Monster Integration - Chapter 272 The Big Change

Chapter 272 The Big Change

I felt very scared seeing the berserk energy is merging with my source, I have personally experienced the terror of the berserk energy just yesterday.

It is uncontrollable but also very powerful, the reason monsters bodies are so powerful because they are refined by the berserk energy, it makes their bodies so strong that humans are never able to compare to them in bodily strength.

It is the same for their abilities, monsters abilities are stronger because they are merged with the berserk energy.

Only monsters bodies are suitable to use the berserk energy, if a human were to use this berserk energy, it would tear his body apart unless he had a strong body that can endure the berserk energy.

It is quite a blessing for humans when the monster source is imprinted on the human, they did not imprint berserk energy on the human's otherwise, no human was able to survive the bonding.

As for how berserk energy mixed into my source, it is quite a simple answer. It is because of my refinement engine as it is the only thing that is connected to my source.

As I calmed down and started to think about the berserk energy I have in my source, after merging the berserk energy will forever stay in my source and no matter how much I will use it, it will replenish automatically.

The good thing is my body is more than strong is enough to handle this tiny berserk energy in my body as I only refined about 5% of the core with my Refinement Engine while rest was sucked away by the Ashlyn's source.

This little berserk energy is nothing to worry about but I will still consult with Jim and jill if they knew any way to remove the berserk energy out of my body.

Shelving the matter of berserk energy back of my mind, I again look at my source which is nearly finished changing as the translucent fiery bird is turning faint and fire that it was sending into my source also started lessen.

It would be all finished in a minute, I thought and next moment my vision again turn dark and next moment, I was back in my tent.

The fire is still covering my body, though it is very faint and the fire had already started to seep back into my body.

Soon the fire had completely seeped into my body and I am not bit startled to find that my clothes are without damage.completely

After coming out of source, I understood that the fire that covering me is just a projection and the warm feeling I getting due to my source getting an upgrade.

"Chew chew chew chew!"

I had got up and just about to head outside the tent to check the powers that suddenly Ashlyn came out of me and started to demand food without any reservation.


I said and opened the pot beside my bed, I wanted to heat it for her but seeing how she leaped up on food I shook my head.

After eating a few bites, she found food is cold and before I could do anything to help her, she breath little fire over food and resumed her eating.

Seeing she would be fine without me, I got out of a tent as I am excited to see what changes the upgrade brought to my ability.

There was quite a lot of open s.p.a.ce around the camp, so I wouldn't have to search for open s.p.a.ce for my tests.

Taking a deep breath, I started to summon fireball, compare to my previous fire, this one is little s.h.i.+ny and had some lethal feeling in it.

That's not all, it is little heavy and has slight sticky feeling into it, this is qualities of Fiery Lions power which imported in Ashlyn fire and now let's see how lethal it is, I thought as I threw the fireball into the lake.


The small ball of crashed on the lake surface making a booming sound and water also splashed across the lake, steams could also be seen from where the fireball had dropped.

"Hun!" I was quite surprised seeing it making a big splash if Iharnessedg then them the power of my fire ability had increased whopping three times.

"Boom Boom Boom.....""Splash splash....."

I summoned a few more fireb.a.l.l.s and threw them on the lake to verify my estimate of my ability and after throwing tens of fireb.a.l.l.s. I am very sure that the power of my ability increased for at least three times.

It has finally upgraded from low-level fire ability to middle-grade fire ability but its still quite short on reaching the level of monsters ability from which it upgraded from.

Fiery Lions fire ability is at high grade while Ashlyn's has just reached the middle grade, her ability have to go through the one or two upgrades more to make her ability reach that of high grade.

This was just a basic test to see the strength of my ability, now I have to test moves which I created with the help of the ability.



I activated two jets behind my leg and made ann instant movement but speed my speed was than I expected which I could not able to control in time, thus cras.h.i.+ng on the surface loudly.

It was a good thing my body had became quite strong due to seventeen seals, otherwise, it wouldn't have been simple scratches on my body but bleeding skin and broken bones.

I threw the s.h.i.+rt and pants down as they were normal clothes, they had been torn by the crash.

It would be better to take them off altogether than letting them tore more by the crashes that will be happening more for some time.

It will not be easy to control this power, I have to spend some time on it to gain perfect control over it I had before.

Fur Fur fur fur fur...….""Bam! Bam! Bam!....."

As I tried more and more moves, I kept getting cras.h.i.+ng on the floor. My body is full of small injuries from head to tow, even the underwear I am wearing started show sign of tearing from many places.

I practiced till the sun started to go down and only stopped when the twilight came.

In these hours of practice, I gained little control over my moves, let's just say that I am currently can only barely control one jet behind a single body part.

If I were to ignite two or three jets that were my limit, then I would surely be crashed. I never thought practicing my ability with my upgraded ability would be this hard.

The boost it can give is more than what I had imagined, just igniting the single jet now giving me more power than I would get when igniting all three jets previously.

Currently, I was barely able to control the ignition of one fire jet but with enough practice and time, I should be able to control the power of three jets like previously.

Now, my const.i.tution is strong and even if the power of my fire had increased, I think my body can definitely bear the power of four jets easily.

This is just I guess if this is viable or not, I will know when after I try.

It is started to get dark and I started to feel very hungry.

I hadn't eaten for the day as last time ate is yesterday afternoon before sleeping.

Seeing there is no powerful monster, I could hunt for food, I decided to use the fish monster in the lake for dinner.

When I went back into the tent, I found that Ashlyn is sleeping.

'She really needed it!' I thought, since yesterday she was unconscious but it was not sleeping as she is was unconscious because of her source was going through the change.

Despite happening it unconsciously, she still felt tired due to the process and only slept really a few hours ago after she fully finished her lunch.

Changing into new clothes, I brought all utensil and cooking material out ten and started cooking.

I don't know when Ashlyn arrived but when I was finished making dinner and about to set plates, Ashlyn suddenly landed in front of the plate that I was filling with food.

"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...….. " (Earthquake)

I was adding the food on my plate when the earthquake started, didn't start with slow as a normal earthquake but came with the bang.

I quickly stabilized myself and went inside the tent, only when I went inside the tent did I feel safe.

The tent came with earthquake-proof function, no matter how big is shaking the ground outside, it will be calm inside the tent not only that, its sensor can sense if there are any huge cracks forming around and below the tent.

I activated the 360 degree projection to see what is happening around the tent, only to see lake water swoos.h.i.+ng on my tent and tree that are not far away from falling one after another and when I checked the magnitude of an earthquake on the tents sensors, I couldn't help but shock.

This is the biggest ever earthquake I've ever heard, no wonder the trees are falling one after another.

This earthquake is not small, it must be affecting the whole Region.

Micheal didn't know but this earthquake not only happening in Region 5 but all regions across Minerva Realm.

Something very big had happened in the Minerva realm, bigger than anyone ever could imagine and It had created a very huge opportunity.