Monster Integration - Chapter 273 Untitled

Chapter 273 Untitled


The earthquake went on for an hour and went out and saw the destruction it brought I couldn't help but course loudly.

'When nature brought destruction, no power could compare it.' I did not use to believe this saying, I thought as long as one keeps working hard, one can even gain the power to even surpa.s.s the nature but seeing the destruction in front of me, I started to feel my resolve waver.

There is total destruction around me, the small lake which used to fill with clear water is now dried up as big creak opened below it which sucked away all of its power.

The dense forest which used to be in the periphery of the lake seemed to be in the total destruction, a quarter of the tree had fallen, while another quarter seemed very damaged.

Only half the trees of the forest seemed to survive the destruction.

The thing that made gape my mouth and curse are that there used to be medius size hill not far away from the lake, which I had used to determine my location but now there is no hill, in its place is just big rubble of huge rocks.

I observe the destruction of nature for while before going inside in my tent as we are both feeling hungry, earlier we were just about to eat when the earthquake had started.

In my quick thinking, I took the cooking pot inside the camp so our dinner is safe, I served the plates again and we both eat-in silence.

Watching such destruction had put me in the somber mood that I didn't have the wish to talk otherwise usually I tease Ashlyn on her eating habits.

After finis.h.i.+ng dinner Ashlyn again went to sleep while I close my eyes in thinking.

Since yesterday and today when I watch Ashlyn and my source, I instinctively felt that I am using my abilities wrong.

Wrong is the wrong word, the potential is would be the correct word, I am feeling that I am not using my ability to its full potential.

The moves I created have hollowness in them, they do not have the spark that should have in them but no matter how I think, I cant seem to find a way bring out the full potential of my ability.

I thought for hours but no result came.

'I should not be hasty.' I said to myself as I felt that I will surely discover the way given enough time.

Feeling tired, I finally fell into sleep and when I opened my eyes the next day, It was early morning and I felt quite fresh.

I have already planned for today, I decided to travel to Region 6 but I will be going tomorrow as it will take me more than to reach the boundary that leads to Region 6.

I am planning to the Monster stage monsters territory is, only Master stage monster now able to make me use my full abilities.

If I was able to beat the Master stage monster then coming to this realm will be utterly fulfilling and my power will be equal to that of trainee super elites who are a step away from becoming the Super Elite and I think I have that power if I used my all especially, I am confident that I can definitely match the trainee super-elite.

I am confident that I have a power that of trainee super elite but I still have to test it against the monsters.

I freshen, bath and quickly finished the lunch with Ashlyn, I quickly packed the tent and walk toward the ravaged forest.

As I enter the forest, I couldn't help but marvel the destruction that nature had brought, not only had trees had collapsed but I even saw the of the monsters lying here and there.

Giving them single look, I started to run across the threes if it was before I would not able to run one the trees as due to earthquake many trees had collapsed and due to that there formed a gap between the trees.

To make up for that one have had to have levitation ability or had to have the power to make the long jump.

I don't have the levitation ability but now I can make a really long jump with the ignition of the fire jet, with me making the high jump across the trees, I rarely get to the ground.

The only reason I get to ground when the distance between the trees is too great.

I run across the trees and in just two hours, I crossed the territory of Specialist Monster and reached the territory of Corporal stage monster.

Normally it would have taken me four hours but now It had just taken me half the time.

I cut through the Corporal Stage monsters territory at the same speed as the I did in Specialist stage monsters territory, the only difference he in this area monsters attack me but It makes no difference to me as whatever monster that came to attack my cut by the sword before.

"Chew chew!"

Ashlyn's fire bore a hole through the Initial level Corporal stage monster before it even knew it, now with the upgrade of her ability and Imprintation of Seventeen seals on her body had transformed her completely.

In terms of ability and physic, she is comparable to Lower B monster but her fighting power is comparable to the Upper B monster.

When Ashlyn was weak she trained hard as me in ability manipulation, so her attacks would get stronger.

She was able to convince fist-size fireball into less than finger size and that not all, she even made it swirl faster to make it even more lethal.

That technique helps her defeat the monster that is stronger than her but now with her ability being upgraded, her technique had become even more powerful.

Same level monsters are no match for her, the only monster which could fight with her are Peak Coropral stage.

I think with swirling condensed fireball of her, she can even defeat Peak Corporal stage monster and fight.

Time pa.s.sed by and three and half hour we reached the territory of Sergeant stage monster, my target is to find Peak Sergeant Stage monster as any other, they will be dead before they could reach me.

'Fire Strike!'"Thud!"

Another Sergeant stage monster fell on the ground with my one attack, if I would have fought with it, I have wasted a minute or two fighting it and It would have been wasted.

I want to fight the Master stage monster, only Master stage monsters are capabble to make me use all my power, including that special fire bolt.

The power of Fire Strik was already greate and with me being leveled up, it increased again and now I can launch ten bolts through my sword.

Not only that after entering into Corporal stage, I now can condense energy of all fire bolts into single firebolt, but I also can't dare to imagine how powerful that single bolt of would be.

That is why it is imperative for me to test my against master stage Monster and I have little more confidence as fire strike isn't the only top skill I have, there is another skill in my a.r.s.enal that equal to, just before yesterday I didn't have qualification to bring out its full potential and now I have.

I kept killing Sergeant stage monster with my fire strike as I moved toward the Master stage monster territory and soon I reached very near it.

Most of Sergeant stage monsters got killed in a single shot of my fire strike, only those who were defense-oriented needed a second and third bolt of fire strike to kill.

On the way crossing The Sergeant stage monsters territory I've ama.s.sed the quite a bit of monster cores, they will surely be sold for more than million.

Not only that Ashlyn also collected many herbs here and there and all of them are very expensive.

In the past year due to Ashlyn habit of being picked up rare herbs, I've read through all herb encyclopedias that I got from the Jim and even if I am not able to remember the name of herb, I can least tell it is expensive or not and all the herb Ashlyn picked is expensive, some are more expensive than I other.


Throwing the eaten fruit that Ashlyn had just given me earlier, I jumped off the tree and started to walk quietly, it is fine in other monsters territories to jump off the tree but in master area I have to walk normally or I could be in talons of some Peak Monster stage monter before I knew it.

Master stage very powerful than the Sergeant stage monster and I have to be ready to run if I come across the Monster which I can't defeat.

That is why I decided to test the water at the outskirt of the Master stage territory and only when I have completely tested my abilities and gained little more confidence, only then I dare to inside.


I heard many faint noises of monsters as I entered the territory of Master stage monster but I followed the sound closest to me.

As I got closer, the sound became more clear and soon I can see the monsters. There are two monster fighting of same specious and from their fight, it did not look serious, so, It should be over soon, I thought happily as I watched two Initial Master stage monster-fighting playfully.