Monster Integration - Chapter 266 The Amethyst Seal

Chapter 266 The Amethyst Seal

"It has been ten minutes, why hasn't he exploded yet?" Asked the first fatty to another, they have been waiting in antic.i.p.ation for the explosion.

"I am also surprised as well, a peak Specialist stage would have exploded by now, no matter how powerful he is." said second fatty with perplexed expression with his face.

They have done this many times before and their prey would always explode at their estimated time, this is the only time both of their estimations is wrong.

"Should we go check?" asked the first fatty, he nerves had been acting up ever since he buried that guy in the hole with his cousin.

He just wants to go and finish that guy with his earth spear but he knows his cousin will definitely not like his fun being spoiled.

"Why are you so worried, we have fed him Master stage core remember! Even my brother will explode after eating it much less this puny Specialist stage." said second fatty haughtily, his eyes are filled with sick excitement and as more time pa.s.sed the more excitement filled his eyes.

He finally able to calm his nerves after his cousins reply, his cousin right after eating Master stage monster core even his big cousin would not be able to survive despite being at peak Sergeant stage.

As for surviving by vomiting core, that'ss impossible, once core enter inside the body, it can be vomit out, even cutting stomach won't help much.

My confidence was boosted even more after I felt the feeling of breaking the limit, If I level up then my chances of surviving will increase even more.

I would have kept watching that feeling, if not for me sensing something weird from my refining engine.

When I looked up, I saw my central storage is nearly empty and there is barely two percent mana left which is also being sucked away very quickly.

f.u.c.k! It has been barely three seconds when I moved away from refining engine and already full central storage is already empty.

Leaving everything, I started to run a refinement engine in full my as I felt the sucking force on my temple increasing speedily and if I did not provide enough mana to it, I will really adverse effects.

The conversion rate is becoming higher as I gave my all to it, the berserk energy came from the end, filling the pipes of refinement engine.

The various process in the Refinement Engine whittles away the berserk nature of the energy, converting into the mana that used.

I have to run the refinement engine very fast, as needs from my temple s.p.a.ce getting bigger and bigger.

Now, before mana could store away in central storage, it was being sucked away in my temple s.p.a.ce.

When I diverted my slight sense into my temple s.p.a.ce to what is happening there, I found that seals are still spinning in my temple s.p.a.ce.

It's just that, their speed is very fast, so fast that I can see nothing but a blur.

One more thing I see different though, while spinning these seals getting closer and closer as if they are going to merge.

I think they are going to merge but seeing it will take about a minute before they could come close enough for that, in time I have to supply mana to its ever-increasing demand of mana.

The seals kept sucking more and more mana that I barely able to meet their demand, it was a good thing that I have unlimited berserk energy in my body for conversion otherwise I would have to need hundreds of potions to quench the thirst of seals.

Suddenly the suction started to slow down and a few seconds later it stopped entirely and only then I am able to take a sigh of relief, the demand for mana was really great, I don't know If I would have been able to handle it if demand had increased it little more.

Taking a deep breath, I looked at my temple only to single vibrant green seal floating in the center of my temple s.p.a.ce.

This seal is a completely different design than the previous seals of supreme combat exercise, it is more intricate and looked like it was made of vibrant green amethyst.

The seal kept floating in the center of my mind s.p.a.ce, I keep looking at it waiting for it released its energy.

My father had said that after I had created ten seals, I would receive immense benefits which will be far greater than I received after creating the ten seals.


Suddenly the amethyst seals started to release the fog, the fog is so dense that it completely clouded the seal but that's not the important point, the important point is that the cool refres.h.i.+ng feeling started to travel through my body.

The excruciating burning pain that I am feeling in my body all gone, except for this cool refres.h.i.+ng feeling, I am not feeling anything.

That green fog started healing my body wherever it traveled not only that, the damage I received from started to heal on by one.

Healing energy is the just side of creating a seal, the seal's main job is to strengthen the body and make it stronger and I can feel my body is becoming stronger as more vibrant green fog seeps into my body.

My body which seems to be glowing like red like a blowtorch also returning to normal as glow kept fading one by one.

The most surprising thing is that the more fog getting seeped in my body, the more control I am gaining over my body.

Due to the side effects of drinking Forbidden Potion, my body had been going to paralysis and I would only gain control over it after six to seven hours but now only two hours had pa.s.sed and I am gaining basic control over the body.

