Monster Integration - Chapter 274 Fighting Earth Leopard

Chapter 274 Fighting Earth Leopard

The two monsters that fighting is Earth Leopards, earth leopards are rare monsters that one rarely come across and they are also one of the most expensive Cla.s.s 9 strain monster in westblood.

The earth leopards are one of the most balanced monsters out there, They had inherent speed and agility that big cat monsters family (Felidae) have and it is earth elemental monster which provides them very good defense.

The reason they are so expensive because they imprint their physical quality they are born with and earth ability they have inhuman after bonding, not only that if one reached Colonol stage which is limit of monster strain, there is 70% chance that this monster activates inherent strain of high-level monster or mutate.

So the who bonded with Earth leopards are not only get its agility and speed in physical change but they also get its earth defense ability and there is that high of strain advancement and mutation that made it one of the most popular monsters amongst Cla.s.s 9 strain, its price even surpa.s.sed normal Cla.s.s 10 strain monster.

The Earth Leopard mainly attacks with its claws and teeth, with a thin layer of earth energy covering its body, it can quickly activate second thick layer about it if it sensed that attack is dangerous.

This is the perfect opponent for me, this monster is not particularly stronger than most Master stage monsters but it is balanced in all aspect and that made it very hard to kill and because of its speed and it can outrun most of the monsters same level as it.

The two earth leopards grow and roared at each for fifteen minutes before separating from each other.minutes

I followed behind one seeing both of them are at the same Initial Master stage, I followed Earth leopard for ten minutes, only when it reached the field that I revealed myself.


It growled at me as It had seen me came and next moment it leaped at me with those dangerous claws out, it was a good thing that earlier I watched it fight against another Earth Leopard otherwise I could have definitely caught off guard with its speed and paid the quite high price.


I ignited jets behind my feed and moved away instant speed, it roared at me loudly seeing I dodged and came at me after landing on the ground.

I gripped my sword tightly in my hands and stayed on my spot, this time I am attacking to see how much had my strength increased.

It opened it's mouth to take a chomp at me, if I get caught between those sharp teeth then my strong body and knight grade armor won't able to save me from them.

I activated my speed type skill seeing it is is a meter away from me, I let it come closer to me and when it was just when its mouth just arm distance away from me, I spin.

I took a spin, the spin helped me dodged my mouth and also helped me create momentum to for my sword which is about to strike its back.


My sword struck across its back before it could even see what is happening and used the force of the strike to create the distance between us.


It growled feeling the pain and tried to chomp at me but that time, I had already put some distance between us.

My attack just now had just able to create a scratch on its skin but it is more than what I had expected, I thought I will not even able to create scratch on its skin but I did.

There is a distance of two stages between us, more of that is a monster a defense-oriented monster at that.

The power of seventeen seals are really great to be able to make a scratch on its skin, if it had been initial sergeant state monster on its place, it would have been cut into two by the amount of force I used.


A huge smile comes across my face seeing it is coming at me, the earlier strike was just the small part of my strength, next attack I will launch will be my real attack.

I activated my strengthening skill, which is given to by my training center.

Before creating a big seal, it just a below-average skill but after one created the Big seal, it will start to show its real power.

Unlike other skills, my strengthening skill does not produce any magical phenomenon, all it does is create a vibrant green color band around my wrists and ankles, I now have an only single band around my wrists and ankle now but when I will create another big seal, the bands will be doubled.

As the green bands around me formed completely, I felt power rush through all over my body, the boots of strenth it gives is a completely different level than other skills.

This skill is on the same level as my fire strike just that It very hard condition compare to my fire strike.

Yesterday when I first time activated it after creating a big deal, I was blown away by its power, this skill of mine using vitality provided by sixteen seals to the fullest.


It roared at me again sensing energy fluctuation from me, that did not stop him but made it more ferocious at it swiped its claw at me.

Seeing its claw coming at me, I swung my sword at the nerves of its leg. This move is very dangerous as I had to strike it before its claw could touch me.


My sword perfectly slices across nerves of leg and next moment huge amount of blood started to flow down from it.

This injury to the nerves quite serious, this will bring down its speed by 30% for at least three hours before it healed.

"Bam!""Puh puh…"

I was very much elated that I got distracted for the second and at that moment something came at me with swift speed, it stuck my chest hard and before I knew it I flew away while vomiting blood out of my mouth.

It was its tail! I thought when I was flying away, I forgot that it can attack from its tail, I have been injured quite severely.


Just as I fell on the floor, I suck the potion through the pipe to heal my injuries and ready myself to launch another attack as it is not far away from.


It came at me growlingly, anger could be seen on its face. The injury I gave it was quite a heavy as blood could be still seen spilling from its leg.

One leg is damaged now I had to injure its other so its speed would directly decrease to the half.


It roared again and come to chomp at me while I crazily started providing vitality to my strengthening skill so that the power of my strike would be stronger than last time.


I sliced another of its leg again, this time it had activated its second layer of earth protection but despite that my sword sliced through it like its b.u.t.ter and cut the nerve of its second leg.

"Fur Fur!"

This instead of creating some distance between us like, I took the risk and ignited jets under my feet and took a jump.


Before it knows what happened, I made a cut across its back.

I took such a risky move because I want to distract it for a bit if I were to attack its third leg next time, it will be ready. No matter how dumb the monster is, it still has the instinct to understand what is happening to it what it should do.

"Growl growl!""Thud!"

It growled at me and tried to lept at me in anger but when it was flexing its leg to make a leap, both of its forelegs failed it and it collapsed on the leg.

If there is a monster which defense you cant breach then next thing is you do is to cut its nerves, it will like crippling the monster. After cutting enough of its nerves, the monster could become like a vegetable on the chopping board which you can cut as you like.


It stood up and roared again but to my utter surprise, it took U-turn and started to run with its tail tucked between its legs.

Seeing that I don't either laugh or cry but one thing I have to say that this Earth Leopard is d.a.m.n smart.

It knew it had no chance of winning against me and would face possible death, so it instantly started to run away without a care for the revenge.

I will not let you get away this easily, I thought in my mind as I started to create a special bolt of fire strike.

Master stage monster defense is too strong compared to the peak sergeant, my normal fire would not able to threaten their life much less this is one is a defense-oriented monster, only special bolt able to threaten its life.

It was a good thing I had just drank potion a few seconds ago otherwise I would not able to provide the s.h.i.+tload of mana it is sucking from it.

In second It zapped away all the mana in my body but Special firebolt is created finally and I launched it through my sword.


It created the sound from the air as it sped toward the monster, its speed was so fast that I am only able to the blurry image of it.


The mana pa.s.sed through the air and pierced through the head of the monster and next moment, it fell on the ground.


Gulping the potion for my mama weakness, I ran toward the body of the monster which lying dead not far away from me.


I couldn't help but curse loudly when I saw the condition of the monster head but on the inside, it is completely melted. Its brain, the tissue around it all is melted into liquid, even some parts of skull bone also melted.

I wouldn't have noticed all this if not for this melted pus has started dripping from its ears and eyes.

This is some crazy heat! I cursed in my mind, this bolt will be enough to kill any initial level Master stage monster, it will be interesting to see if it could anything to Mid-level Master stage monster.

I removed its yellow-brown colored core and took some of its meat, if I didn't find a better monster then I will going used this meat make dinner for tonight.

Seeing my injuries already near healed, I started to walk in search for the next monster as there still quite some time for the evening.