Monster Integration - Chapter 275 The Three Banes - Life Vapour Mosqueto

Chapter 275 The Three Banes - Life Vapour Mosqueto

"That was close!" I said to myself as I sat by tree resting, It been three days since I have been hunting the Master stage monsters.

I would have left yesterday but I decided to spend one more day hunting.

As for the reason for my condition which looked utterly wretch, well, what I can say, I tried more than I can chew and accidentally bite my tongue top of that.

For two days I had hunted monsters, some killed quickly while others took more than hours to kill as I had Special bolt of fire Strike I had no fear.

So, In two days, I can say I grew more confident of my ability than I should have and tried to attack the Mid-level Master stage monster.

That was a big mistake as the special bolt of Fire Strike which I have so confident of utterly failed against it and I had to run for my life.

That monster had chased me for a good two hours and only left when it failed to catch me despite its best attempt.

It is good thinking on my part that I chose weaker Mid-level Master stage monsters to fight if the monster was little stronger I would have been more wretched than this.

This was the last monster I was going to hunt before going to Region 6 but now I had to go without hunting it.

These near three days proved very helpful to gain better control over my newfound strength and now I can ignite one jet with previous precision and efficiency without chances of failing.

The three days of hunting had given me enough confidence to go into Region 6 without worry, even if I transported next to power master stage monster, I will have more 50% chances of running away.

I look around myself to where I am currently, with monster chasing me, I didn't have the luxury to see the map. The only thing I knew that I was in Corporal stage monster territory.

Cleaning my hair of dust and other things, I climbed on the tree and started to jump toward spatial boundary that will take me to Region 5.

Before coming to the Minerva realm, I had decided to train in Region 3 and Region 4, I had decided to Region 5 if I had leveled up and had enough confidence in my ability but now I am heading to the Region 6.

I will mostly train in Region 6 till the realm closed, as for going to Region 7 I didn't even think about it.

From what I have read Region 7 is very dangerous, the monster their way more powerful than the other regions.

Region 7, Region 8 and Region 9 this is where strong Sergeant and Master stage evolvers train, their strength usually above normal elite and they are just below trainee elite in power.

Corporal stage and Sergeant stage super-elite also train in this Region as for Region 10 and above in that area only Master stage dare to train as In Region 10 or above, the monsters are at a completely different level.

It is said Monster is not the only type of danger there, there are things that are more dangerous than monster exists in those regions.

I shook my head and shake away the thoughts of those regions.

Jill and Jim said that they will train in Region 6 for weak before going to Region 7 to train.

They don't have to worry about appearing anywhere after crossing the spatial boundary as they will only appear in a place where their organization had placed beacon.

Their organization had forged special device for them with their blood as the source, so, with the help of it, they will always appear near bacon but this privilege is not for everyone.

Only Super elite, trainee Super Elite, and children on important people have the privilege to were those devices.

Jill had said it is insanely expensive and difficult to forge those bands, so it was only given to the people who are important to the organizations.

So with the help of those bands, they can go to any Region in which they will always transport to the safest area.

I will see if I can meet with jill and Jim as the areas where they were planning to train are the same area where I also planning to train, seeing there is an only small difference in our abilities.

It will take me six-hour to reach the boundary and one hour extra added to that seeing many monsters that will attack me on the way.

It had been four days since the earthquake occurred but It feels like its been month as the destruction it brought kept disappearing.

The vitality of Minerva realm is very high due to high mana density, It is proven that in mana rich places life thrives more than places where mana density not so rich.

Not only that, I am feeling that since earthquake there subtle change occurring in the realm, I first thought it was making of my mind when I asked Ashlyn, she also affirmed it that something is happening.

Ashlyn is never wrong about such things as her sense is exceptionally powerful more so after level up, if she had not been much focus on eating and obediently helping find the monsters to fight then I would not waste so much time to search of them.