Although, I am still feeling weakness in my body it still feels amazing to be able to make some movements again.

If I did not have this constraint of s.p.a.ce due to being buried in a hole, I would have definitely tried to move my hands and feet, if I had in my normal state, getting out of this hole wouldn't have been a problem but now I am in a weakened state.

Soon gree fog had stopped releasing fog from it but it is enough, it had healed all my injuries and get me out of paralysis.

I am just celebrating the creation of my tenth seal when I started to feel pain again, first, it was faint but it kept increasing and in just a few seconds, it returned to its previous intensity.

The berserk energy started to spread all over my body again, tearing every cell and filling it with blazing energy.

I sighed seeing that, in my happiness of creating a big seal, I utterly forgot that I have to tick time bomb in my stomach.

Earlier it had melted near 3% percent but I converted 1% of its energy for the big seal but when I was in my celebration It meted near 3% percent again, if it was before creating Big seal, my body would have been verge of exploding right now but now, the big seal had made my body strong enough that my body now I able to handle 5% of monster core energy.

I have to preserve and kept creating the seal so the berserk energy won't get out of control and explode me to pieces.

There is still hope though, I can feel that a feeling is rising, rising like a crescendo, once that trend reached its peak, it will shatter the ceiling that had been blocking my breakthrough.

So, now I just have to circulate and keep creating seals as this is the only thing that could control the berserk energy, to have my breakthrough. Once I have the breakthrough, the pressure of Monster core will lot loosen not only that I am confident after I reach the Corporal stage, I will gain full control over my body and my weakened state also will be completely gone.

'f.u.c.king s.h.i.+t!'

I cursed inside me, as I started to circulate the supreme combat exercise, I felt resistance again and this time, it is greater than the past much greater but I have no choice but to grit my teeth and circulate supreme combat exercise as even second of delay could cost me my life.

I kept circulating supreme combat exercise like there is no tomorrow as my berserk energy kept increasing my body, if It had increased beyond the limit then it will be my end.

The only thing that gives me hope is the feeling of leveling up, I hope to level up. In this past year, it has become some sort of obsession of mine, I will die happy if I die in Corporal stage.

Ever since I found hope, I of me living is very low, even if I level up to corporal stage, my chances of living will increase a little as the core in my stomach contain huge amounts of energy and the only way, I cominutesuld live is if I able to spend all the berserk energy it had in it.

I just hope that I will level up Corporal stage after I level up, I will have enough power to get out of this hole and kill those two who standing not far away from the hole I buried in.

I will need two minutes, maximum two minutes to kill the two of them despite them beag at peak Corporal stage, that much confidence I have in my myself.

I will die but I will die taking them with me, that is why I furiously trying to circulate so I could have a chance to take revenge on two of them at least.

7th circulation, 17th circulation, 21st circulation, 24th circulation


The eleventh seal is created and like last time I started to run refinement engine to convert the berserk energy into mana while providing the mana to the 11th seal, I noticed that it four-time mana that 10th seal, normally every seal take double mana that of the previous seal.

I am not surprised to see that as I had already been told my father that 11th seal would take four times mana that of 10th and 12th would take double that of 11th seal.

The eleventh seal is now circling around the big seal like satellite after taking a short look at my temple s.p.a.ce as I started circulating again.

I have to be faster, I can feel that monster core's meting speed had increased somehow if I am slow then it wouldn't belong to before I exploded into the tiny pieces of flesh.

With this sword of Damocles behind my neck, I started to circulate faster my circulation again became faster after the monster core melted 4%, my body again started to glow brightly and blood also started to come out my offices.


I did not give my mind to all that and give my all to the creating seals and luckily I was able to create 12th, 13th and 14th seal in quick succession.

I was quite happy seeing my speed of creating seals and about to start on for circulating for 15th seal when I notice the condition of my body and paled horribly.

The monster core melted near 5%, the berserker already reached the limit of my body could handle, just a little more berserk energy in my body and I will explode.

My condition is very grave but not all hope is lost, my breakthrough crescendo had will also reaching the limit soon.

I would have to hold on for a little more, create little more time by creating more seals, as long as I level up, the chances of my surviving will increase exponentially and I will also be able to take my revenge.

Thinking this, I started to circulate supreme combat exercise at even more frenzy.