Monster Integration - Chapter 270 Rage

Chapter 270 Rage

I quickly figured out where I am in Region 4 and currently going toward the boundary which leads to Region 5.

If It were earlier, I would have been very apprehensive about going to the Region 5 but I now had no such apprehension about going into the Region 5.

There is still very much danger for me in Region 5 such directly transporting front of big bad Master stage monster but I don't think my luck would be that and even if it is then I will have to run my all hope to survive, I thought with the laugh.

I am currently twenty-five to thirty kilometers away from the boundary of the Region 5 which I am crazily covering in and the fun thing is I am running on the trees.

Yesterday, I ran on the trees for survival, every step of mine was extreme concentration so I wouldn't fall off the tree and now I don't have such reaper's blade behind be that could kill me but I am still going on top of my speed.

I have little fear toward the serious fatty, although I have the confidence to run away from him still, I don't want to engage with him till I have full confidence to kill him.

As I am running, a peculiar thought comes into my mind, how do those two sickos get the idea of blasting of people bodies.

This is very abnormal not to mention cruel, this cant is a fleeting thought that comes to their mind and they just thought, 'Let's blast the f.u.c.king people apart!'.

This idea has come out of somewhere and I quickly come to a realization where they must have got the idea of people, The Three Banes.

The Three Banes referred to the three most powerful monsters in upper a realm, one is The Blade Snake which I had come across yesterday.

It is very merciful compared to the other two monsters, the reason The Blade Snake in the three banes list because it has killed the highest number of people than the other two and many people would prefer to cut by blade snake that dies by the other two monsters.

The other two monsters are simply demons and I think the ideas those two fatties got about blasting is should have come into their mind after reading about Berserk b.u.t.terfly.

Berserk b.u.t.terfly is the size monster but is one of the most deadly monsters in the Minerva realm, whatever living it touched for more than three seconds will explode in a few minutes.

The information said that the monster core of Berserk b.u.t.terfly is special as It contains ten times more berserk energy than normal and thaberserkerer b.u.t.terfly has used this energy to attack the people.

Whoever it touched, it will transmit s.h.i.+tload of berserk energy into the body and in the next few seconds, the body will explode.

It is a lot like eating a core like earlier but with beserk b.u.t.terfly, the only difference between them is that Berserk b.u.t.terfly kill lot faster as It transfers huge berserk energy in one go, not like monster core which melts little by little.

As for the third monster of the three banes, I don't want to talk about that devil, I shudder controllably whenever I think about the devil.


Another Corporal stage monster fell on the ground, running through the trees many monsters had attacked me but no matter had able to bear more than one slash of my sword.

This area had a dense population of Corporal stage monsters and most of them at peak level, So, whichever monster attacked me received with just one sword strike of mine and I did not use any type of skill while killing them.

After taking out the core of the monster, I resumed my journey while crunching another energy bar that I took out of my storage, till now I had eaten more than twenty energy bars but despite that, the deep hunger I am feeling didn't satiate.

I hadn't eaten anything since yesterday as at late afternoon I had been running from the blade snake, the snake chased me till the morning next day and In morning today I fell into weaken state after I crossed the boundary, that time I didn't have time to activate my tent much less eat after that.

Only after killing the fatties a few hours ago did I take a bite of my first energy bar and I had been eating them since then while running.

Though it didn't satiate my hunger id fill my stomach as for the satiating hunger that is the last thing I have in my mind as fatigue and yucky feeling weighing on my mind.

Not sleeping for the night is not the big thing but that last 24 hour is like a rollercoaster ride which my mind so tired that I can close my eyes and fall asleep next second.

As for yucky feeling that I am having all over the body that is even worse, the berserk energy had torn my body completely, although I had saved myself from dying because of that my body had bled from the many places.

That dried blood and other stuff on my body are driving me mad, I just want to tear my now and here and take a good long bath but that is impossible now.

It will be only possible when I enter the Region 5 and found a safe place.

Ashlyn hasn't awoken yet. I think she will take at least a day or two to wake but when she wakes up she will bring big changes to her and me.

Whenever I thought about Ashlyn waking up, I can't seem to contain my excitement as the reason is Ashlyn is unconscious because her source is undergoing changer after absorbing the source of the fiery lion.

I Can't help but excited thinking what changes her source will have, like my seals of supreme combat exercise which imprinted in Ashlyn body, her source is like that to me. So, whatever changes Ashlyn source will experience, it will be imprinted on my source which is the source of my fire ability.

There is sure going to be a big change in Ashlyn's fire ability but how big it is going to be? I have no idea.

I am just happy that there finally a change in Ashlyn's fire ability, all those credits I spend in buying cores for Ashlyn will finally be worth it.

Soon, I saw the boundary of the region and seeing that I increased my speed again, only crossing the boundary will I able to feel relief from the small burden that had been weighing on my mind.

I was a little worried that the serious fatty would track me down and I will again have to play a game of chase again but now seeing the boundary, all my worries got vanished seeing the spatial boundary in front of me.

Even if he showed up now, there is no fear as I can easily cross the boundary.

As I go nearer the boundary, I notice many people crossing it, while coming through the forest I've come across many people but they are still are not many as them.

Well, this is to be expected seeing Million people had entered the Minerva Realm, if not for realm being big and each region having tens of spatial boundaries that leads towards different regions, I would have seen thousands of people.

Many people were in groups but some of them alone but one thing is common between all that all of them are quite strong if not them being this strong then they wouldn't have dared to enter the Region 5.

Half the people that came to the Minerva realm train mostly at Region 2 and Region 3 as only these realm are relatively safe and their reason for more, The uncertainty.

I think this uncertainty of the spatial boundary made most of the people stay in Region 2 and Region 3 as they don't have control of where they will end up after crossing the boundary, one might very well end up in the mouth of Master stage.

Seeing the boundary in front of me, I walk into it normally as I don't want to crash into something like morning.

While Micheal was happily crossed the boundary, someone in Region 4 in extreme opposite mood of that and that person is Dean which Micheal refer as serious fatty.

Dean was already bad mood when he was coming back from his failed attempt to track down his hunt as he was fairly confident in doing that but his target somehow disappeared.

He had tried to track down with the help of his monster but it was too late and the hunt also wasted a lot of his time, he planned to look for him for an hour but he wasted three without any result.

He came back thinking his brother and cousin should have finished them with their fun and would be waiting for him but when he reached the place where he left his brother and cousin, he didn't dare to believe what he saw but his monster confirmed his guess.

Despite knowing it is blood and flesh of his brother, he remains in complete denial and started to call the name of his brother and cousin but found no one is responding to it.

feeling lost for a while but when he comes to herself, the first thing he did was to kill the monsters in his rage that were eating the flesh and gore of blood and cousin.