Well, I don know if this change that is happening will be good or bad but I will have to bear them with the rest who are in this realm.

Time pa.s.sed by and I soon reached the spatial boundary that will take me to the Region 6 and without much ado, I walk through it.

"f.u.c.k f.u.c.k f.u.c.k…."

I started to curse loudly as I crossed the spatial boundary and next moment I felt very hot under my feet, If not for me activating my full knight grade gear before crossing the spatial boundary.

The thing I stepped on is lava, there about fifteen big and small volcanos in Region 6 and as long you stay away from it.

I quickly walk away from small lava puddle and remaining lava that stuck to my boots came out on it.

Small and big streams of lava could be seen coming down of the volcano, it was a good thing I was transported at the base of the volcanos not inside it otherwise I would have been vaporized to death before I even knew it.

These volcanos are the reason that more than 90% of people that entered the Minerva realm did not enter Region 6 but these volcanos are also where fortune exist as they are places where fire crystal exist.

Fire crystal is like mana crystal, instead of having neutral mana like mana crystals they have fire type man inside them.

These crystals could be found in the place where fire-type mana is extremely dense and volcanos are one of the best places where fire-type mana is very dense but it is a very dangerous job to search for them.

Most people didn't dare to go to active volcanos, so dead volcanos are the best choice for them but dead volcanos also have many hidden dangers.

Fire crystals are insanely expensive but to risk my life for them, it is simply not worth it.

Looking at the volcano from which the mana is flowing down, I don't look at the map to know where I am.

I am in the Stone Forest area and volcano base which I am standing on know as Red lizard volcano for some reason.

Another good thing is this stone forest area also one places both of them going to train, so I might see them if my luck is good.

As I descended toward the stone forest below as why it stone forest, there are many boulders are found in this area, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of them.

I heard a soft commotion and soon I saw tens of people swiftly coming toward the volcano from which I am descending and the odd thing is all of then activated their defensive type ability and speed type ability.

Looking at their faces, they looked like they have seen the devil and running from it.

First, there are tens of people coming out of the stone forest but in a few seconds, they had reached a hundred and kept increasing.

I stopped in my tracks, seeing this many people running toward the volcano, there must be monster horde, I thought.

I also prepared to go up like them but decided to ask someone what is happening before going up like themselves.

"What happened?" I asked peak Sergeant stage girl who is coming toward my direction and terror also written on her face.

"Vaporous Death!" as soon as I heard those words, I immediately covered my body with silver fire and asked Ashlyn to immediately go inside me.

Terror also appeared on my face while I also started to climb the mountain when I picked a spot where dense lave is flowing.

Despite it being hot I felt safe around it as this also why more than a thousand people are climbing the mountain and more kept coming out of forest every second.

The Blade Snake, Berserk b.u.t.terfly a, d Vapourous death are known as The Banes of Minerva realm.

Vapours Death is the nickname of Life Vapour Monsqueto. It is one of the smallest monsters in Minerva realm, its maximum size is just inch long and some of Life Vapor MoMosquitoust thumbnail size long.

The reason Life Vapour mosquito is called Vapours death because of toxin, when Life Vapour death bite, it released a toxin which is adding a lump of hot coal to boil the water.

The toxin of Life Vapor Mosquito is a lump of hot coal and water is life force, once it enters the body it started to burn the one's life force.

The worst thing is once one Life Vapour mosquito had bitten you, other life vapor mosquitos will get attracted to you.

It can be easily identified who is bitten by Life Vapor Mosquito as green vapor will constantly be leased from his body.

Its needle also could break through the defense of artifacts and skill, the only save to save yourself from it cover yourself in fire or stay is very hot place as life vapor mosquito did not like high temperature.

Of The Three Banes, Life Vapor Mosquitoes are considered most as they appear in groups, some groups are short as three while other big as hundreds.

If one comes across two other banes there are very high chances of dying but with Life vapor mosquito, there are more chances of surviving than with other two Banes.