Monster Integration - Chapter 268 Initial Level Of Copropral Stage

Chapter 268 Initial Level Of Copropral Stage


The binding that limiting me had finally shattered, I can feel that I am leveling up, the whole change happening in my body.

I have to hurry and make a breakthrough soon as possible, even if those two idiots outside were given me time till now but they will not risk it after they sense my breakthrough.

They have enough brain to understand, once I breakthrough, I will reach near their level and could go completely kamikaze on them.

That is why I have leveled up to Initial Corporal Stage soon, it was a good thing 1.5% monster core had already melted and its berserk energy rampaging my body, I can now easily convert this 1.5% energy for my breakthrough needs and If I need more, there is still 1% left which is melting currently.

It was a good thing that I had my central storage full otherwise, I wouldn't have a second chance to rest as whatever mana I am converting, it getting sucked by my body, I have run my refine engine faster and faster to meet the needs.


Just as I thought, I will only need to refine at this speed, another huge suction started and this time surprisingly, it is from my temple s.p.a.ce.

I understood the reason quickly, it was like last time when I level up to Specialist stage.

The one seal I had in my temple s.p.a.ce had imprinted on Ashlyn, that time I had only one seal and this I have one big seal and seven normal seals or could be said now I have seventeen seals which are going to take a hit load of mana.

Mana I have not worried about, I have tons of berserk energy in my body to convert, the thing I am worried about converting the mana as I am now currently needing the mana for level up.


A sound came out of my mouth, as I was refining furiously to supply for the seals and my level up, I started to notice change happening in My Refininement Engine.

It is not only getting bigger, the runes on it started changing as well, I abut I am also surprised seeing this as every Refininemet Engine change a little after host breakthrough the stages.

Well, it is a good thing for me, as my Refinement Engine is changing, the converting berserk energy into mana also getting easier, so, I was able to supply more mana to the source.

Ashlyn is still unresponsive, she seemed unconscious. Her source is still undergoing the change as the things related to the source is never a simple thing.

One thing I am sure though, I will soon receive a huge upgrade in my fire ability, currently, there is no change in my fire ability, I can feel it but very soon that will change.

"f.u.c.k, it's been half an hour, are we not going to do anything now!" said the first fatty said agitatedly, his nerves which were calmed down by his cousin's words are now acting weird again and this time at full force.

He is getting a feeling that something bad will happen soon and he just wants to finish that b.a.s.t.a.r.d in hole soon and run toward his big cousin, who will save him whatever bad that is going to happen to him.

"Don't worry If he had not exploded in ten minutes we will kill him personally." said second fatty, he also feeling something weird is happening in the hole.

He decided not to think about it much as that boy going to die anyhow but after seeing his cousin acting agitatedly, he decided to pacify his cousin saying they will kill him in ten minutes if he hadn't exploded.

"Well, we can sense he has still buried the hole and as for not exploding yet, I can only say he has higher fire immunity than we had expected." said second fatty.

A few minutes later, they started to hear screams again, this time they were gun wrenching, both of them look at each other and started to distance themselves from the hole.

They clearly understood what this type of screams means, they have heard them many times before, whenever they heard this type screams their heart started to beat faster in excitement and pleasure as they wait for the climax that follows, that means the exposition

Whenever a man blast apart, creating a rain of flesh and blood they feel pleasure internally and wanted to do it more, that is why since yesterday they had already done this two times and this their third times.

But few sea seconds later screamed suddenly stopped for some reason but there is no explosion, both of them looked at each other and their holowatch.

Since there is only four minutes are remaining, they decided to wait it out, if there is no explosion happened the next four minutes, then he gonna kill that boy himself as he is still very angry about the humiliation, he received in the compet.i.tion a year ago.

Time pa.s.sed by seconds turned into minutes and another minute had pa.s.sed, now there are only two minutes before they took action themselves when they felt something from the hole.

As soon as they sensed that, a big change occurred on their faces, giving each other look they both activated their weapons and ran toward the hole.


I said internally as I found that the weakness I had in my body is completely gone, each and every part of my body is filled with the energy and I hadn't been fully leveled up yet.

I had already supplied all the mana needed for level up and imprint my seals into asAshlynnd Monster Core that I had been worried about since I had been force-fed, It is completely dissolved leaving bit tiny portion of berserk energy in my body.

