Monster Integration - Chapter 267 Shattering The Bindings Of The Limi

Chapter 267 Shattering The Bindings Of The Limi


The 15th seal is created but I did not focus on it much and started to circulate for the 16th seal, I have to keep creating seals till the time of my breakthrough arrives.

The beserk energy had already reached its

limit, my body is on total brink, the smallest push can make it explode into small pieces.

The only thing is stopping my body from exploding are these seals, every seal makes my body a little stronger which help it contain more berserk energy.

Currently, I am not caring about anything, I am not even looking at the crescendo that has reached the middle power.

The only thing I have in my mind is creating more seals. Only creating more seals the crescendo will have enough time to reach its peak and I could finally level up to the Corporal stage.

I circulate supreme combat exercise crazily and that is the only thing I have in mind, if I would have opened my eyes a little, I would have noticed the eye-catching fire red line started to form all over my body.

They looked dangerous but also has devilish charm and one could simply describe them as Deathly Beautiful, they are like a beautiful flower which blooms only once a year at midnight for one minute before withering away.

That is my condition right now, these fiery lines mean my body had reached its limit, the berserk energy had spread to y part of my body, it had filled every part of my body to the brim and now could explode at any second.

But I did not know that as I am circulating supreme combat exercise madly and looking around would only waste my precious time which could only be used in creating the seals.


The sixteenth seal is created and like earlier but I still did not look at in my temple s.p.a.ce and kept circulating my mana crazily.

While I was crazily circulating the supreme combat exercise, the fiery lines on my skin became even more bright, they had reached their level of brightness as small cracks started to form around them.


The 17th seal also formed and I started circulating for eighteen seals, second pa.s.sed and when I was halfway into circulating for the eighteenth seal.


A sharp pain a.s.saulted me, a pain such I've never experienced before. The pain of mystic medicine and volcano erupting in my stomach seemed puny in front of it.

I screamed experiencing such pain and I know my end is near, my body will soon be exploding and no amount of seals could stop it now.

"Ashlyn Leave!"

I started to urge Ashlyn to leave as this will be last chance she will havea life if I had exploded and she is into me then she will die with me.

I don't want that to happen, I started to scream at Ashlyn to leave, leave before it's too late but I had not received any response from her, as if she became mute to my screams

If My senses were not clouded by the body tearing pain, I would have noticed that there is something weird is happening to Ashlyn.


The cracks started to form on my body if I could have opened my eyes, these cracks formed on my meaning that berserk energy in my body had reached more than I could handle and I am going to explode at the next second.

I instinctively felt that I am going to explode next moment and when that realization hit me, I felt no other emotion except for calm.

I am ready to accept my death. I had lived my life to the fullest, there may be some regrets but there is no use reimage over them as I can't do anything about them.

I felt calm and peaceful, I have never felt this calm and peaceful ever in my life and I felt fulfilling emotions as my death had arrived as I can feel my body had started exploding.


I thought, my body would explode and I would be erased out of existence but suddenly I heard a long chirp from Ashlyn.

It is the longest and loud chirp she ever made but that's not important, the important thing is that I suddenly found myself at a completely different place.

I am not transported somewhere but my conscience is and I have a pretty good idea where I am, I have read about this s.p.a.ce many times.

I am at the source s.p.a.ce, to be exact, I am at the Ashlyn's source s.p.a.ce, It could be considered similar to the human's heart s.p.a.ce where we construct our Refinement Engine.

I am very shocked and excited to be here as very very few people get to see their monster's source s.p.a.ce.

In the center of Aslyn's source s.p.a.ce is giant silver sparrow which is made of fire and this fiery bird is source fire of Ashlyn and currently, it is doing something very interesting.

It is sucking fire into its largemouth, the more it sucked, the s.h.i.+nier its fire becomes.

My conscience which is Ashlyn Source s.p.a.ce could feel that the fiery bird is getting stronger as keeps sucking on that fire, not only that there small dots of fire, hundred of them even thousands are merging with the fiery bird.

