Monster Integration - Chapter 269 Revenge

Chapter 269 Revenge

I had finally entered the Corporal stage, I said with the deep sigh, I had dreams about this movement for a countless time but now it had finally come true.

It took me a while to come out of my joyous moon but I finally get myself out of it and when I looked at two unconscious bodies my eyes harden again.

I bring backs to bodies together and started to remove all the artifacts they are wearing, I didn't forget to check their bodies in case they have storage s.p.a.ce but no such luck there.

After wearing my knight grade artifact they have taken from me, I finally took out two red monster cores from my pocket.

If one looks at these cores carefully, they will that these cores are look similar to the one that they had fed me, just a little smaller and less bright.

These two cores in my hand also the cores of the Fiery Lion just that they of Peak level Sergeant stage fiery lion and the core that these fed me must have been of Master stage fiery lion.

I had brought these sergeant stage cores for Ashlyn to eat, she had already eaten the core of Sergeant stage fiery lion every day and of the ten monsters core, now only four had left with me.

I crouch down holding two core and started putting them the mouth of two fatties one by one, after shaking their head a little, I force down the core into their stomach.

I had sworn earlier that if I got a chance, I will give them the same death they were trying to give them to me, my only regret that these core are not as powerful as the one they had tried to feed me.


It just took a few seconds for them to come out of their unconsciousness, they started flailing the ground as the volcano erupted in their stomach.

I can clearly understand how much pain they are feeling as I am feeling the same pain a few minutes ago, it is excruciating and it will increase more over time till it reaches the peak.

They looked at me with begging eyes as they can't talk due to the pain they are feeling but I just looked at them with cold hard eyes.

Seeing how expertly they fed me the core and dug a hole for a maximum sound effect, they have probably done this many times.

These people are cruel, they get sick pleasure in watching someone suffering in pain, people like this should be tortured the same way as they had done with their victims.

I felt kind of sick watching them suffering the pain, if I had any food in my stomach, I would have definitely vomited.

Despite feeling sick, I force myself to watch them and swore if anyone does anything cruel to me, I will reciprocate that behavior two times against them.

It was a good thing that I bind their legs and arms with the special type of rope I found in their backpack in case they tried to suicide, these sick people usually weak-willed, if they think there is no chance to survive then they will commit suicide instead of facing the death dead on.

The rope in their backpack must be used to bind their victims and now it is used against them, what an irony.

I watched then for five minutes before diverting my mind as I have many important things to do, first is heal myself completely and second is be ready in case of the serious fatty comes back.

I had leveled up and my strength had increased exponentially but still, I feel that I am not strong enough to win against that fatty as I had a feeling that fatty has elite-level power.

With my current strength, I will have no problem killing nor peak Sergeant stage humans as long as I try hard but to kill an elite, it is a completely different thing.

I can fight with fatty but injuring him would be difficult much less kill him as running away from, I am confident in doing that even if he comes into the front of me now.

That is why I am so carefree as long as that fatty didn't come frontmen I will leave after these two exploded.

I had leveled up to the Corporal stage but that did not heal me all injuries, I am still quite injured especially internally where the damage of berserk energy was quite great.

My storage has some healing potion but all of them were normal ones but when I was searching through the stuff of these two, I did find some good stuff including some precious healing potions.

These potions are quite good but they are most at Life Potion level, there is no higher level potion for that.

I want something that is at a higher level which could heal, an even smaller injury that I have at the cellular level but this potions level is not high enough to do that.

It's a good thing I have some good stuff, I have been wanting to try that for some good time but never got the chance to do that but now seeing the level of my injuries, I think it is time to use that stuff.

I exited take out a small box from my storage, the storage and the thing inside is one of the most precious things I've.

I gently opened the small case, inside the small case, only one s.p.a.ce is covered with the energy layer while others are empty.

Inside that energy, the layer is small honeycomb filled with droplets of honey.

I carefully took out that tiny piece of honeycomb out of energy layer and pressed gently above my mouth.

'Dhub Dhub Dhub….'

As I pressed gently a single drop of golden brown honey fell onto my mouth and felt like fireworks had started exploding in my mouth.

I completely lost in its sensation as warm viscous energy of them started to travel my body, healing every single injury I have and as I observed it more, I noticed something very very surprising.

The warm viscous energy of the honey is completely different from any other energy I've ever felt, not only it contains immense life force, but it also contains some kind of devouring energy.

That devouring energy had started to devour every single berserk energy which I have in my mind but that not the thing that surprised me the most, the thing that surprised me most is once the berserk energy is honey's warm viscous energy, some kind of change will occur into warm viscous energy of the honey.

That changed energy will then separate from rest of energy and merge with my body, I don't know what kind of effect I will get from it but I don't think it will be bad.

Because of this separation of energy all over my body, the warm viscous energy soon comes to an end and the euphoria, I was feeling also needed as well.

I am such an idiot! I cursed myself as I looked at the watch, it been ten minutes since I drank the drop of honey but I felt like only seconds had pa.s.sed.

It's fortunate that I hadn't dropped the honeycomb or pressed it hard enough to drop some of its drop on the ground, it would have been a huge loss if I had done that but it was not the reason that I cursed at myself.

The reason I cursed at myself because, in my excitement, I had forgotten about the side of this honey.

The side effect of this honey that it gives one the feeling of euphoria that one will lose himself onto it, Ashlyn and my mothers were in euphoria for hours, it is my good luck that I had berserk energy in my body which had to spend power of the honey swiftly otherwise I would have been in dire consequences such attack of strong monster, worst arrival of serious fatty.

If serious fatty had arrived and would have seen me standing in front of pieces of his brother and cousin, I would have ended then and their.

Taking a deep sigh and looked at the front, the screams of two of them reaching the peak and seeing the red marks forming on their fair skin, their end is just a few minutes away.

I started to sort the useful things from the stuff of fattys, there is quite a lot good stuff here like potions, herbs, minerals but most precious is knight grade gear.

I have got five complete sets of knight grade gear from the two fattys including they're, I could easily get more than 1 Billion credit for this gear in the mark.

I control my excitement and packed everything precious in my storage while burning the rest of it with my fire.

Seeing blood flowing from their aperture, I take a look at my face only to find it is dyed in with my dried blood.

I simply clean it water and left at that, I do want to bath but I don't have time for that, I first have to find the safe for that.

'Crack Crack…..!'"Ahhhhh.....""Ahhhhhh….."

As cracks on their skins reached the limit, the pain was so immense that they had gone completely mad, there is not a shred of sanity could be seen on both of their faces.

These two are really weak-willed, they are not even able to bear slight pain at their last moment, their minds broke down before they could they experience their death.

Seeing them broken down, I felt quite good about myself that I am at least able to bear the pain till the last moment.

I quickly cast defensive skill over me to protect me from the blood and gore that going to explode in the next few seconds and just as I thought, I quickly activated my defensive skill.


Next moment two bodies exploded in flood and gore, I don't want to admit it as this felt very wrong but these bodies looked quite beautiful when they explode but scene after that is gory enough to make one blood.


As I deactivate my s.h.i.+eld large about of gore fall on the ground as It stuck to my s.h.i.+eld after bodies exploded.

I watch this gore for a few seconds while holding back my vomit before leaving after burning all the things that used to track me.

As for blood and gore on the floor, I left it for the serious fatty and also I felt these people don't even deserve turning into ashes, they better left there to be eaten by monsters.