I would have converted the last remaining berserk energy but my central storage is full and there is nowhere I could spend it.

I had done what I had to do to speed up the level up but I am not waiting in this hole till I level up, as I am sure the aura of my leveling up getting higher and higher, seeing that they would attack me at any moment.

I want to attack them first, even before burying in the hole, I had the confidence to fight with them head-on, I might have not been able to beat them seeing there is difference of level up but they might also not had able to beat me and now is the complete different equation.

I now have the power of seventeen seals, with such physical strength both of them are no match to me and that is why I had already moved my hand toward my storage to take out the spare sword I have in storage.

This spare sword is just Grade 1 sword but it is enough to beat them to a pulp.


After I activated the sword, I take a jump out of hole despite having a layer of soil above me, I am not worried about obstructing me as I have enough confidence in my newfound physical strength that I could easily reach the surface despite having the obstruction of sold


I perfectly landed outside the hole, only to find that two fatties also coming toward the hole with their weapons out and they looked quite shocked as they saw me jumping out of the hole.

They both looked at me with surprise expression for a while before turning and they both looked at me with their cruel murderous eyes.

"I don't know how you get rid of the monster core but don't think you are going to leave alive today!" said fatty who had chased me in miasta forest.

"Causing lets attack, there is no meaning in talking!" said second fatty as he came toward me with his speed skill and also activated his attack type skill as golden brown energy covered his sword.

His cousin also followed behind him, he also activated his speed type skill and attack type skill which same as his cousin as golden brown energy covered his ax.

He had learned the lesson! I thought in mind, I had remembered him now, he is the same fatty who I fought in the compet.i.tion.

He did not even get a chance to attack as instead of attacking he was busy talking, I used that chance to attack which knocked him out and threw him out of the stage.

I did not move to see them coming toward me, just stood there waiting for them to come close to me.

Both of them came toward me one after another, this time I will not be avoiding their weapons and directly clashed against them without using any skill.

The second fatty comes close to me and swung his big at me, seeing it is coming, I swung my sword to clash against it.

"Bang!"'thud thud thud"

Holy f.u.c.k! I gasped loudly, just now when I clashed against him head-on without using any skill, just with pure physical power, I only took three steps back.

This is f.u.c.king amazing! He is at Peak Corporal stage while I am currently leveling up to Corporal stage, there is a difference of near three levels between us and on top of that he was using just two knight grade skills and full knight grade artifacts on his body while I am only holding simple Grade 1 sword and defended with just my physical strength.

The difference between huge but I was easily able to defend against his attack and if I had better control over my body, I would diffuse his attack with a single step.

Not only I am shocked by this but they are also as that why they have stopped dumbstruck in their places like an idiot.

With just one move, I got a good look at my power and now there is no need to test further.


Taking advantage of their dumbfound state, I swung my sword at fatty, while swinging my sword, I held nothing back, I have to finish it quickly if that serious looking fatty came then I will have no choice but to run.

Seeing my sword coming at him, the panicked expression came across fatty's face but he quickly held his sword vertically to defend across my strike.


A small came across me when I saw him do that, at last minute when my sword about to strike him, I flicked my wrist and my sword change its direction as it whipped across his ear on the blunt side.


My sword struck across his ear with bam and before he could even say a word, he fell unconscious like a last like.

I was expecting an attack from another fatty and prepare to dodge but to my surprise, I found him running away with his speed type skill.


No use! I will not go to let him get away after what he did to me, I ran and threw away my sword at him as I felt my breakthrough entered at last stage.

Normal Grade 1 sword can be active for 3 seconds after cut off from energy and it will take me two seconds to strike him.

I had thrown away my sword with all my strength and I am very confident that it will strike him as I had become quite good at throwing shots in this past year.

While my sword piercing through the air toward fatty, my breakthrough had entered the final stages and started to upgrade my body at the whole level.

My body which had injured to cellular level started had started to heal not only physical and mana capability of my body also started to increase

"Bam!" "Cras.h.!.+"

My sword crashed across the back of head running fatty and next moment he stumbled and crashed his head on a boulder.

The crash was so loud that he directly fell unconscious despite wearing a knight grade mask.

I did not move my body away as I wanted to fully experience my breakthrough.

Time pa.s.sed as seconds turned to minutes and finally about four minutes later, all the energy in my body had calmed and I finally entered the Initial level of Corporal Stage.