jim asked again.

This question had me bugging me for some time if both trainee Super-elite and Super Elite had that Crysteline grain in them then why is there is the difference in their strenth.

"The reason is Seals of Supreme Combat Exercise," said Jim, hearing that I became more confused.

"That Duke level powerhouse energy no matter how powerful it is or how mild it is, it is still foreign energy and our body and source still have some level of aversion to it," said Jim.

"To perfectly fuse it with our body and source, we need seals of supreme combat exercise."

"As you may not know this but not only supreme combat exercises seal's vitality is special which helps in fusing foreign energy with a body, it also creates a special mental type of energy."

"Which is the main reason why we felt that h.e.l.l-like pain when we circulate supreme combat exercise and we are not able to sense this energy because it produced in very minute amount, only when we create a hundred seals, we start to notice that energy in us," Jim said.

In this whole conversation, this is the thing that shocked me most and made me happy thinking my father was right.

My father said that when his Amethyst seal was being created, his machine caught some unknown energy in his body for a moment but no matter how much tried after that, he never able to notice that energy.

"The reason that their difference between the power of elite and Super elite, at Corporal stage if one wan to actively take the power of Crystalline grain, they need to have a minimum fifteen seals in their body, super-elite have fifteen or more seals with them while trainee Super Elite has less than fifteen as they can only use the energy that Crysteline grain pa.s.sively release."

"This limit of actively using Crysteline grain energy kept increasing as one level up 15 seals are needed at Corporal stage, 20 at Sergeant stage, 25 at the Master stage, 30 at the lieutenant and so on."

"If we are not able to attain this level at every level up then we will revert back to trainee Super Elite, that is why many of us super-elite hold back their level up to create seals so when we level up to next stage, we still are Super Elite and not trainee Super Elite," Jim said with a laugh.

This answered a lot of my questions and surprise me also, I never knew Jim had also become a super-elite, I always thought he was just a brilliant Alchemist.

This also explains he was still at Corporal Stage even after one and a half year, Jim had already reached the Corporal stage when we were in that s.p.a.ce realm.

He told me about a few more things before he started to leave but he stopped suddenly before leaving and turn to me.

"Do you mind showing me that small case of your's, earlier I didn't get a chance to get look at it properly," he said, I look at him confusingly but still handed him the case.

"I was right!" Jim shouted loudly after he looked at the case for a few minutes.