Interestingly, I know what type of fire it is sucking and merging with, it is a deep yellow, slightly golden fire of Fiery lion which core I had been feeding Ashlyn for the past one and half a year and also the core I had been force-fed.

I don't know what is happening, I don't I am alive or dead but I don't care much as I am not going to get the answer of these questions here, so, the best choice would go with the flow and see what happened next.

I kept watching small dots of fire kept merging with big fiery bird and also fiery bird sucking a large amount of fire of fiery lions which is coming out of somewhere.

As I watch more and think, I started to guess what is happening but I didn't dare to make an a.s.sumption as I will be very disappointed in what I guessed does not come true.

I kept watching the fires with interests, As I start to feel I am learning something, firstly I thought the fire on the silver bird is normal but when I concentrated on it, I start to feel it is very mysterious.

The more I watch the mystical pattern, the more ideas kept popping into my mind, the ideas are very obscure, I have not perfectly grasped them but I feel as long as I was given enough time, I can unravel the obscurity of those ideas. It will help me immensely if I would able to do that.

Next, I concentrated on the dots of fire which is getting merged with the silver bird, I first thought there small b.a.l.l.s but when I concentratedly looked at them, I got pleasantly surprised to find that they were all small fiery lions.

Small movements of fiery lions could be seen if I concentrated enough, although these small fiery lions quant.i.ty nothing compares to the fire that fiery bird is sucking through its mouth but these fiery lions give off a certain charm when they merge the fiery bird.

It felt amazing to watch both of the fires, both have their distinctive charms and if I could comprehend even a tiny bit of it them I will improve leaps and bounds but that is very difficult, even after looking at it so much, all I had obscure ideas which I can't seem to unravel for some reason.

I got lost in the mysteries of fire that I lose the sense of time, I felt like some time I am looking at five minutes and sometimes it felt like days had been pa.s.sed.

Losing in the mysteries of fire is also a good thing as it helpless me distracted from thinking about some other things, that I should not think in this place.

Those things will only make my mind ways and make loose such precise opportunity to study mysteries of two kinds of fires.

I don't know how much time had pa.s.sed but when I am busy with studying mysteries of fire, I suddenly felt the enormous pull and all went black.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in the hole buried in the soil.

I didn't die!

That was my first thought but when I thought more clearly, it's obviously didn't die otherwise how would I able to see the source s.p.a.ce of Ashlyn.


When I checked my body, I couldn't help but laugh loudly internally, I would have laughed at the top of my lungs but I don't want to alert those two people before the right time.

My guess in the source s.p.a.ce spot on, when I was near exploding, Ashlyn source reacted and started to suck all the berserk energy crazily, the fire which is sucking through its mouth is likely berserk energy in my body and that thousands of small dots fire were the part of fiery lions core that I fed her the past one and half year.

As for the all other cores I fed before that, all of them were wasted as they were not suitable with that but when I am thinking all this something occurred in my mind but I decided to think about it later and maybe even discuss with my father.

The monster cores power has not been completely sucked yet there is still 10% core left in my body which still being rapidly sucked away.

I would have been able to stay in Ashlyn's source for more time as that of the core is still going on if not for the crescendorreachess peak.

The limit breaking crescendo has reached its peak, it could break the limit time and means the breakthrough which I had waited for more than a year could happen at any time.

'Crack crack crack…'

Just as I had thought this, a cracking sound started to ring out all over my body, I feel like my whole body is cracking apart.

As cracking sound ranging all over my body, the sucking of monster core finally stopped, the source fire did not suck away all the core, there is still about 2.5% original core left but that is no problem for me, my injured body can handle berserk energy that 2.5% will create.

This 2.5% monster core might not be a bad thing for me as I will need some energy to level up and this remaining core is more than enough.

'Crack crack crack…''SHATTER!'

The cracking sound grew bigger and bigger till all I could hear is cracking sound but then suddenly shattering sound rang across my body and I felt I had finally shattered the binding