Monster Integration - Chapter 271 Ability Upgrade

Chapter 271 Ability Upgrade

He was only able to calm down after he killed all the monster that had been feeding on the b.l.o.o.d.y gore of his brother and cousin.

He wiped the tears that unconsciously formed in his eyes and looked at all the blood and gore that spread around the large area.

He first thought that someone was spying on them and when he left.

The one who spies on them had killed his brother and cousin with this cruel method but when he carefully looked at the scene around.

He quickly understood how wrong he was with his a.s.sumption and real reason had shocked him very much.

'How did he got the core out of himself?' he asked himself but after thinking so much he didn't find the answer, to him it seemed impossible as he never heard anyone could vomit out the core.

From what he knows there are only two ways to survive once you have eaten the core, first is survive help of your body.

like a peak Sergeant stage like him had eaten the Specialist core, he will able to survive as his body is strong enough to endure the berserk energy but if that core had been of Corporal stage Monster or above monster core then even he had to suffer the death.

As for the second way, this is based purely on the rumors he had heard. It is said that those who went on for Super Elite training had given special refinement engines which can convert any energy and even converting berserk energy is not a problem for the refinement engine but that simply rumors he heard.

It is true or false he did not know, he only knows that it is impossible to have such Refinement Engine in the hands of low-level adventurer they had captured.

He started to collect flesh and flood of his brother and cousin with the help of his wind type ability and more he collected more angry he became and he swore that not only he will take revenge on him, he will also take revenge on his family and friends.

He burned the blood and gore and collected the ashes in the bottle, he will only bury this ashes after he had his revenge on his brothers killing.

To him his little brother did nothing wrong, he was just having a little fun and he was more than happy to indulge his brother as long he does on cross line in killing someone important.

His thoughts were really twisted and that may be the reason why his brother got such sick hobby of making people explode.

"Good boy!" said dean to his monster as he finally able to catch the smell of his brother killer, another party really did a good job erasing his smell and proof but his monster still able to catch a whiff of it.

It is not able to track his brother killer but his brother killer ever entered two three-kilometer range around him, his monster would know it immediately.

Seeing everything is done, he left with his monster thinking about one after another cruel way to kill his brothers killer.


When I entered the Region five, the first thing I heard the sound of water which was made by my feet.

When I look around, I found myself in the small clear blue lake, it is a small lake but it is very beautiful.

It was a good thing that I had stabilized myself quickly otherwise I would have completely fell into the knee-deep water which I am currently in.

The first thing one should after crossing the boundary is to check your location and know which place you in as you may be very well transported in a grove of Master stage monster.

The lake is too small to have its position on the map, so, It took me a little more time to identify my location.

I am in Wison prairie, one of the safest areas in Region 5, this area is especially occupied by the Specialist stage monster.

I heaved a sigh of relief knowing that, It would have been a little problematic if I transported to the area where Sergeant stage and Master stage monster roam.

I activate my tent by the lake and started to remove all my clothes except underwear when I looked at the dried blood all over my body, I couldn't help but grimace and jumped in the clear blue lake.

'Splash splash…'

I relaxedly swam toward the center of the lake without any obstruction from the monster in the lake, normally Specialist stage monster won't attack me seeing the aura of killing which I exclude unconsciously.

It is Corporal stage and an above monster that attack me as they did since much threat from me seeing I am similar stage as them.

I swan in the lake for an hour, whatever filth I have in my body, I cleaned it thoroughly and only then did I able to feel fresh and calm.

After changing into the comfortable clothes, I took out a big lump of meat from my storage, This is the meat of spice Hog.

This hog is called spiced hog because its meat is best for to make the spiced hog. I take out cooking utensils one by one, I planned to make the spiced hog out of this whole chunk of meat.

I am not only cooking for me but also cooking it for Ashlyn as I know when Ashlyn came out of sleep she will be ravenous and this meat is enough to fill hear stomachs three times over.

I prepare the food outside, it does not feel right to make food inside the tent when outside, I only make food inside the tent when there is relative danger outside.

I started to cook with full concentration as I want it worth it, it's not always you come across good meat like a spiced hog.

"Ummmm!" It took me more than an hour to cook the food but when I took the first bite out of it, I couldn't help but make the sound unconsciously.

I started to eat with good mood and soon I finished my plate, I didn't shy away from taking second serving despite feeling full, how tasty the dish had become.

I cleaned and packed after eating and went inside the tent, filling the tents control latch with monster core and prepare to sleep.

With tents control latch completely filled with cores, it will take quite a while for even Master stage powerhouse to break in.

I can finally give in to the fatigue that I had been holding back, I thought as I laid on the bed and the next second I fell into a deep sleep.

I started to feel a little warm while in sleep, I thought I was dreaming and didn't care about it much but that warm sensation didn't go away and I had to open my eyes with annoyance to see what is making me feel this warm.


When I opened my eyes, hoping to find a reason that makes me warm to see that my whole body is covered in silver fire, seeing that instinctive sound came out of my mouth.

I was panicked seeing the fire is covering my whole body and about to run out of the tent toward lake but I soon notice that this fire is harmless and except for making me a little warm it isn't doing anything, even normal clothes on my body seemed fine.

Seeing that fire is not dangerous, I soon started to check my body externally and internally but there is no change.


I said as when I wanted to try summoning my fire there is no response and only then it dawned on me that, this probably happening due there is change happening in my fire ability.

I calmed down and sat on the bed observing silver fire covering my body, the temperature of this fire is very low, it is comparable to slightly warm water, this fire is not hot enough to even damage the normal clothes I am wearing on my body.

At first, the silver fire covering my body seemed like my normal silver fire but as the time pa.s.sed there is slight change started to happen into it, the silver started to become dense and s.h.i.+ny and there is even barely noticeable sticky quality also started to come into it.

As time pa.s.sed these qualities started to increase by a slight margin, I would have kept watching it more but suddenly everything in front of me turned black and when the light comes into my eyes, I found myself into a completely different place.

Source s.p.a.ce! I said out loud but this time it is not Ashlyn source s.p.a.ce but mine, in the center of my source s.p.a.ce there is a giant silver ball of fire which looked very similar to that of the sun.

This sun-like giant fireball is my source which I got my fire ability from and currently above it translucent shadow of fiery bird which is seemed to transferring huge amount of fire into my source which is seemed to changing it one by one.

Ashlyn's source seemed to be upgraded as it looked a little different from one I've seen it in the morning and now it is upgrading my source, so, when this process is complete, I will have my fire ability upgraded which will make my abilities go even higher.

I watched as the translucent fiery bird kept supplying a large amount of fire to my source and slowly changing it bit by bit.

As time pa.s.sed on my source started to become more and more like Ashlyn. The process will soon be finished I thought happily.

Just when I thought the process will complete soon, I notice something different about my core at first I thought that my eyes are playing tricks on me but the more I look at it, the more I felt it is real.

It is just tiny warps in my source, they are so tiny that they are barely noticeable to the eyes if one wasn't looking for them personally, it was my luck that able to spot them.

They are not the Ashlyn's source but they are on mine, first I didn't understand what they were but then I deeply concentrated on them and probed them with my mental energy, I finally got a whiff of what they are and I was shocked.

It was tiny berserk energy and looking at it seemed to very very slowly merging with my soul, if I had seen my source a day later, I would have thought my source is normal as berserk energy would have been completely merged with my source.